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RE: In Four Words

Oh ok got you



RE: Say Anything

So hot today, not going back outbanana

RE: Compound Words


RE: Mood


RE: What song is stuck in your head at the moment?

Nice song wave

Mariah Carey-One sweet day

RE: I Hate ______

I definitely agree, I seen a man in Walgreen’s
he sneezed through his make and put his hand
on his masked to rub his nose, contaminated already
and nasty

RE: Any Christians here?

I’m neither onelaugh

RE: Say Anything

Hope you feel better secrethug

RE: Say Anything

Don’t think I got enough sleep, keep yawning banana

RE: Say Anythong

I’m chilling now

RE: Ladies

Say no morebanana

RE: In Four Words

Guessed I’ll go cook

RE: Any Christians here?

You’re not confused at all, you’re Cra Cra laugh
you made this thread to keel up shit and to
be nosy

RE: Any Christians here?

It doesn’t matter if you made this thread
again you have no right to talk down on someone
you could have expressed yourself in a better way
you definitely bully him, I’m sure you got people in your family that is like that but I bet you’re not bullying them, you’re no Christian, you’re the devil

RE: Any Christians here?

I agree, exactly what she is

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