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RE: Why are you not in a relationship?

Because I can. I like my independence and don’t want to have to ask permission from a partner to do what I want. I’ve had one marriage and two relationships all ended. I’m done and have no more time for drama or BS. I have time, freedom, $ to do what I want with who ever I choose. Have not dated in over two years.

RE: fake profiles

I don’t even go on apps anymore after multi catfish experiences. I even met a hit Czech guy online last summer who lied and said he lived in AZ USA. It’s my fault for not Google searching his image eventually I caught on and the funny thing about it is I looked him up on Facebook and tracked his digital footprint he has a gorgeous young girlfriend if she only knew what a CAD he was. He sent me pictures of his private parts he was huge!! I think he’s a bit of a narcissistic might have some psychological issues I really feel sorry for her too bad such a handsome guy is a total waste of human intelligence. The lesson I learned from all of this is be very skeptical of anyone that you talk to online whether they are in the US or abroad the best defense is meeting someone locally face-to-face.scold

RE: New Member Let's Chat

Are there any genuine people on these sites. I’ve never come across one. I’ve come across a lot of catfish and scammers. It’s so bad I won’t give out my email address or any personal information. International contacts pose the greatest risk. I have not dated or had a relationship in two years. I refuse to pay for a dating app of any kind. heart beating

This is a list of forum posts created by Redrock84737.

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