RE: 500 years from now

500 years !!

One thing I can say for Sure !!

The people who are now active on CS , won't be available on CS then. wink

laugh laugh

RE: LADIES ONLY...Which would you do, and why?

Well , IF it's the FIRST time meeting in person , then it Must be a Hotel for stay.

The gentleman should book a hotel along with the travel ticket.

As well , IF I was the one to traveling to meet the person in his homeland , I too must stay at a hotel for FIRST time meeting instead of staying at His place.

As per My personal preference.


RE: How often do you play the Lotteries? Mega Millions lottery now > $1.2 Billion USDs

I rarely buy lottery tickets (coupon) but that's too not for play wink but for some other reasons !! laugh

RE: School subjects

Though I'm not the ideal person to answer this question as a student , in my study days I used to ran away from studies always .. giggle

It's not because I don't like the subjects , but because I don't like the method or system of the schooling here ..

Anyway.. Coming to the point ..

I think the best option would be choosing the subjects which the student likes to study ..
It would be best if those subjects are practically useful in todays ground reality ..

But if such subject can not be found particularly , then I guess the next best option would be to pick a combination of subjects both from point of personal interest and utilisation in practical life ..

I wish the kid Best Of Luck .. thumbs up

What If Not !

Good question ..thumbs up

What If Not !

Heyy Folks .. wave

I guess we all somehow know about One of the Saddest Historical Incident of Planet Earth , Hiroshima & Nagasaki ..

It's one of the Most Controversial matter in the History of Human Civilization as well..

Many people say , "It was one of the Darkest incident Against Humanity in the History of Mankind" ,
Many Others say , "It was Inevitable.. And somehow It in fact Helped the Humanity to Avoid far more Damages of the World War"..

What do You All think !!

Was it POSSIBLE to AVOID Hiroshima & Nagasaki ?

And IF
Hiroshima and Nagasaki would've been STOPPED from Happening ,
Then ,
What Could've been the Consequences ?

HIROSHIMA & NAGASAKI was NEVER Happened , Then , How would've been the World Looked like By Now ?
How the History of Humanity Might have taken it's Turn ?!?

You all are welcome to Share your Opinion on this ...

Have a nice time ya'll.. bouquet

RE: When was the last time you cried?

Reading this story ...

Life is all about some Smiles and a few Tears ...

RE: Daily Chuckle ...


CS Topics

Yah.. Waiting in the queue to be the "next" Boris !! laugh laugh

He's trying hard though giggle

CS Topics

Don't forget the "Vaxin" (Both Anti & Pro) Topics !! They are still running !! wink


CS Topics

Let's see !! If there are any other contenders laugh

CS Topics

Are you sure that Politics is most Boring topic here on CS !!

If a topic is boring , it would have less number of responses , views , comments ..

But look at all the Political topics !!
They are Most Viewed and Most Commented ones !!

Then how could Politics be Most Boring topic !! hmmm

CS Topics

True !! thumbs up
After all it's all about performance wink

RE: Daily Chuckle ...

laugh laugh

RE: Laughter therapy

And here we go dancing

RE: Laughter therapy

May be not laughable , But I find it kinda funny wink

RE: Solve the mystery, win a prize.;-)

Ok then it's option A True obviously !! laugh

So from a different angle if we look at it ,
Murderer could have entered in the hotel as a Customer and a customer will obviously come through the main gate !!
Right !! giggle

In that case the police should hurry !! The murderer might be still inside help

RE: Solve the mystery, win a prize.;-)

More stories !!! love

Lemme try this one too hmmm

No. 1

B False

If someone would've broke the window from outside then the pieces would've been inside the room.. conversing

No. 2

B False

The main gate was closed and some other gates or windows were open when murderer entered through them..
Then after committing the murder , the murderer first closed all those open gates and windows and left through the main gate ..
That's why the main gate remained open.. conversing

Tell me .. Tell me .. If I'm right or not applause

RE: Solve the mystery, win a prize.;-)

Thank God !!! I waz very anxious to know the result !! conversing

Nice prize !!! laugh

Thanks soo much Di teddybear

RE: Solve the mystery, win a prize.;-)

Very interesting stories !! hmmm
I will try conversing

No. 1

The news paper delivery man..
As the blood was dried means murder was done long time ago..
It was Thursday while there was the last news paper available from Monday..
Most probably the news paper delivery man never returned after committing murder on Monday dunno

No. 2

The girl who drank the tea fastest survived because she did not gave proper time to the ice cubes to get melted..
The poison was in the ice cubes dunno

No. 3

Police did not tell the man where to come ..
So how did he find the crime scene dunno

Am I Right confused

RE: Would you date a Plant lover?

That's a very good decision you've made there !! thumbs up

Indeed !!
That's how Nature maintains it's Balance Naturally ..
Simple Give & Take Policy ..

Just like the Humans Consume some Animals , in Return they Nurture and Take Care of Many more Animals ..

It's the Basic Law Of Nature after all.. hmmm

But you know what the problem is !!
Some people just don't like to accept the simple fact as it is .. They like to make everything complicated unnecessarily .. giggle


RE: Would you date a Plant lover?

Well.. No problem for me I guess !! laugh

First Make sure that you are Not Eating any Plant Based Food at all in the first place !! wink

If you EAT PLANT Based Food and Killing any Plant during the Process , then You Can NOT be a PLANT LOVER anymore !!! giggle giggle


You know ! In India , the concept and perception about Veg and NonVeg food is very peculiar !! conversing

Here food products like Milk , Curd , Paneer or other Sweet Dishes and Confectionary items made from Milk , Considered as Veg food !!!
While ,
Items like Onion and Garlic , Considered as NonVeg food !!! wow

Totally Unscientific , Illogical and without any Common Sense at all , right !! wink

So , if this is the basic mindset of many Vegetarians (Not All) in India , then what else can you expect from them after all !! laugh laugh

RE: Diet Enquiry

Reminds me a movie where the recipe was shown about how to prepare a delicious boots soup laugh laugh

RE: Diet Enquiry

How about start with using some marmalade to lure the house flies and then mix them just as added flavour in your marmalade !! hmmm

But be careful about the equation and ratio between the flies and marmalade though .. professor
I mean , who knows , who's gonna eat whom at the end of (or beginning of) the day !! uh oh

RE: How do you feel about … the DEATH PENALTY? Should it be outlawed?

Agree with mostly what you've said ..

As I've said before , crime and punishment is not something which can be easily put under any specific frame .. It's a much more complicated matter considering too many consequences co-related ..

Nothing is foolproof or flawless ..

Death Sentence is just another part of our flawed law and justice system ..

Personally I think Death Sentence should be applicable strictly only upon "Rarest of Rare" incidents depending upon the severity of the situation ..

Otherwise it's better to be avoided ..

As it's been said ,
"Desperate Moments Need Desperate Measures" ..

People usually don't attack others..
But if you are under attack , you should'nt hesitate to fight back .. thumbs up

RE: How do you feel about … the DEATH PENALTY? Should it be outlawed?

Your question pointing to the whole system of law and justice ..

What you are asking is not just only about Death Sentence but to all types of punisments ..
You are asking what's the point to implementing any punishment ..
What do we really want to achieve through any type of punishment ..

Is it really useful to reduce crime rates by applying punishments ?

Or punishments are nothing but to satisfy vengeance of public mentality !!

This is actually the essence of your questions ..

And then the answer should be ,
If you think that the present orders of punishments are not enough to serve the purpose ,
Just provide the better alternative first ..

Exactly what I've asked in my previous comment..

RE: How do you feel about … the DEATH PENALTY? Should it be outlawed?

Do you Have any idea how many victims (including their loved ones) suffer for not getting proper justice while criminals live without any remorse ?

Don't compare such matters based upon numbers generally ..

Every case is different and should be treated accordingly ..

RE: Who Will You First Save In A Sinking Ship?

I think I'd die myself before making that decision .. blues

Wise peeps say ,
"Never put all your eggs into the same basket"..

I'd say ,
"Never take all your beloved together onto a trip upon ocean" professor

Only bf/gf or ex bf/gf would be a good option to accompany you in such case wink

giggle giggle

RE: How do you feel about … the DEATH PENALTY? Should it be outlawed?

It's a matter which can not be simplified with just black & white narratives ..

There are a lots of gray areas when it comes to crimes and punishments ..

It can be quite conflicting and contradictory depending on the circumstances ..

Do you think it's worthy enough to keep a "Creature" ALIVE just because it Looks Like Human
Had committed crimes like
Serial killing Children
And then Raping the dead bodies
And eating the body parts !??

What do you think should be the ideal punishment for such crime instead of a Death Penalty ???

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