RE: Marriage explained....................Yours?...................

ROFL. Sigh I still would like to be married to the right guy. Someday....heart beating

RE: Facebook asks users to send nude pictures to combat revenge porn.

If this is true, why would people send their nudes to facebook when so many of their staff have access to it and can easily copy /share/steal for use elsewhere! risky I don't think this will work but good luck to Facebook, revenge porn definitely needs to stop. I hope other sites will follow suit but people just need to stop sending nudes!

RE: women and clothes

Too sweet Moe I wish you two the best! I hope someday I meet someone wonderful who will say such lovely things about me!

RE: Who's viewed me

Lol same here. That being said I do sometimes get the twenty somethings.

RE: Is He/She there for u when........

Both the guy and the woman should be there for each other. heart beating

RE: Brits overtaking Americans in fat race.

I don't know about that....I have always worked with brits and tbh every day for lunch all they eat is salad...maybe once in a while they will have a sandwich but thats it. the men eat more of a balanced diet then the women I worked with. Even when I go to restaurants and events and talk to them they always eat veggies so I don't know how people there are more obese in America. confused

RE: How many times have you fell for a catfish page on this website?

Never. I try and research as much as possible :D

RE: The Royal wedding for Harry and Meghan........................

It was a beautiful ceremony. I wish them the best.

RE: Sexting fun or boring?

My ex had his pictures put on some sites and had them taken down but he says people re post. He actually didnt even send them the girl he was seeing at the time accessed his phone and took them. I always tell my friends to be careful whether they are male or female.

RE: Books/Movies/TV/Theater/Music/Art

Books- self help and autobios because its interesting or i learn how to improve my skills
movies- thrillers, comedies, dramas, romance
music- r n b, pop, hip hop, bit of country, bit of jazz, some rock

RE: What should be your decision!

They should do what they want! One day the parents will be dead and gone and the couple will live their life regretting not getting married because the parents were against it. I know many people like this. They got married to others and still pining for their choice.

RE: Does anyone else here like to go to Clubs?

I go once or twice a month over the weekend if friends want me to go along. dancing


I don't know a single woman that likes a chubby guy. If I meet one I will let you know!

RE: which colour clothes were you told suit's you best............?

I wear a lot of blue and pink. I get a lot of compliments on the pink outfits. I'm quite girly that way.

RE: Do u miss any of ur old b/f's or g/f's ?

No I don't miss them but they did come crawling back later I ignored despite many attempts to communicate with me and beg for a second chance. I would never go back.

RE: just looking at old threads

Those were probably jealous people messaging you!

RE: just looking at old threads

There is no harm as long as the partner is aware of it and knows he does not have to worry about anything. Plus it should be mentioned in the profile that the person is no longer looking.

RE: Dying of Loneliness

I am sure there must be some free events like yoga, food fair etc not all are paid. I think it would help you to join a support group for depression in your area. Support groups are free and you can meet people who also are going through the same. If you do a search on google I think you should find some. Take care.

RE: Dying of Loneliness

Don't say that CW4U go out and join events, classes in your area, you will meet people. Or get a pet. Best of luck to you, that special person will come along when you least expect it.

RE: Who/What is the most important in ur life ?

Family. My niece and nephew. My godson. Some close friends too.

RE: What’s the fastest speed you’ve driven a car and ridden a motorcycle?

Did 120mph max but I don't mind riding in a car with an experienced driver going faster :D As long as he/she's a good safe driver and its a track rather than the road. I don't have the guts to go more than 120 haha

RE: weekend plans...

Went to a networking event in a club, met some cool people including a guy I already knew previously, he was my wingman so it was quite funny.

RE: Hi, Everyone

Welcome! hope you find what you are looking for!

RE: Film Recommendations

I just watched I feel Pretty it was quite nice was expecting it to be funnier but anyway, I liked it. I will be going for the melissa mcarthy movie Life Of the Party soon. Any movie that she is in is hilarious I enjoy her comedies.

RE: Damn that curry.............

Gross man! I pity the poor people around that hippo....they must have bolted for sure....

Pretty sure hippos only eat grass, these curry jokes are getting old....sleep

RE: Happiness is.............

Spending time with my neice and nephew and loved ones.
Being able to fit into that tiny outfit
Getting a day off from work
Finding my fav ice cream brand when all other shops don't have it (I am very determined)
Little things in life like watching a movie or watching the rain

RE: Im so fed up of being single

I know I posted on this earlier but can't see my comment anyway, being single is still new for you so concentrate on you. why rush to date or find someone? join a class, take up a hobby, go out with friends, keep busy that is the only way you will not think about him. I don't rely much on online, this is the only site I am on and been here 2 months. I go out to events in my area and met guys that way. You don't need your friends to babysit you for nights out. I go out alone a lot simply because trying to coordinate and plan with friends is tough, going alone to places I don't have to wait for an answer to plans or end up eating some food I don't like such as some fried crap, I can watch a movie they don't want to watch, I really enjoy my alone time. I go out with friends on the weekend other times I am alone and I like it. Try doing things by yourself for a change. Or join a local group and meet more ladies to hang out with. You may have better luck offline meeting a good guy than online. At least offline you know what the guy looks like, you can gauge chemistry, etc which is tough online. I asked a guy here to videocall and he disappeared. I don't have time for games. I come here for the forums etc I doubt I will find Mr Right here. So I am going out and suggest you do the same. Look for events in your area. Best of luck lovely lady teddybear

RE: What books are you reading or just listening to the audible version?

I'm currently reading From This Moment On by Shania Twain then will move on to Trevor Noah's book.

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