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RE: Women and men....young or older than us....

Stick with the old can wipe each others bums rolling on the floor laughing

RE: In Four Words

Take deep breaths Dee laugh

RE: Women and men....young or older than us....

I prefer men who are older than me but not by more than ten years.
I would date a guy my age or younger by about ten years also but that's my limit....

RE: Some guys are strange

I get that.
Maybe like his profile..might give him the courage to message u

RE: Some guys are strange

If there's one you really like then message him...don't wait for

RE: Personal messages/emails etc..

Has someone shared your nuddies Lookin' conversing

RE: Wimbledon is here again

I don't work on expectations Tom comfort

RE: Wimbledon is here again

That's cheating Tom scold


Your a die hard fan or not lol.
I'm not even that sure if Nadal is in for Wimbledon but want him to win another grass tournament.

RE: Wimbledon is here again

Hi Tom.
I usually watch the Tennis ...lost touch with it for a lot of this year though but will follow Wimbledon.

Women's are a no brained I'd imagine Serena will win out.
The men's r the most interesting and open competition.

Who are you shouting for?

RE: How do u best teach any students.....

If your looking for advice I don't think you need it with those results.

I've had to teach others in my job before.

Kept it basic and to the need to boggle with loads of information all at once...once they learned the basics first then each day was a step up.

Won an award at work for my teaching actually come to think of it.
About 10 years ago that was.

RE: Can you tell after one date ?

I dont know the girl nor do i know only assuming this woman has been hurt recently and thats the reason for her rant.

Ive been there myself and i know full well what its like to have that level of disappointment....that doesnt mean we should say that all men are like that...but sometimes a rant is good to get things off our chest.

If im being honest we all go through our stages of losing faith in the opposite sex.

RE: Current Thoughts (Cont)~~

I dont believe you...i still felt you meant it.


RE: If I Could Read Your Mind,What Would I Read!

I agree fully with this.
People poke all the time...and when ur done turning a blind eye your seen as nasty.

Thats the nature of some though ....and if you can see it..others can too.

RE: Imagine:- U go to sleep.....and wake up in a different place......How did it happen......

It means your about to embark on that long walk of shame home Snookums. ....with your makeup half ways down your face no doubt conversing

RE: Make Up

Whether women choose to wear alot of make up..minimal make up or no makeup its all a choice and i dont see why men even come into the equation when it comes to this more than they can choose what clothes i wear.

No one is better than the other because of their own personal choices....i dont see the need to create a 'war' between women as to who is better than who and thats what this thread feels like to me.

Theres enough bull going on besides creating drama over bloody make up .

RE: If I Could Read Your Mind,What Would I Read!

Ill have to pass on this one , Anna.
If someone wants to know me they know where my inbox is.

Other than that ill let others decide for themselves what they think...because it really doesnt bother me either way.

Good thread though. hug

RE: Forums vs. blogs,.....

Until my plan is in place im staying here Harbs kiss

RE: Forums vs. blogs,.....

Id miss you thats for sure kiss

RE: Current Thoughts (Cont)~~

But the haters are our motivators ..dont forget that laugh

RE: Current Thoughts (Cont)~~

I can imagine wow

Lucky for us all your still here live and kickin a**.

RE: If You Could Only Pick Two Pills?

You would be the one to put him straight thats for sure. Lol

RE: Current Thoughts (Cont)~~

Glad to hear it.....went on long enough for you.

RE: If You Could Only Pick Two Pills?

Haha....or jack the ripper

RE: ….Worst big budget movie remakes?

Charlie and the chocolate factory

RE: If You Could Only Pick Two Pills?

We never know whats around the corner.hug

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