RE: Would you leave him/her for this

bad mice...will make holes dirtylaugh

RE: a Breath of fresh air

when my problems get solutions ...i start to feel my breath very pleasant and peaceful.

RE: Kissing

can i talk about kissinglaugh

RE: Is sex better at night

oh my poor girl here's my vote for you bouquet

RE: Is sex better at night

night or morning.. doesnt matter ......temperature is important.if it is a hot day cool night will be better than hot day time.

consciousness of a unsatisfied person

excuse me!! what is CS. computer science?

RE: Is there another U ?

first, we have to define what do you mean by "You".pattern of thinking, body shape.just try to will realize there is no exact "you".because everything gets change.....if you can not define current "you", it is useless to think about another

consciousness of a unsatisfied person

I noticed and experienced that people who unsatisfied have difficulties to be conscious than others.they like to daydream.the dissatisfaction may be about his body, job, education, partner or kids .even they try to focus on current work it difficult. His or her thoughts always bother him.those obsessions always invite them to daydream world.

They have difficulties to continue their work.slower than others.he or she may be blamed on themselves about their own less productiveness.but cannot figure out the reason.when they get tired of daydreams, next thing will be the sleepiness.

like to know about your experience and knowledge about this.please are important.

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