RE: How many sex partners did you have in your life so far?

A moment here,

72 women Mike.scold Its 72 Virgins not 72 virgin women.

One of the suras talks about 72 virgins, never about 72 female virgins! It is very important to know this because; in another sura she is told that the most Muslim women end up in hell.
Means, there are more men than are woman in heaven! Big problem, isnt ?

Another point of view is that the Koran was originally written in three different languages, Hebrew, Armenian and a local dialect. The prophet Mohamed was illiteretic and did not speak Arabic!

The word, virgin in Arabic, means grape fruit in Armenian ...
Make your conclusion, all those martians are now pent up and doomed to be gay eating every day grapes in the paradise LMAO

RE: Share What You Are Listening To -- Part 99

RE: Prelude To Meeting Someone

In my opinion Molly has a point,

I HATE phones, really i do, they are the most annoying inventions of the century. Don't get me wrong, they are useful, if you use them right, but often is the most disturbing thing around me. People go to a meeting or date, and staring all the time at there cellphones ¨ Its a real TURN OFF for me¨. And sorry lady's, but you are the worst in this scenario. I can understand when you are not interested in the person you meet, you just brake off the meeting, but be so uneducated to take your phone and ignore the person, says more about your attitude and personality then you can imagine. It never happen to me personally, but i saw it often that a couple sitting together and she was just messaging and calling on the phone.....
So, no it doesn't means he is married, probably he just hate phones like me rolling on the floor laughing

RE: R U being Played ?

A lot, playing in real life or dating sites is the same, when a woman acting she loves her partner, and at the same time screwing around, getting pregnant, and the child is not biological from the partner where she lives with, but pretend it is hes child. Thats also playing....And thats why i put the DNA in, its proven.
Pretending you love someone, but actually stays with the partner for very different reasons, being financial, status or whatever, thats also playing. You can blame the most men, but don't make it look like the most woman are innocent, they are not.

RE: R U being Played ?

@ Snookums33,

Maybe you don't, but a lot off woman also playing games.

And according to statistics, more than women actually admit. According to statistics in the past, it was the men who cheated their girlfriend / wife, recently proven (DNA, scientific evidence) that the opposite is true, but also according to surveys more women seemed to deceive their partner than men do. dunno

RE: R U being Played ?

I have been played a lot by woman, so what, i go on with my life. No big deal, most woman play around.

RE: Money & Loyalty

@ Chesney,

Consider Trump and his brided pawns of reaction. Trump and 80% of his fans hate the general public.

A typical response from someone who has lost the election or referendum, and therefore also shows his true face. True face, I am not democratic at all, because I do NOT recognize the choice of the MAJORITY. People choose against the established political world, they have no confidence in it. And they are right!. professor

RE: Are there really any decent guys out there?

Its all about perception "decent"

I don't consider myself as decent...because im always straigt forward, ant the truth is often not accept as being decent.

RE: Worst Introductions

I love scammers, they amuse me, when i am bored.

Most common questions:
Are you married? –
Answer, i am on a dating site, what do you think? I am married and happely divorced..does that answer your question?
Do you have children?
Not that i know, but probably i have, with the look, and my attitude, my richness...yes a lot i guess, somewhere in the world. But i don't know them.
What you doing for living?
Nothing, im rich, i just amuse myself with traveling and get laid around the world.
Are you serious interested in mariage?
Yes, conditionally, so i dont risk my fortune.
What do you like/love?
24 hours sex a day. Preferably trio with two women who are bisexual…

And it ends….don’t know why, im just honest.rolling on the floor laughing

RE: Men on Cs

I am friendly, loving, talkative, vulgar, sexy and intelligent.

Ur opinion ? Doesnt matter. dancing

RE: Men versus women

Maybe I misunderstand it, but do you mean that quality is the only thing that counts? I gues for a lot off men QUANTITY is important to, and by the lack off that, prostitution exist.

Or, does prostitution exist because off the lack off quality at home from the partner?

Or does prostitution exist because woman can easely separate sex and what they call "love" To make money with it, porno cybersex also big business, and the actors are usualy woman. dunno

RE: Men versus women

Indeed, thats what they " woman "say...but what do woman considering good sex?

Quality above quantity...., and woman are also convinced that they give good sex ..., here I have to disappoint you, just like with men, most women do not even know what good sex content.

But, got to admit, it is easy for us men, we can always have an o*gasm, even if the woman has no idea of ??good sex.
rolling on the floor laughing

RE: Democrats angry at Clinton! Really?

Hillary is a pathetic childish hysterical b*tch. She can not stand her loss, she has already proven enough. And even more, what she finally claimed is that the AMERITY of the Americans are idiotic fools. That is how you campaign Hillary. And she calls herself democratic? Time she go's back to school, too learn about the concept DEMOCRATIC!
Anyway, same happend in the UK, The minority wants to destroy the choice of the majority ... democracy my a**. barf

And so again a proof of how politicians are, everything from self-interest. barf

RE: Instantly Rich Lottery Winners

Easy, bye a new fullframe photocamera, one more prime lens, ticket to exotic country for amazing photo shoots, back packing. The rest on a account. peace

RE: On A Deserted Island

@ DeeDee,

Someone to keep me company
My apologies, I had missed this one blushing

But being stranded on a deserted island, this would be the least of my concerns, frankly.rolling on the floor laughing

RE: On A Deserted Island

The only thing i need is my survival knife...and even without no problem, can make one myself.

But considering the luxury Deserted Island....

1) Survival knife "Only usefull item"
2) Camera
3) Book...
4) Suunto watch
5) Hand mirror.
6) Speleo rope.
7) Portable, flexible solar panels
8) Thermal blanket
9) First aid kit.
10) Water purification tablets
11) Dynamo Camping light
12) Tent
13) Firestarter
14) Knife sharper.
15) Guitar "LOL"

Condoms on a deserted island confused , wel some people have kinky gone F*ck the local apes or other specimen?

RE: Does Chatting On The Forums Count

Posted by DeeDee;
Stay away from ring leaders and gang members.
If they are like this on here they are like this in real life.
People who stand on their own two feet here are not hard to spot
Watch those for a while.
If you like start from there.

Dont waste your time on idiots, Anna...your too classy and ladylike for that.

Fully agree with this opinion, i would take this as one of the best advice i saw here.
thumbs up

RE: Ugly / Pretty

The perception of beauty or ugliness depends on the viewer, and if in which context. As a photographer or painters etc ... this will be completely different than the mass. But indeed, people like to judge, and especially if it does not meet the generally accepted rules. dunno

RE: Which cs person do you not like?

I do my best to be that one on the top...till now, it doesnt work frustrated rolling on the floor laughing

RE: Which CS forum member do you think has the thickest accent?

Many women simply have an irritating voice, many times I close my ears when I hear women chattering (I can hardly call it normal), and the way they laugh ...dunno
But, some women really have an "erotic" voice, I think more in the genre, hoarse voice .... Marlene Dietrich, Marilyn Monroe etc smitten

RE: What cuisine is your favorite?

@ DeeDee123x,

Not mentioned? I did....,
But what kind of Paella you want? White, brown,, meat...vegetarian? Which traditional, north, south spain?

RE: Arrested

@ Let_Us,
Thats a easy one, in that can get to the location, NOT the address.
Google Whois...enter e-mail from sender and it shows the country and province. So when a e-mail comes from a certain country, you can assume its scam. Thats the first step to take. If they write you in bad grammatic english, and the mail comes from a country were the language is english...well be suspicious.They probably use a vpn to redirect the location.
For more details (personal data etc), but thats illegal, you need to hack servers...but not impossible.tip hat

RE: Invisible

@ Friskyone,
Sunbathe don't have to be invisible for that confused

Probably place me somewhere between female friends and hear what they have to say. I once heard some without the women being aware, probably they thought I did not understand it, foreign language. But that is not a reference, of course.rolling on the floor laughing

But above all, bringing out all the dirty laundry of politicians and capitalists, their lies, money abuse of the community, and making recordings of what they really say about voters. And to make it known worldwide ... this will ensure that the guillotine is brought back up, as happened in France in the past.professor

RE: It’s 2018: Why do a lot of people think they need a spouse in ther lives?

@ Tresssa,
You don't need a marriage certificate to be a couple....for some a marriage certificate means "ownership"
Unfortunately, indeed, and on both sides.dunno

RE: It’s 2018: Why do a lot of people think they need a spouse in ther lives?

@ Galrads,

I kind of agree with this statement. Marriages have always been a contract here and few get a pre-nup agreement. Men didn’t have a life after divorce here before either.

Thats why a pre-nup should be a must, protection in both ways. Or at least, the couples should be informed about the consequences. Marry in community or marry with per-up.

However, things have changed and Women aren’t given everything these days in Divorce/Dissolution settlements. Most young married women make more money than their slacker husbands who see the futility in trying to find opportunities these days because of government mandates and the government family dependency. 

Indeed, a lot of woman earn equal or more like there husbands, and thats a good evolution, in my opinion.

Feminisme today makes that woman don’t ask for equality, but wanne have more rights then men. They want the benefits, not the obligations. (but thats another subject)

If you need child care.. go to the government, want birth control .. go to government, want an abortion .. go to the government, want to eat.. go to government, need housing .. go to government.. need a cell phone .. Go To Government. You don’t need a family anymore... government is there in its place.

I was always against those kind of support, you want children? Then rais them, and don’t depend on community, they didnt forse you to have children isn’t, or bye a house etc...?
Its ok to help people in need, but they have to make conditions on it, certain time, circumstances, controls etc ... finally you want to use other their earned money. The community money.

Here in spain for example, if you get unemployed, you can get unemployment aid for max. 2 years, depending your career, the years you worked etc..., after that 6 months goverment aid, and then its over.

RE: It’s 2018: Why do a lot of people think they need a spouse in ther lives?

@ Molly,

I know many people who are married, and none were fir financial or visa reasons.
They simply wanted to get married.

And thats ok, if it makes them happy...why not. But for the most of them, it will be the first time i guess?

And no, not that the woman wanted her day dressed as a meringue, they wanted to be married.
Well facts and surveys tell a completly other story...Most girls still want that fairytale mariage with all the glitter and glamour.

And in most cases, it was the man rather than the woman pushing for it.

Mostly youngers without experience, and still believe in fairytales. And don't be confused by saying Men pushing it...often discretly directed by the girl or her girlfriends, pressure from family etc...
(And i speak from personal experience here)

I hardly believe that men after a divorce will pressure a woman for a second mariage.

I do believe men need the stability of marriage even more than women.

Ive got my doubts, specialy when a man is divorced, they are not sure about that stability anymore. And keep also in mind that the perception of stability is different between woman and men. One of the reasons for so many divorces today. dunno

RE: It’s 2018: Why do a lot of people think they need a spouse in ther lives?

Marriage ... has become more commercial good today, visas, money, wanting to comply with the general rules etc ...
And to be honest, I see no reason for that paper piece, if you love someone, you do not need it at all. But usually there are a few reasons (by those who want to marry) to go over, to a legal confirmation.
Some reasons fully understandable, especially when there are children, house etc ..., other reasons for personal safety, security …

When both come from the same background, equal wealth etc ... there is no reason to be suspicious, equal input in the future, equal distribution etc ... now, for men this can be a risk in case of a possible divorce , and especially when there are children. You will be denied your home and your ex can continue to live with the children, alimony (also for your ex when she is not "working") and these rules become ever stricter. Still something to think about, nowadays, if your partner has children from a previous relationship, you also have to pay for it (Germany was the leader here).

Both come from a different background, possessions, money etc ... then a marriage contract is highly recommended, this brings complications on the one hand, as you also have to keep things strictly separate during the wedding, things that you buy, without to have solid proof by name are seen as a community! So a new car, house, stereo, jewelry etc ... always keep a proof of payment from your credit card etc ..

Now, you regularly hear the reason, yes, but we don’t marry to divorce? No, indeed, you don’t marry for that (not all of them, there are those who are considering this, usually those who are looking for a visa) But, even if you do not marry to divorce, you should take it into account. This is unfortunately the reality today.

Yep, a marriage is less romantic than reality when it comes to a divorce.dunno

RE: Arrested

For hacking goverment/police sites and discovering things they would keep secret for the public...devil

But till now i am the better hacker rolling on the floor laughing

RE: What cuisine is your favorite?

Actually too many to mention, but after a few attempts;
French: Chateau brian avec pomme gratin.
Belgium: Mussels in white wine / or brown beer with creamy garlic sauce and fries
Spanish : Zarsuela, paella, estofado…..
Arabic: all kind of Tajine
Asian: Phad thai, noodles….

And a lot more wine

RE: What's your definition of tolerance?

The only thing that I disagree with you is that every religion is peacful.
In fact i said, there is NO tolerant religion, none of them are peacefull. NONE!

I never heard that Budhis made any terrorist act.
Buddhism is not a religion, Buddhism is a philosophy. And even there are what they call gods in Buddhism, non of those gods pressure people to pray to them or whatever. You can, but you don't have! And no punishment at all. tip hat

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