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RE: Men.....

Kill them? Jeesus!uh oh

Some men make me happy when they do those kinds of jobs few want to do but many benefit from, like trash collection, sewerage or high voltage work, road construction, baggage handlers, janitors...
There are many men I don't appreciate, especially the ones who get paid from people's misfortunes like many lawyers, procecutors and prison guards.
Also those who impose certain restrictions on the general public while permitting themselves to do exactly what they forbid.
I don't generally care for politicians and journalists either.

RE: Telephone

Lift our game... lmao.
I's got no game, bro uh oh

RE: Relationship

Certainly you mean young women.
I had my flings with women 10 and 15yrs younger than I and that helped me decide that age difference is a big deal, regardless what anybody says.

RE: just looking

Women are curious by nature. They will go on your profile simply because it's there, they haven't seen it yet and they can't help but take a laugh
Don't take it the wrong way. If you get insulted by Woman nature then you might as well turn gay now because it isn't gonna get better, only worse.

RE: seks and seksuality ?

I never likened pedophilia with homosexuality, I just mentioned them both in the same paragraph.
Reread my post.

And don't pretend that homosexuality is mainstream and that EVERYONE is fine with it everywhere because it's not.
Homosexuality is tolerated to a point and not by everyone, that doesn't mean it is accepted.
Many many men feel that homosexuality is an aberration. We only tolerate it because there is no other alternative... A bit like taxes laugh

RE: seks and seksuality ?

Sex with children is yet another ( not new ) abomination among many abominations that reared their ugly head out the closet just as soon as the taboos on homosexuality and abortion came down.
You can try to understand it all you want but looking at these problems without devine guidance will only bring more abominations upon this world.
Yet this world asked, even begged, for it and will get everything it deserves.
**Reaching for popcorn**

RE: Woke up with a big erection....

I open the thread thinking the OP was a decent person.

I was wrong.

RE: When is Enough, Enough???

The signs of the times.

RE: Woke up with a big erection....

How disgusting, even as a joke. thumbs down

RE: When is Enough, Enough???

It's never enough for some people and it's always not enough for others. Those who have want more and those who don't have don't know what they want more of.

Enough was enough for me a decade ago.
I have axed everything that I deemed unnecessary to my spartan living and I have never felt better.

RE: Everybody discriminates.......

I can handle anything from anyone but should I when I don't have to?

RE: What's the best decade of music?

The 1920's... Real music ( not thas synth/techno/rap crap ) And the dances, lmao, so fun! The guys looked gallant and the gals harmless, not like today where one risks going to jail just complimenting a woman.

RE: Pressures in life......

I don't know about that "we" thing but I'm not gonna die of stress, lmao!
I've been working to eliminate stress in my life for ten years and I can now say that stress is a stranger to me.
I made sure to join a company that doesn't see its employees as expandable slaves but people with private lives. The salary isn't the best but I've outgrown the childish notion of getting rich in a corrupt world.
I make sure to keep my business to myself and other people's business away from me.
I don't meet or make "friends" as often as I used to as I noticed that an awful lot of stress comes from selfish people who call themselves your "friends" while doing everything to stab you in the back.
Being 48 without kids and a nagging wife has helped a lot, too. I miss family life ( the ideal of it anyway ) but it's no longer an option for a self-respecting man these days.

RE: Sleeping cures without drugs....

Guaranteed Sleep Program:
Wake up at 6, go to work on time, do an honest day's labor that includes helping co-workers as well, get off work, take kids to their after-school program, go shopping, pick up 'round the house, help kids with homework, make dinner, fill dishwasher, help kids with shower/bath, read kids their bedtime story.

And since that kind of life was heartlessly and connivingly taken away from me I had to come up with another Guaranteed Sleep Program:
Stay up until my eyelids close by themselves. It can take three while days but the sleep is the best ever.

RE: Watch out for the PC mob

I ain't gonna do NOTHING, besides eating popcorn and watching it all go down.
This society has already made VERY CLEAR what value it has put on my life = ZERO
People have already been VERY CLEAR what they wished for me to do = Go F myself and not bother them with my problems and troubles, half of which started by jealous and selfish men and women of which this world is full of.
How many times have I slept out in the cold and rain with not ONE person to even care if I'd be alive the next morning?
How many times have I walked in the night and rain, swollen feet and empty belly, with a hundred cars not even stopping, not even slowing down?
Men like me have been rejected and put down by this same society that now calls for help from the ones they rejected and falsely accused and wrongly incarcerated for crimes we hadn't committed. When that happened to us, I didn't hear ANYONE take up for us, we were just "looser" and not worth their time.

So now that the sh*t will hit the fan I'm supposed to go do battle for people who wished I disappeared and died?? For people who said I was toxic? Who'd rather feed a dog than a Human Being? Who love money more than their brothers and sisters?
Hell NO!

This world will get it's Karma and I hope it falls on this degenerate generation with the power of a thousand sledgehammers!

The only ones I'll help are my kids and my siblings. All the rest better pray to whatever blasphemous god they hold dear : the god of Money, the Sex god and the god of Lies because the God of the Bible, rejected and ridiculed, has now removed His grace and He won't be there to help either.

RE: Dependance

I had my dependants without complaining about it, my children and my ex. It was an another time, an era now done away with.
Now I'm happy to take care of myself and any g/f I had and may have in the future will take care of herself.
Men aren't needed now and it's just as well. Gives us more time for hobbies and friends.

RE: Is a car required nowadays ?

Plenty of women ride motorcycles in dresses grin

RE: Is a car required nowadays ?

Plenty of women ride motorcycles.

RE: Is a car required nowadays ?

Glad I don't need a car anymore. I use a motorcycle and it's very handy. I can park just about anywhere and traffick ain't a problem.

RE: disrespectful women

You will have to pay for that information. tongue

RE: How long are you going to wait...

To me it means to never settle for less.
I demand the best by trying to be in the right place at the right time or informing myself on my options and how to get it.
Why? Because I try to never settle for less if I can help it.
This modern society does permit us to demand the best, just as long as we're willing to not settle for less.

RE: London Police Issue Hate Crime Guidelines

You're welcome, _______ <---- your favorite pronoun.

RE: Opposite Sex, for a day!!

I wouldn't take that opportunity, even for an hour, even I'm paid for it. No way no how, no deal no dice...

RE: European Mass Migration

I have no idea if whether or not we will experience another ice age but whatever happens, people will get only what they deserve, no more no less.
Karma's a b***h and the pied Piper will get paid regardless of whatever we think we don't deserve.

RE: London Police Issue Hate Crime Guidelines

I want to leave this demented planet and so I have been identifying as a Martian.
My pronouns are Ma, Ha and Ka
I will sue you if you don't address me by these pronouns.

RE: Is flirting seen as a negative quality??

I see flirting as a sign of promiscuity.
It's a major Red Flag in my opinion.

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