congrants france what would you have done without african descendants.... proud of our union ..

You made Africa proud today its a prove that slavery never ended. At the picture after winning all blacks were in black row ....

You made them run like ..

Just to stand back for family picture mmmmmhhhh


Watching colonizers loose,


Watching colonizers loose,


'Sorry colonizers isn't coming home'

RE: 85 years old KNOLL MURDER IN FRANCE, is this still a joke?

If EU goverment stop putting their noses everywhere may be it cool all this heat. They killed Ghadafi who wanted to unite africa. It easy for shallow minds to write some stupid comments. Do you know how many children died in iran and iraq way? It was EU and USA claiming that Saddam Hussein had nuclear weapons. What do we know today? Ghadafi is dead libya was the most developed country in Africa what do we know today? Ex president of france was founded by Ghadafi for his compain. So those who want to point fingers on some innocent foreigners out of two bad ones should think on what their politicians are doing. As Bob Marley sung ' you can fool people some times but not all times' EU problems is out of their making kill people for oil and later give the few who make it here refuge status. After colonization EU with their diplomatic ways still think they have buttons to push everytime on their favour but it will not always be this way ..... they have to change their strategies the fools are getting wiser lol
In this i don't justify the crazy terrorist but it happens all over not only EU but it seems like EU lives are more worthy than Syria, Africa etc.

RE: disrespectful women

I wouldn't have said it better. In my profile i have made it clear if ' no photo no reply' but some just take things for granted. Also those who just send a messages just because they spotted you on line ' Hallo there ....' what is this kind of a message. If you think u like something in me get straight into it ....

RE: The Royal wedding for Harry and Meghan........................

This disrespective and mean. At the moment the only person who has scandles about such things is Hurry. Typical man chauvinist.....
This is a past at the end has nothing to do with the present we should give them a chance ...

RE: Nice guy, Why is this so hard

Seriously????? Just went through your profile but the story you put up their is different from this. So which one is real? I think you should start from there ... just an opinion.... lol that way u might attract the right person
Good luck

RE: What would you rather have today: a baby or a puppy?

A denish man

RE: What makes it difficult for a black getting a white girl for a wife?

Try to smile. I don't think you are a racist all of us we have our preferences. Its easier this days to base all on racism. He is attracted to white, blue eyed and blonde girls. Most men are from all races are not to talk of slim and slender. Please before we attack this guy we should search our inside. Even in black race some we are brown than others. Why should anyone call this guy a racist?
Take your time learn the language. Involve yourself in sports, study something or other cultural activities where are many swedish community.
Remember sweden is among the first in gender equality too. I hope all the bad behaviours from most ni**ger aren't in your blood stream.

RE: Belgium is out of control

This is a sentive issue. I observe how many EU civilian complain about foreigners in their countries. But when you guys goverment put their noses all over for resources or selling arms to kill those whom you think their are of lesser Gods none of you put up articles. I come from un EU country although i hold a passport of the same. My poor country just because has been fighting terrorism and corporating with others has been attacked severally.
Instead of pointing fingers and spreading hate saying their are folks who don't deserve your goverment cake lets point fingers on terrorists and their cells. Ghadafi financed france ex president compain that is under investigation now. What did EU do with him? EU plus others can you ask your politician to stop fooling others and funding wars. Stop poping noses on others countries affairs let them solve their problems. Belgium is the biggest exporter of arms whats the problem now? You can't eat your cake and have it. Stop harassing some innocent folks for mistake of others. It easier to see the speckle in our neighbours eyes than ours. Let spread peace and all as long we observe the law we have right to reside wherever we wish.

RE: What color banana do you like?

Very interesting. In Kenya mostly diet is made of banana. Matoke thats mashed bananas served with stew. We have more than 40 variety of bananas. There is this particular one called 'muraru' it gets ripe very sweet but it remains green. Sweet bananas 'gacukari' is very short fat but gets very yellow and very sweet u can think sugar has been added to it. Thats another types thats i havent seen anywhere that get seeds inside and hard. We have particular once only fit for cooking. In central provence of Kenya banana before colonization had been our staple food. Who would tell it had all this benefits

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