Fridays night spammers night.

Dose anybody find they get more likes on a Friday evening/night than other days of the week, as I have had two this evening and both of them shout spam to me in the words they use as they sound like the best thing sense sliced bread.

RE: Clothes

I don't think I ever had a pair of jeans in my life.

RE: Clothes

I have cloths on for what I need for what I am doing and most likely got in the sales at the end of the season. When I was younger I did sort of follow the fashion but not really that much.

RE: Funerals

Dec 2017 for the funeral of the widower of my mothers late bridesmaid, all the people who knew him lost the village grapevine and suppliers of scandals. 2017 was a bad year, as I also lost my two aunties and my late fathers best man and a former near neighbour up the lane. In the latter case her widower passed away Monday of this week so hopefully it will be the only one to go to this year.

RE: Partner search: How important is the 'Smoker/Non-Smoker' issue?

Interesting both of my last two near misses were smokers and one of the reasons they stayed near misses was because they smoked and I will be very surprised if I ever went out with a smoker as I don't want that stink about and kiss a lady who smokes.

RE: Older men dating younger women.

Interesting I came across a girl working in a shop who I think was interested in me but I think she would be only in her mid 20's if that and I don't think she realised I would be old enough to be her father and I do wonder what she think if she ever found out as I don't think she realises I am that much older than she is. She has now got a boyfriend who I hope is a better age for her than I would have been.

RE: Older men dating younger women.

When I was much younger I knew a girl first when she was still school age and, one day when we were as an event she came over to chat to me and said she was 17 and we will be in the same age group ( the organisation was split into three age groups 13 to 16, 17 to 21 and 22 to 26 but when I told I was in the eldest group and then told her I was 24 she went off me, as she thought I was too old for her as I think she thought I was only about 19 to 20.

RE: What's With The Teddy Bear?

I thought you meant these.

RE: The Awful Truth about Dating Profiles.

And how much money you have/earn. rolling on the floor laughing grin

RE: Ia it possible to turn off CS Likes

Yes I would like to as 90% of the likes I get the site removes most likely as they are spammers or trying to get your email address to sell onto other sites.

RE: What are you Not wearing right now

Shoes and socks as I can get pain in my right foot if I have shoes on. If this was asked during the summer I would have also said cloths as well as I am more comfy nude.

RE: Art????

In England and Wales (Scotland and N Ireland have different laws over public nudity) been covered in body paint while been nude (well putting jam on your naked body could be called a form of body paint) in illegal but, just been nude would be legal, To go onto the sex offender's list you will have to be committing a s*xual act in public. Also why dose children seeing naked bodies harm them as there isn't any prof that it dose.

Yes they were mad to do this and even more mad to call it art, but at least we haven't got religious people who think seeing a naked body is a crime even if you are inside your own house and be arrested for this.

RE: Pants? Dhotis? Lungis? or Kilts?

If I had a kilt I would go commando every time.

RE: Pants? Dhotis? Lungis? or Kilts?

You mean with no underwear on then. blushing kiss

RE: Donald Trump is buying CS

Are they singing "anything you can do" from Annie get your gun.

RE: A petition calling for President Trump to declare liberal billionaire George Soros a terrorist

Remember president No 45 has given money to a political party who was/is involved in terrorist activity and the terrorist were/are called the IRA.

RE: Seven of the Ten Most Polluted Cities Are In China !

Isn't president No 45 wanting to increase the output of these coal powered power stations and, told them to forget about trying to reduce the amount of CO2 they are producing etc.

RE: Flying Drone Car in the Philipines ... I want one!

Can I have a twin seater please as it would make dating more easy by going across wide stretches of water where there is no bridges and be able to go as the crow flies. banana applause cheering dancing

RE: Can You Believe This!!

And they call it "the land of the free". frustrated

RE: Can You Believe This!!

In part of the USA this was correct as a law was passed that been nude in your shower was against the law, but a judge struck it off as a law.

In England and Wales public nudity is legal but Scotland it is a gray area.

RE: Fake-Scam-Fraud

Interesting post as she? is on about the lack of photos and, has none also on her profile she says she lives in France and on this post she says she lives in Netherlands also she claims she is a widow which might be true but also could be false.

RE: Communist Party USA

Spot on there as no way any judge should be chosen this way and, still be acting as a judge in cases when you are getting mental health problems and people have to try to work out what they mean.

RE: My dog and I

So as I say "madam and mad man" about me and my dog.


Remember if they want to stay in the EU they will be breaking the EU laws by nationalising all these things they have talked about.

RE: Communist Party USA

And Kim Jong-Un.

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