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Ego And Pride - The Comparison

Maradona and his "Hand of God" !!!! You brought the nostalgia mate !! handshake

RE: ALMS is it a real thing or myth?

That's very good, now imagine if he was ginger, that's trouble with a capital T..

And add a moustache and they seem to go ballistic..[/quote


Ego And Pride - The Comparison

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Ego And Pride - The Comparison

I agree that it really feels good to not being so judgmental.. But this ruthless world don't spare nobody whether they are willing to be it or not .. hug

Ego And Pride - The Comparison

Hello to You All !! wave

Pride and Ego...
In our life , we often face the situations , when this two characteristics , cross our path and create an impact (either Constructive or Destructive) in many aspects of our lives...

From initial perspective , it looks like , Pride is not so Bad and can be use in Constructive ways , whereas Ego often only brings Destruction ...

But the problem is ,
The fine line between this two is so fragile , that we often mixed up this two..

I am curious to know ,
What You all suggest about ,
How to Recognise Which One is it by particular actions taken by a person !!

Waiting for all your opinions..
Thank you all !! wave

RE: True

Well !! Cats Do deserve all that !! wink
Wanna proof !! Take a look !!



I am waiting for a hugeeeeeeee Alien invasion !!!! So only a falling rocket can't bother me much roll eyes

RE: ALMS is it a real thing or myth?

If you have doubt , how aggressive can a little one be , just take a look at this !!!! wink

Hope you got your answer laugh

RE: Rent

I think , it's always best to adopt an orphan child to raise as your own , than spending money over methods like 'Surrogacy' , 'Sperm donation' etc.....
My personal opinion though..

RE: Any movie that is a Ten (10)

There are many movies in my list.. But recently I watched the sequel of the movie "DRISHYAM" (The Visuals/The Projections)... Though I did not find the 2nd part much interesting (despite of the critics review) , but the 1st part was one of my forever favourite ... Specially the twist at the end was just mind blowing !! wow

RE: Flowers Of War

Beautiful !!! heart beating

Good and Evil , both are the part of the same particles ... Often the sweetest flower comes wrapped up with the sharpest thorns...

That's the real beauty of Life... heart wings

RE: Elections

It's more because of Corruption... A single dose of Remdesivir been selling for Rs.50,000 / 1,00,000 in black market.. And most of the time it's not even really the medicine.. After getting the money , those "Human look alike creatures" , giving just plain water to the patients , in the name of medicines ...

RE: What are your wishes for your estate should you ever pass on?

Yaa.. You go girl !!!! applause
Hope would be very interesting to read those scammers replies !! laugh

RE: What are your wishes for your estate should you ever pass on?

The more I wanted to be Free , the more I get caught into all those materialistic things... My Fate !!! doh
Now I can't even die peacefully before settling that possession distribution issue... frustrated

Where To Invest ?

Well !! She is Widow !! So obviously she was married once.. roll eyes But definitely not with Huk conversing

RE: The Can You Believe This Thread

Well.. I can't recall the exact details.. But I have read about this types of incidents before in some GK books about wired records of giving birth more children once at a time ... uh oh

RE: What category of truths shape your understanding of your world more

People often say , "Once A Truth is Always A Truth".. (am not happy with my English translation of this saying though ! doh ).. Anyway..
But my point is , it's not the case always... Truth is more like kind of "Theory of Relativity"... (that "Theory" actually fly over my head though
roll eyes )..
But my point is , Truth can change depending upon the perspective relations between Time and Space... professor

Now don't ask me to explain it further.... confused

RE: renting or buying?

According to the ground reality in my Country , my vote will go for Buying .. professor

As per economical aspects , like tax benefits , if you are not a govt. Employee , then there won't be much benefit for you there for a rental home.. And even for govt. Employees , after retirement , if you compare with all the taxes and tax benefits , your own home will come much cheaper.. It would be much better to have your own home and complete all loan installments within your working period rather than having the headache of paying increasing rent even after retirement whole lifelong..

Then comes the maintenance factor.. Well.. No matter what clauses you have included on your agreement , if your landlord will be ready to maintain them always , then consider yourself as very very Lucky..
In most cases there is no guarantee that your landlord will bear all maintenance duty.. And if they don't , you won't have much options except only going to Court..
And if you do that , then be sure you have invited the hell in your life...
Set aside the cost of taking legal help , most likely the case verdict won't come within your lifetime ... doh

And above all.. All the restrictions , insecurity because of living in a rental home often cause mental and social distress.. The relationship between a landlord and tenant often transformed into bitterness for silliest reasons..

So considering all these consequences , if you can afford , then always go for buying your own home rather than paying rent lifelong , would be better here in my country... thumbs up

Where To Invest ?

Don't say that about Widow and Huk.. It was a completely Platonic relationship as they described it to the fans... And she is dead now !!!! Can't defend herself !! crying

RE: Human Being

A mystery to me.. Yet to get solved... But I want to be positive ... thumbs up

RE: Happy Birthday truheart.

Have a Happy Birthday wave bouquet

RE: I Just Thought About Something...

Now the thought hit my mind ..

What if in near future even movie theaters (May be not multiplexes but small ones) , will go extinct as well !!! Already many distributors started to release their movies online instead of Cinema Halls !!! roll eyes

RE: What do you do when you find out your girl friend or boy friend is a p*dophile.

I feel relieved to know that at least in your area law and order authorities taken serious measures regarding the issue..
But I guess , you will agree that , all the p*dophile are not included in the official database.. What about those who were never identified officially as one of such kind and move into your neighbourhood as your next door neighbour !!!
When you are having some doubt about someone , then there must have been something suspicious came to your notice .. Or you are just being paranoid ...

So if you are sure that you are not just being Paranoid BUT in fact you "Find Out" that some one very close or wellknown to you , having some serious problem like that , but not been officially identified yet ,
In my personal opinion , your first priority should be protect those , who are most vulnerable in such situation , from that person.. Specially when those vulnerables are Minor or Kids..

Be SURE , that you are not just being Paranoid , before accusing someone openly .. So if possible , study the situation under some experts guidance..

And "Suitable Environment" is like ,
Where someone with such "Disorders" , has a perfectly clean public image and easy access to potential victims (like Kids of relatives or friends or neighbours) , and confident that nobody will believe the Kids' "STORY" when they will complain about HIS/HER "Inappropriate" behaviours ... thumbs up

RE: What do you do when you find out your girl friend or boy friend is a p*dophile.

As I have said , I don't have knowledge about medical findings abut this , but I have read about cases online and the common sense from those observations tells me , that ,

Nobody suddenly became a p*dophile just like that.. The seeds were always rooted deep down inside like many other incurable chronic disorders .. It just grown up with the help of suitable environment..

YES.. Once a p*dophile can make another offense anytime again if they get the CHANCE...
That's why I told not to let them near children's without strict supervision EVER ...
They can not be trusted with even their OWN children....

RE: What do you do when you find out your girl friend or boy friend is a p*dophile.

Though I am not sure about medical (both physical and psychological) aspects about this Pedophilea thing , but somehow the common sense tells me , that ,

IF there are some diseases/disorder exist as INCURABLE , then this Pedophilea is ONE OF THOSE INCURABLE DISORDER..
It may be treated (should be treated) but can not be cured..

So what about rehabilitation !!
Well.. As long as those p*dophile are alive , they have the right to live ..
Should NEVER ALLOW them to be near to childrens without strict supervision ...

At least in this case , my moto is ..
"Trust In God But Lock Your Car"..

RE: What do you do when you find out your girl friend or boy friend is a p*dophile.

My goodness !!!
Stay far far away from them and keep children's far away from them as possible..
May be it's a mental disorder or whatever .. But as long as safety of others (specially kids and minors) involved , you should not take any chance .. You can not trust them with even their own kids ...
I don't know about legal procedures regarding this in your area..
Unfortunately in our country , though some law present against such crimes , but the problem is , there is not much facility and awareness available to even diagnose the people having such dangerous disorders ... frustrated

Difference Between SelfLove and Selfishness

Hello to you all wave

These days , I observed , everybody is very overwhelmed about the idea and concept of "Self Love"..
From our best friend to the professional relationship expert , from an inspirational speaker to a stranger we met during travelling , everybody is always praising the theory of "Self Love"..

But I actually feel very confused , confused
When I see many people are acting in a certain way , to pratice this theory of "Self Love" , which practically seems very limited , narrow minded and self centered unfortunately !!

I guess "Self Love" and "Selfishness" are two different things , and there obviously should be some fine line to differentiate between them !! dunno

I am curious to know about all your opinion about the differences between "Self Love" and "Selfishness" ...

Waiting for all your responses..
Thank you all wave

RE: Why do women always want to change.

Though I am not an expert , but I have a theory about this..

You know , there is a saying that , "Mother knows best" !!
Though every woman is not necessarily a biological mother of any child , still , they all somehow possess a 'Motherly Instinct'.. That's why they tend to interfere into things , which they think is not right according to their own perception ..

But thankfully they do this to only those , whom they try to care for wink

Like , You will often find an infant daughter is dictating her father to do things in a certain way !! laugh

RE: Is there anything men do that women hate?

Anything !!! MANY MANY MANY MANYYYYYYY THINGS my friendssss laugh

RE: Everyone like stories so tell one read one PLEASE

Once two friends ( just friends , not bf/gf wink ) , went to a far away remote island for an adventure vacation .. There was not much facility of modern civilisation .. Just some basic supplies , that's all..

Days were passing smooth.. But suddenly one of them fall ill.. Though it was not much serious , still , through Internet they consulted with medical expert outside of that island.. The expert suggested some common imedicine as injection..

They had their first aid kit with them.. The other friend started to give injection to the sick person..
Soon he started to recover..

After few days when they returned back home , the friend revealed the truth..

"You know what , the injection medicine that doctor recommended , was not in our first aid box.. I somehow missed to pack it.. But as you were sick , so I thought not to disturb you with this news.."

The friend get shocked..
"But you did give me the injection.. If medicine was not there then what was it !??"

"The injection was filled with just water.."
The other friend replied..
"And you got well anyway.."

Moral of the story !!! confused

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