RE: Any women with a brain...

You get too much your self ....
My goodness ur profile is a novel.... should have put on amazon .... would sell .... too intense, poor lady .... BPD symptoms ...

RE: Toxic & Negative People - How to get rid of them!

We are all toxic in some way. I like sometimes people to be just be whom they are. The so righteous humans can be abit boring and hypocrates. As long people are respective .... my opinion lol

RE: Real interest or time wasting?

Yes i am immigrant and so what? I am lucky i can leave anywhere i want. I am still on the site. My problem isnt scammers coz i can smell them from far but desparate retired pensions who want sex on line. I saw someone saying that most of those who say are christian are also fake. I am a born again christian i will never deny my faith for anyone.

RE: Rational

Complicated issue to give my opinion. Most are unfortunately sick people with mental disorders and is unfortunately most countries dont have sufficient healthy care for mental problems.
The others are spiritually disturbed human who have such poor souls cant find console in anything.

RE: women make online dating impossible

Male chauvenist ..... shut up

RE: women make online dating impossible

Male chauvenist ..... shut up

RE: I have heard that in Denmark.

Then need to try swedish to telltongue

RE: Are there any Genuine people left on this earth?

Sorry i dont what is your experience. Personally i have met genuine guys over here. It only didnt work for other reasons but i have also met scammers that i thank my God for the instinct and i can just sport them from the second mail. Opens your eyes and ears well. The logic also and dont also put to much expectations. Be sure what u dont want and while u chat be straight. Its also good not to take things so seriously in the beginning.
I consider that all we have some abnormality depends how you look at it.

RE: UK and Brexit

I get good friends in UK. I am here reading the comments. All i can say whatever reasons that made majority vote they have their reasons. All the best, if it didnt work out at least u tried, sure u r good business guys if needed u will negotiate your way back ......

RE: Age is Just a number

Love isnt a number. The wrinkles, grey hairs, sagging boobs and bats, big pot bellies, pain on knees, menopause, lose of libido, lose interest in sex, scars of the past etc thats age and at 20 yrs for sure you dont feel 40. We can cheat ourselves. One thing we cant deny is attraction b2in two aldults despite the age difference, how our body feels and for sure preferences plus more interests but i disagree totally that age is a number. Sure the number matters !!! Its funny i have noted more men profiles says i am 60 but i feel like 40 hahaha sure feel whatever u want feel but u r 60 period. Congratulations to ladies isnt very common. Most men who have this would be simple to say ' prefer younger gals' so stop this myth ..

RE: Did both you boilogocalparents bring you up together

Yes and so. I read a thread up a thread up there and i agree. We have moved on nothing is going to change. A product of a good child isnt determined by togetherness of the biological parents but how much love, education and good home training, quality time and involvement of all. Some kids would have done better with absence of one.
Live long parents or couples who treat the kids they meet in relationships despite the blood relationship. Some fathers werent supposed to be and vice versa

RE: Say Anything Using Pigeon English (Say Enyfing Yoosing Pijin Inglish)

You dy crizie jalee. Whas all dys now. You dy kill me with laugh ooohhh

RE: You want a wall?

Remind them, most are ignorant about history or their hatred out weight any good reasoning. American is no man land

RE: What has become of Human Decency?

At least we still have reasonable people in this caotic world like you. You are the minority i just went through some comments here i think we get some really depressed human being with very low esteem. To start with USA - is a place in history that all except few are immigrants but the white supremacy mostly with decedants from EU will not let those they enslaved become anything. They dont want to accept the cats which has been in the bags for such long time has a whole out and no way back. Most out of hatred says the immigrants are the criminals but ths statistics all over proves not, in healthy most immigrants visits doctor consultacion once in a blue moon compared to inmigrants. As i said xenophobia is a disease PEK from holand visit ur physician or registerer in a gym for sure u would look great with few pounds. Hope you dont drive over people in markets i get good friends there. YOU AND YOUR KIND KEEP PLAYING THOSE SCENARIO, but we are citizen of the world.

RE: Women with short hair Vs women with long hair?

Iooks are very important to some. After 40yrs if you get someone trying to be a babie 'Madam pink' should have a reason to worry especially healthy wise cheers

RE: Women with short hair Vs women with long hair?

keep your long hair combed for sure below it there is nothing much. If you cared to read i only added my opinion to someone who aired out hers close as mine .... Miss know all. And what i am shouldnt worry you, there is a spanish proverb that says' all thieves think others are of the same condition'. I am not you madam pink ....tongue

RE: Women with short hair Vs women with long hair?

Yes my dear unfortunately most are narcist. The world is ruled by this. All is about physical. One even tries to talk about women necks openly, their poor souls are empty for this easier to reduce a human being to inches of her hair. One even tried to mock a lady who donates her hair to the needy, he cant even remember most of this kids may be are cancer victims. Anyway me am not much disappointed fortunately i understand some are sick. There those who need to see such things to raise their self esteem.

RE: Have you dated another race or culture

Are you a racist? Why use word negro and not black? I would date anyone except you, u seem to be soft bodied and beautiful peackock pink chain ??

RE: Spanish justice protects transgender children.

You are right in spain is seems is all about it .... is kind of fashionable. I get no problem with whatever people choose to do with their personal life, all isnt about sexuality .... i total agree with ur comment

RE: I Hate Cancer

Thanks for asking for prayers. God is powerful God. He is faithful. He knew you before you were in your mum's womb as bible says. He may see your humble heart and fight this war for you. May He comfort and give you peace in this challenging moment. Where their is light the darkness can't exist. I pray that blood of Jesus cover you as you go through your recovering process.

RE: What you feel about being single again?

Honestly good there was time i felt i needed someone but the freedom of get out of work, joining my collegues for unplanned coffee without calling to excuse myself to anyone is just too good. Everyday is harder to think of patner ....

RE: Have you dated another race or culture

Yes all what i would say is humans we are just that humans. Besides growing up from different parts of world adapting distincts things from our surroundings we chose on what to hold on or just go depending on our capacity of understanding, emotions and values. My first date when i was younger was a half of two Europeans. He loved me soo much, we travelled to Kenya and he just become a member of my family, he laughed his heads out with my brothers who joked on his skin peeling out etc unfortunate he died of cancer 2012 but his dad was such a racist but i just treated him with respect and away understoond his disappointment. My mum didnt like it either but we were for each other, others opinion we secondary we laughed off even made fun of our cultures infront of others. RIP Adams(was my soulmate)
I meet an english not long and he felt so superior, all was about himself and England.
About dating again i date people for themselves not about a culture, but i prefer educated, travelled and Europeans. I admit i like scandinavians, Germans, Hollands more quiet, no drama, humble etc

RE: Marrying for money

Whatever she married for isnt my business. I am not an American, english is also a foreign language to me but she is too dump. I can't stand her accent when she speak, her poor speech etc
But anyway i didnt expect her to marry a bloke man 30yrs older than her, lets not forget as it is said she was a model. If she exchanged her beauty for Trump money is justified. Can you imagine living with a narcist like him? It must be terrible ..... at least she must have something that holds her back but i doubt it to be love, or she love him and her empathy towards him holds her back who knows poor first American Lady ..... Trump is a character this my opinion based on man, woman relationship. I figure him annoyed home screaming and smashing all he comes across .... some of his tweets can sound very aggressive. Chauvinist male


congrants france what would you have done without african descendants.... proud of our union ..

You made Africa proud today its a prove that slavery never ended. At the picture after winning all blacks were in black row ....

You made them run like ..

Just to stand back for family picture mmmmmhhhh


Watching colonizers loose,


Watching colonizers loose,


'Sorry colonizers isn't coming home'

RE: 85 years old KNOLL MURDER IN FRANCE, is this still a joke?

If EU goverment stop putting their noses everywhere may be it cool all this heat. They killed Ghadafi who wanted to unite africa. It easy for shallow minds to write some stupid comments. Do you know how many children died in iran and iraq way? It was EU and USA claiming that Saddam Hussein had nuclear weapons. What do we know today? Ghadafi is dead libya was the most developed country in Africa what do we know today? Ex president of france was founded by Ghadafi for his compain. So those who want to point fingers on some innocent foreigners out of two bad ones should think on what their politicians are doing. As Bob Marley sung ' you can fool people some times but not all times' EU problems is out of their making kill people for oil and later give the few who make it here refuge status. After colonization EU with their diplomatic ways still think they have buttons to push everytime on their favour but it will not always be this way ..... they have to change their strategies the fools are getting wiser lol
In this i don't justify the crazy terrorist but it happens all over not only EU but it seems like EU lives are more worthy than Syria, Africa etc.

RE: disrespectful women

I wouldn't have said it better. In my profile i have made it clear if ' no photo no reply' but some just take things for granted. Also those who just send a messages just because they spotted you on line ' Hallo there ....' what is this kind of a message. If you think u like something in me get straight into it ....

RE: The Royal wedding for Harry and Meghan........................

This disrespective and mean. At the moment the only person who has scandles about such things is Hurry. Typical man chauvinist.....
This is a past at the end has nothing to do with the present we should give them a chance ...

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