RE: Arts! and Crafts!

I make dolls and stuffed toys with natural materials such as wool, felt and cotton, or I design and sew clothes for myself or friends...

RE: fake profiles

I have just got a mail here from somebody with an English name (no pic), located in Spain, who told me in a massage written in Slovak language (which is not my language, btw, but maybe he thought so) that he works for US army in Afganistan and wanted me to write him on his private mail immediately.
I guess his nationality is...............Scammer (and I told him so) laugh roll eyes

RE: Spiritual?

That, and actually working on your own spiritual growth through some spiritual practices that exsist (New Age, Shamanism etc.), or following, reading, listening to some known spiritual teacher(s) -- there are many of them nowadays (intellectual, psychic, heart, body teachers....) who help on different levels and on different paths to the s. c."spiritual awakening" through things like understanding, meditation, grounding, cleansing, healing, prayer, mindfulness, yoga etc. That is, in my opinion and in very general terms, what nowadays is considered "spiritual but not religious"...angel

RE: There's only TWO ways to write a profile

I agree.
The problem in the case of No 2 is that "the net" or "filter" you have crafted so neatly in a lot of cases doesn't work.......because lots of people simply DON'T READ profiles, and some of those who do, DON'T GET IT... dunno

RE: Care and Love

I usually care and love more then they do......that's why I'm single....laugh innocent crying

RE: Am I scammer?


Lina: Don't be put down by people who call you a "scammer" out of their own frustration and issues of insecurity, anger, fear and fixed ideas.
It's clear to me that some people here are just too much concentrated on scammers and scamming, that's why they are probably also attracting the real ones but it is sad that because of that they are full of suspicion and fear in relation to everybody else....

(Lina, can you please contact me when you are here, I'd like to ask you something privately.)

RE: What´s the best country to visit in the EU?

I'll recommend Slovenia, of course -- little enough to see it all almost in two or three days, safe, relatively cheap, great natural variety, kind and hospitable people (all speaking English), nice climate, mountains, see, lakes, good food etc.
But generally, each country is beautiful and interesting, depends on what you are looking for and what you would like to do there.....Do some research, or try to follow your instict -- where does it lead you......wave

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