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RE: Virgin girl needed

Verging on the ridiculous?

RE: Love Lesson

Just my Degree in talking bucking follocks..... wink

RE: Love Lesson


RE: Love Lesson

A Superlative is the best of the best? the highest of the high?

degree.... Well That can be a measurement, an angle... A certificate given to show you have mastered a subject, like a degree in economics for example... so a possible outcome for your question could be which is the best certificate available for love... Love being a bit vague the way you used it so why not add a twist and make it love making.... ego... Is you have mastered love making and wanted a certificate than I wouldn't think you can go far wrong with a certificate from the school of Karma Sutra..... Failing that go the chav route and grab one from Anne Summers... Cheap shit that'll split the first time ya test it.... allegedly....

RE: Love Lesson

Degree??? Please? Have you mastered ALL the positions?? Verified o*gasm given in each position with video and affidavit from recipient.... ??? Hummmmmmmmmm???

RE: Love Lesson

A degree in the Karma Sutra aint to be sniffed at I guess.....

RE: womanisers


(also womanise)

• verb (of a man) enter into numerous casual s*xual relationships with women.

From the Oxford English online

RE: Would you marry someone who isn't of your religion?

Members of the god squad are best avoided.....

RE: obedience....get a dog.....



HP lappy

RE: Whats your favorite time of day to have sex/ make love?

3 times... That is excited!


Tho that time about 2 in the morning after a quickie that you both start smouldering and slowly burn away till the light peeks through the curtains is magical sigh

RE: Are "Tree Huggers" sexy?

Wonder if their bite is worse than the bark....


RE: 1980's Music Only!

Good Choice!!! 3 of us once cleared the dance floor at the Hummingbird to that tune after a night out in Brum at the Irish Centre following Ghostdance

A Deeper Bluebanana

RE: 1980's Music Only!

Front 242

It was a lovely day the day you walked away

Live 85

RE: 1980's Music Only!


Good Morning Sodam, Good Morning Gomora

V Thirteen

sheep crazy sheep

RE: 1980's Music Only!


Rush... for a change of atmosphere

Best thing to come outta the Clash
crazy crazy crazy


Well Not-picky gives the impression they'll let any ol thing get jiggy with em, pass thanks, I wanna be with someone not just anyone

RE: 1980's Music Only!

Sisters of Mercy - Gimme Shelter

Its just a kiss away, kiss away, kiss away

crazy dancing dog crazy dancing dog crazy

RE: Are "Tree Huggers" sexy?

Sure are... Cuff em while they're hugging then enjoy....
uh oh

Coat please....


If I saw they weren't picky I'd be running a mile anyhow roll eyes

RE: 1980's Music Only!

Front 242 - Operating Tracks
First track from the first album....

crazy dancing dog crazy dancing dog crazy dancing dog

RE: 1980's Music Only!

All i'm seeing are the invisible peeps bent over in front of the banana gang uh oh uh oh wow blues rolling on the floor laughing

RE: Do women really want romantic sensitive men, or do they really prefer the jerks that they can change


peeps from the Wolves or Black country area

RE: 1980's Music Only!

Marshall Jefferson - Move your body

Gotta have house, musiiic, all night long

Its gonna set you freee

RE: 1980's Music Only!

Jamie Principle - Your Love

RE: 1980's Music Only!

Mr Fingers - Can you feel it

Chicago House

A new dawn fades

RE: is it or a dictionary?

Ever been in a pub where the ONLY conversation is who ya gonna pull? How ya gonna pull?

If so - Details!!

Its more of a dance, trying to catch peeps eyes with ya funky moves... You have your wallflowers... The nobs who think they're tough... the babes... those who hang back a lil just hoping to catch attention, those that dance like a mong on acid desperate for attention... and those that just do their thang and idely watch all the other buffoonery... drinking

RE: Why is it illegal to have more then one wife but you can have as many girlfriends and a wife?

Tis illegal for your own sanity.... Mono nagging becoming stereo... blues

Stereo Blob.... wow uh oh

Even worse... They go les and lock you out

mumbling mumbling

Best keep one happy than risk the wrath of two uh oh roll eyes

RE: 1980's Music Only!

The Nails - 88 Lines About 44 Women

Does what it says on the tin grin

RE: Tell Us Your Nicest and Worst Kissing Experiance

Being cautious n checking for bones! roll eyes

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