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Would You Take an AR-15 to a Riot?

Personally I have a problem with a 17-year-old high school dropout playing self-deputized peacekeeper with an AR-15. I prefer law enforcement in that role.

In 30 states a child can own a long gun legally. The age limit in Wisconsin is 18.

I see Rittenhouse said yesterday he knew Rosenbaum was unarmed when he shot him but wanted him to stop chasing him. Rossenbaum had thrown a plastic bag at him.

Rittenhouse said "I pointed it (the gun) at him because he kept running at me and I didn't want him to chase me."

All that being said it's a sad state of affairs we have in this country now.

I think Rittenhouse will get a misdemeanor for being under-age with a deadly weapon and this story will be over with.

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