RE: lists of demands!!!

I can say the same about men.

RE: Does being goodlooking/handsome, have its bet it is so..........

Yeah I suppose it does, but I think it has more disadvantages than advantages.

RE: Is my O C D out of control!

My ocd is such that I open loo doors with tissue after getting a tum infection from opening them with bare hands!

RE: If you were a millionaire would you live a modest life?

I would yes, I think the only luxury I would have is a nice house, a corvette and travel around the world.

RE: Distance...

Long distance is super tough. I don't know if I would do it again perhaps if I met the guy a few times and we plan to be together and move near each other.

RE: When was your last date...?

I haven't been actively looking been too busy with other stuff but a few months.

RE: Have u ever told him/her?

I have no problem telling a loved one I love him.

RE: Which do you prefer: with makeup or without makeup?

I use a bit for work and events, sometimes if I'm running errands I go without. If I was a stunning beauty I would never wear make up. But I do need a bit of help accentuating my features so I wear it.

RE: Observation of the day

ROFL I can tell you're frustrated with the responses/ type of men here, well I feel the same way that's why I literally am only here for the forums and other stuff and probably gonna delete my account very soon.

RE: Communication...

I'm not a text person at all unless I'm at work or out. I prefer for a guy to call me or vice versa. Having conversations through text is not my thing. Its just laziness. If I'm texting friends to make plans or if they are based outside the country then its another matter, but even with them I still call them once in a while.

RE: Things that spell instant death on the first date...

Looks drunk or is. Dressed like he's going for a picnic and we are dining somewhere formal. Curses a lot. Interrupts me. Is more than ten mins late. Whines about his past relationships.

RE: Rapper Mac Miller Dead at 26

No sympathy for those who have addictions and don't get help. I do however sympathize with the family and friends they left behind.

RE: Single or being a sponsor?

Good for you for wanting to sponsor a child. I'm single as a pringle but have decided within 2 years if I still am I will adopt since its what I've always wanted to do anyway.

RE: How old were you when you got your first pay check for working a full-time job?

17! haha looking back now if I had a kid I would not prefer them to start working so young unless it was under my supervision!

RE: Dating a single woman vs. one with kids

Everyone has their own preferences, I've dated guys with kids just to try it out, its really not for me. I'm not ready to be step mum.

RE: Warning labels

I have a sweet side, and an evil side you never wanna see laugh

RE: Do you ever feel like you want to be alone?

Sometimes I just like to switch off from the world. Watch some tv, read a book.

RE: Tattoed Lover.

No. The fact that he still has the tattoo says it all!

RE: Alopecia !!

I don't find bald men attractive. At all.

RE: Compliment a woman thread

Mimi has a great sense of humor she cracks me up. We need more people like her in this world. teddybear

RE: Organic Food

We buy organic food at home honestly it tastes the same as non organic. If I'm doing my own shopping I pick non organic.

RE: What r ur reasons for being on Cs....

I just like reading the forums and blogs

RE: Hi Everyone

I love watching movies or listening to music. I also like to read.

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