RE: I Am Grateful _______

My daughter helps out with her brother

RE: Whats for super?

Spaghetti & Fish, Garlic Bread

RE: USA: Chat Thread

wave Good evening

RE: How does a parent live with this kind of pain

Right, so sad and lots of prayers

RE: Compound Words


RE: Why do you think that slouching is bad?

laugh To much thread slouching going on

RE: where are all the nice single & honest and friendly women

Don’t make yourself sound so needy ..say05
every thread I went in, I see you saying
you need a woman moping

RE: In Four Words

It did rain todaypeace

RE: Whats for super?

Turkey Sandwiches

RE: What song is stuck in your head at the moment?

Steve Miller Band-Fly Like A Eagle

RE: USA: Chat Thread

wave Wr are about to get some raincheering

RE: In Four Words

Yes it sure is


I hadn’t noticed laugh

RE: Say Anything

It’s trying to rain nowbanana

RE: Movie Lines

Here’s Johnny ( The Shining) 1980

RE: I Hate ______

When someone is late, but tell you to
be on timeroll eyes

RE: USA: Chat Thread

Good evening

I’m about to watch some movies wave

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