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RE: Migrant caravan halted by Mexico police on Guatemala border

Let the poor from Canada organize such a trip, you'll see how they'll be treated from the leftist media... Like sh!t
Let the poor from Ireland, England, Holland, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Portugal, Belguim descend on the US and you'll see if they're seen from the angle of "oh, the poor people, they must be let in". Hell, no! They wouldn't even have the chance to get on a boat before they were arrested by the authorities of their own country.

RE: Migrant caravan halted by Mexico police on Guatemala border

These people are being used in a scheme to force Trump's hand into letting them in or pass for some heartless tyrant.
Sensible people understand that.
Those who came up with that scheme know it full well.
Even the Mexican government understands that.
The only ones who don't understand that are the Libtard sheep.

RE: Is the internet the best invention ever..?

Condoms are a great invention, too. They save lives.

The cuirass is another one, also saved lives.

The Radar, too. Planes could not land otherwise.

RE: New here

You're looking for a relationshit ? I'm so sorry for you.
But to each his own...

Be careful what you wish for, you may just get it laugh

Welcome to CS, buddy.

RE: Types of public toilets to avoid

When I worked in fast food joints I also cleaned toilets.
The men's restrooms were way way cleaner than the women's. The women's we're always full of dirty toilet paper everywhere, piss on the floor and whatnot and it stunk so bad!

RE: 8.000 migrant from Honduras are on the way to the USA, Is this what you want to see happen?

New World Order is already here.
It's time to dismentle it before it gets stronger.

RE: Types of men to avoid.

Don't worry. You're a great person! You'll meet a great guy, I'm sure of it.
Also, there still are plenty of self-degrading low-self-esteem men who dream about being shackled and riden like mules.
Some guys can't handle freedom. They wouldn't know what to do with themselves.

RE: Types of public toilets to avoid

rolling on the floor laughing
No chance of me going to the Vatican but thanks for the tip thumbs up


No, I'll be okay to be millionaire laugh

RE: Types of public toilets to avoid

Sure. But public toilets still stink laugh

RE: Types of public toilets to avoid

Avoid all public toilets if you can help it.
It's better to piss out on a vacant lot than in the toilets of most public places.

Lucky me I live in the country and work locally. I hardly ever go into a city these days.

RE: 8.000 migrant from Honduras are on the way to the USA, Is this what you want to see happen?

Midterms will be the Republicans'
Midterms will see the Demotards lose and lose BIG.
The Libtards will go even crazier and, pushed by the Mediass and psychopaths like Mad Maxine, there will be people getting hurt.
I hope not, really, but if the past two years are anything to go by, violent protests will become a norm.

From your Seer Car54. For a complete reading call 1-900-555-1212 laugh

RE: Types of men to avoid.

Thing is, they get mad AND even!

The wedding ring is actually part of the pull-pin from a grenade laugh

RE: Types of women to avoid

rolling on the floor laughing

Naah, I'm doing good.
For the first time in my life I know what I want, who I am and what/who to avoid to stay happy and at peace.

The best therapy is to find out what you've done wrong and correct the situation. The best therapy is to understand what happened and why from childhood to aldulthood.

I've only ever put my hand in fire once and found out it burns.
With women, I put my future and children twice in the hands of a woman and found out this time and age, this era, isn't marriage and family friendly.
I learned my lesson the hard way but I learned it so well that I'm now free, happy and at peace. That's what matters to me.
It's me and my children, nothing else matters.

RE: Peace

Thanks, Pedro!
And with you, too!

RE: Types of women to avoid

Well, speak to my a** because my head is weary of your fake rightousness.

RE: Types of women to avoid

Yes, I'm a Misogynist. With good reasons.

Beats being a fake Christian like you.

Bye bye barf

RE: Types of women to avoid

I'm glad you found it funny. That proves you have no heart. a** roll eyes

RE: Types of women to avoid

Plenty of things grow when you're free and at peace with no woman to poison your life.
The spirit grows.
Inspiration grows.
Productivity grows.
Goodwill towards those who've suffered same grows.
Understanding grows.
Compassion for others in trouble grows when you have the time to get interested in their story and life instead of having your head stuck in some broad's a**

I'm not this way because I hate women.
I loved women and defended them and their virtue always and I now still love long as they stay on their side of the sidewalk.
I'm this way because I PROMISED myself not to ever again be as naive as to think a "modern" "strong" "independent" woman could love anyone but herself.

RE: Types of women to avoid

Oh nooo. I'm in good health
But thanks for worrying about my health. It warms my heart grin

RE: Types of women to avoid

Don't worry about whether they're flocking to me or not, they're free, strong and independent and I am too.
My point is
I won't ever be taken advantage of again.
A woman will never take anything or anyone from me again.
I won't ever lose a house, a car or half my salary to a woman again.
I won't ever be falsely accused by a woman again.
No woman will ever be able to use the inJustice System against me again.
I'm free.
I'm happy.
I'm at peace.
My loved ones love me.
What more can a guy ask for?

cheering applause dancing

RE: Types of women to avoid

I'm glad you like it.

RE: what truly turns you off

Happy to displease you grin

RE: What does the Earth really look like?

Don't hold your breath.

This back and forth between us is pointless since you hold the secret of the universe in your head.

RE: Types of women to avoid

I'm not alone. I've got lots of friends. Males and females.
And once in a while one of those female friends becomes a friend with benefits for a few months or another needs a favor in exchange for "intimacy"... I'm always here to help grin

RE: Types of women to avoid

Yep, they were forced to wank with the right hand laugh

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