Women - Have you ever been in love with a man?

I hope men take note of my words and my threads...cause I would call it a survival manual for men...in a matriarchal run societytyping

Men can use body cameras, have a consent form signed by women, film the act and keep the footage for safe keeping...incase the meetoo mob comes knocking on his door, with fake accusations...already many innocent men have had their lives ruined by women, so men must be aware of the dangers and workout if it's all worth the effort

Women - Have you ever been in love with a man?

Women are far less approachable, than they used to be(due to the meetoo mob rules) and most women, still expect men to be the traditional pursuers, pay for them, pick them up in their cars etc…
Can you describe the signals, that women use, cause I doubt many women know, what they would be and send a lot of mixed signals to men….

The so called empowered women, are not wanting to put the work into wooing men and far less direct about their interest in men, than women once were…
Traditional women knew men much better, loved men and appreciated men far more, than this batch of modern women

This is what happens, when you put women against men in the work place and make women ruthlessly compete against men…for money and power…hate, contempt, jealousy, victimhood manifests in women and it will influence how badly, women treat men…in romantic relationships

Who do you listen to more?

Heard of the saying...can I bend your ear...well many would not just bend it, but burst an ear drumblah blah blah pointing I would rather have the peaceful lifedaydream

Who are easier to influence?

I would say women overall are more collectivist, than men, look for approval of the group, more likely to agree with a majority, than stand against, very emotional and much easier to manipulate, than men

RE: The Awful Truth women don't realise.

I don't like women, who are fake in their words, actions and of course fake to look at...it's simple to me...natural looking women are more genuine, more real and being their true selves with the world...without fear of judgement, without fear of being shamed, without fear of how others look at them...women should bin the make-up and be proud of the natural look, cause mask should not be worn in the game of love

Who do you listen to more?

Did you check my thread for spelling errors and mistakesnerd

Who do you listen to more?

How would you know? I hardly ever see you on my threadsrolling on the floor laughing doh

Who do you listen to more?

You wear your troll hat welltroll comfort

Who do you listen to more?

Clear example of misandry, demonization of natural male behaviour and inability to understand the way men are...Do they want men to put their meat and veg in a vice...imposters and mimickers can never be men...they always claim to understand men, cause these kind of women wish every single day of their lives, that they could be men, but no matter, what they do...it will never ever happenprofessor

Why don't these women lecture young girls on contraception, safe sex, being responsible and female related issues...instead of talking nonsense about a subject they know zero about and are not equipped to discussroll eyes

Welcome to the 1980s music dedication thread

MIchael Jackson & Paul McCartney

Welcome to the 1980s music dedication thread

idea I will keep going back to this thread and posing 1980s musicwow

Sting and The police

RE: Do you prefer to know where you stand with someone?

Your projecting your own insecurities and actions...give your brain a rest and think up better ideas, cause so far your falling flat on your face and acting like a clownred nose

RE: Do you prefer to know where you stand with someone?

Really tell the truth...were you holding a mirror up...when you made, that commentdoh let's not forget your the male feminist...with a yellow streak going down your back....I speak out and expose feminismprofessor

Welcome to the 1980s music dedication thread

What classic decade it was and will always be remembered
I will try to post two songs – by each singer or band from the 1980s
Now for the Jam – Going under ground

That’s entertainment

Remember this is a 1980s music dedication thread and would like to see only 1980s music posted...I can do music dedication threads....for other decades and you will be able to vote on themdancing

RE: Do you prefer to know where you stand with someone?

do you known what is or are you going to look it up...before you answerconfused grin

Which decade of music...would you like me to host?

I have not forgot about this thread and just waiting for the right timehead banger

RE: Do you prefer to know where you stand with someone?

Well they could stand side by side with you, in front of you, or behind you and it would be hard to predict where they standwow grin

Women - Have you ever been in love with a man?

could you ask her, when she is going to be joining CSconfused It would be good to see some young women posting on here and flirting a littlewow laugh

RE: OPTIMISM Vs PESSIMISM - Or the other way round?

If you know society is not evolving in a productive way and heading in the wrong direction, then some might say you were being Pessimistic for talking about it, but reality, knowledge, clear vision to see the agenda is important to some and optimism will have to wait it's turn

Women - Have you ever been in love with a man?

are you friends with both of themdunno

Women - Have you ever been in love with a man?

did you fall in love with a man, woman or both...with the way the world is...one can never been suregrin

Women - Have you ever been in love with a man?

How many men did you fall in love with?
Do you think falling in love more, than once is really possible?....
opps copy and paste was a bad ideadoh

RE: Why is incest frowned upon today?

I don't agree with incest and thankfully don't know anyone, that does...I think peadophilla and incest are both disgustingbarf

RE: Brexit will it ever happen

I have seen the way they have treated a true patriot and truth talker…MR R exposed the rape gangs and terrorists, but big bother did not like that and has punished him ever since….
In a democracy Mr R would have been made PM and thanked by the Queen for his wprk, but this is not a democray and an evil agenda is at work here…

Mr Farage can still get his friends in the EU to veto an extension to article 50 and then the corrupt one’s would have to take this country out on WTO, so we have not lost just yet

The EU do want to build a European army, control all currencies, have no nationalism, have no free speech, have people’s necks under a nazi boot in submission, rule every single human being and Hitler would be celebrating has work being done in hell, cause everything he ever wanted is so close to happening


Charming is in the houseflex The chat room was before I joined CS...Anybody here, when the chatroom was used? Chatroom tend to be fast pasted and if you blink you miss itrolling on the floor laughing what do you enjoy about chat rooms?

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