RE: Older women and dress style

Yes, But Not Exactly That!
I Think,you Should Match Things Up!
With Colors that Will Suit YouFace!

AlsoThings Appropriately to Your Body Shape!
And Making Sure You Look Great When You Look Your Self In a Full Mirror!
You Could Be Older, But Looking Younger!

I Never Did wear Too Short Minis!
I Thing We Should Left Something to The Imagination!
No Too Short Minis Are Okey, If You Have Great Legs!
Age Is Not Matter If You Look Great!
Thank you
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RE: Is it deceptive for a woman to wear a padded bra?

I Think We Need To Look Our Selves In The Mirror, Before To Criticise Others!

* No One Is Perfect!!

* Stop Negativity!

*We All Do Something to look Better!

*If a Woman, ora Man ,Looks Better, That Is Wonderful!

*Looking Better , Improve Their Confidence and Self Steam

" Lets Her or Him Be"
To Love Others, We Need to Love Our Self First!

Happy New Year Everybody!
From Falicia!XO

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RE: Are Older Women attracted to Younger Men?

What do you think?
Women Are Atracted to Younger Men!
Because Some Men Aged too Soon, or they Let Them Self Go,for Example: they Grow Beards,Longer and Longer,In Many Cases , Bears Make Them Old and Ugly, and they Followed they Male Friends, When they Said "You Look Good With a Beard"
When In Most Cases They Are Not!
Plus Some Let Them Selfs Go By Not Taking Care of they Health, They Eat Too Mch, Smoke Too Much, Drink Too Much, wish It's Make Them Grow a Big Belly, And Because Some of Them Work Very Hard They Come Home To Watch TV, Foxtel, Neetfllix, Porn. etc for Hour and Hours
Some Men Feel Old When They Are Not!
Some of Them Forgets to Communicate Effectively With they Wifes, Partners,or Girlfriends!
Therefore So Some Men Loose Them To a Younger Man!
So My Advice Is!
Stay Heathy, Be Positive,You Must Have Something Nice To Show, We All Have!
Dress Well Smell Nice
Long Bears Does Not Make Anyone Nice,!
Short or Very Short Maybe?
Make Your Selfs Attractive, Look Your Self In The Mirror, As Often you Could, It Is Good for Your Self Steam!
And Communicate, Communicate, and Show Your Love
Try New Things, Colors Are Very Important
Find Colors that Will Suit You!

Thank you
By Falicia peace handshake head banger ::wave: cool dancing

RE: I'm growing a beard !!

Beards Make Men 's Look Ugly and Older!
Plus you Need to Keep It Always Clean and Smelling Good!
Some Men Do Not!
I am Sorry, But That Is Just My Opinion!!
What You Think?
By FaliciaXOdoh

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RE: Anyone have a favorite club they frequent?

For Me Is Campbelltown Catholic Club In CampbelltownNSW > Sydney .Australia!.
It Is a Very Safe and Happy Place To Be!
On Fridays Is Disco with a DJ
On Saturdays Is a Live Band!
Start s at ( Pm Fished at 1.30 AM
Security In and Out Cars Parks

By falicia

RE: What do you think are the reasons that either prevent or destroy most relationships today ?

Based on My Experiences!
And All What I Been Hearing !
Believe or Not ?
It Is Lack Intimacy Between a Couple!
And This Is Start s When
Children Come Along in the Relationship!
They Star s Focusing On they Children First!
And they Intimacy, Start To Suffer!
Therefore They Will Have Less anLess Intimacy!
And Sometimes OneStart To Pull Away from The Partner
In Some Cases Are Both!
So My Advice Is Prioritise Your Relationship As You Prioritise Your Children!
Do Never Take It For Granted

By faliciia

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RE: Happiness in two things.

]If you had a choice of three things only, to make you happy, what would they be?
Love and Money
By falicia

RE: what do women

Each Man Is Different!
By falicia

RE: what do women

That Is Depend On Each Man!
For Me Is SometimesThey Eyes , They Smile,They Pose,The Way They Look at You, They Voice,They Nice and Tall Body, They Looks,The Way They Dance, The Way they Kiss You!
They Fragance.
By Falicia

RE: Why do relationships go pearshaped !

I Think Mens Like to have Sex with The Woman Strait away, They can not wait!
So they start looking else where, where they will have sex sooner!
So i think that the reason they go cold! in the relationship!
And Later Its Fail
Thiis is my Opinion!
But I Could Be Wrong!

RE: What do you think is the greatest obstacle in dating?

Distance, lack Common Interests, Lack of Communication, Lack Of Trust, Depression, Temperament, Lack of Consideration, Lack of Sex, Lack of Affection, Lack of Fun, Lack of Respect , Not having a Car, Not Having Money, Lack of Love
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