RE: A Master who loves his work...

You better watch out from Kaylana04's mother as she will most likely know how to deal with your nuts as well as putting a ring in your nose. scold

RE: Are Dreams for Real?

I don't think so as one dream I had where a row of detached properties had been knocked down and I don't think this will ever happen and I haven't had a chance to tell any of the people who live in them about my dream. This was just one of the many odd dreams I have had where I can't see any sense in at all.

RE: You favourite dating shows?

I don't think so as I did watch one and it is more to do with sex and finding someone who you look the look of for s*xual reasons.

RE: Valentines Day 14th of Feb

Nothing planed as normal.

RE: Handsome looks

What nudist pictures grin wow

RE: Handsome looks

No it came from a well known shop chain.

RE: Do you pick up hitch hikers?

The thing these days you have to be careful over that if you give someone a lift they might turn around and try to claim you have sexually assaulted them or something even if you haven't touched them at all.

RE: Handsome looks

Last year I was told that the reason I was still single was because I am so good looking any girl knew that she wouldn't be good enough for me so they kept their distance so I didn't put them into their place. Yes I know this was total BS and the female who said that was trying to get her claws into me.

RE: women make online dating impossible

Remember there will be a lot of fake/scammer female profiles on this site and a good chance many of these profiles you are on about are these but the point about please read my profile is a good one as it could stop people sending mail where if they had they realised they were wasting their time by doing it.

RE: Are Irish Women Ugly?

Most likely decided saying this will more likely get more people to come to her concerts so no such thing as bad story as you can make it to your advantage.

Ps I haven't seen enough Irish women to say if there are many to me ugly women in Ireland.

RE: Ideal significant other?

It was between the first and third choice with the seventh one in third place.

RE: Fake Profiles

i don't think you can tell the fakes by just a photo of a model been put on here as one who had sent me mail claimed she was 50 and the photo looked like a normal 50 year old female and the reply I got from her was just a one liner and didn't get a reply to the general questions I asked her but see the profile has been removed from the site.

RE: link to the disapeared BREXIT STICKING POINT thread

Another forum I am on anything political at all is banned and, another one a topic covering Brexit is over 20 k posts and still going strong.

RE: Do You Recycle? Glass, Plastic, Paper, Metals etc?

One problem is that there is so many grades of plastic and only a very few are wanted for recycling and so even though I put it out it get left behind.


The UK was lied to when we voted to stay in the Common Market in 1975 as people knew that what we call the EU was been formed back then but if this got out most likely we would have voted to get out then against now. (I was too young to vote then)


And even more when the other negotiators don't want the UK to come out and they know if they don't get their way and other countries have to pick up the bill for lost income from the UK and start seeing after a couple of years the UK are doing better out than in these countries will want to come out as well.

The only difference would have been if a Brexit MP was doing the talking s/he would have just walked away and said there will never be a deal between us what we want so we are wasting our time talking to them.

RE: Fake Profiles

At least we don't have to pay to see these fake profiles against some of these sites where you have to pay to see who have seen your profile.

How American are you.

On some of the forums and blogs there strong views on people moving into the USA and stopping people coming into the USA and, I thought it could be nice to know how much American blood is in you, such as I immigrated to the USA when I was an adult, my patients immigrated when I was a child, my grandparents immigrated when my parents were children during the great depression, my mother came over when she was a child but, my fathers family came over during the great potato famine etc.

Please reply even if you don't live there now and how long you haven't lived there and the reason you moved.

Please no politics in your replies.

RE: Big Breasts (women)

Yes some will do this but the ones who use their common sense and heath wise will not go down this line to keep some men happy and if you think that the woman needs big breasts just to keep/find her man to me shows that there isn't real bonding between them. A woman who is fat just to have larger breasts would be a turn off for me and that also applies to natural large breasts and even more if she is trying to flout them to get me.

RE: Is it likely a second referendum for Brexit?

This Blare man and his misses should have been hung, drawn and quartered years ago for high treason for what they did to this country.

RE: Gee, it's great to be popular!

Most of mine have also gone and most of the remaining ones are from Asian countries and still using this site.

RE: Is it necessary all Asian countries, exclude CHINA, must have their own army?

So why can China have an army and none others have them unless you want to be overrun by China.

RE: Socialist or Communist party not deserve to established in democracy country

The thing to remember that both the extreme left and right political parties don't beleave in a democracy and will stop people voting or fixing votes to get their way.

So saying just the left wing parties have no rights is wrong.

RE: Would the England football team – benefit when the UK leaves the EU?

I am sorry the remainders came up with nothing for staying in the eu other having our hands tied behind our backs and told what to do and it would have got worse as more of a dictatorship it became and over time our budget would have been set by people who don't live in this country and if they decided to pay more money for the country to spend to the ones they like and less to countries like us and keeping our taxes high as well.

RE: Should Tea be considered a schedule I drug in the USA, right up their with marijuana & Hallucinogens

Coffee is far worse than tea so should be a schedule 1 drug in the USA.

RE: Four Engineers get into a car. The car won’t start.

And two days later they find there is no fuel in the tank and this is the reason it does't start.

RE: Holiday Invite!!!

Sorry no up to date passport here but, it would be interesting to see the area with a local person. Also as a dog owner and a cat lover they wouldn't be a problem to me.

RE: Daily Chuckle ...

Historians in Ireland have discovered what they believe to be the headstone of the oldest ever living man. He was 193 and his name was Miles from Dublin

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