What's your all time favorite 1980's comedy-drama movie?

That was a good movie which I have watched over a number of times over the years.

RE: Best Disco Songs

^^^ I like "I'm So Excited" by the Pointer Sisters! head banger

RE: Which social issue is going to be the hottest in 2018?

I think it's going to come down to the economy. It's doing pretty good right now, and hopefully it'll stay that way for the mid term elections later on this year.

RE: Best Disco Songs

I like "Celebration", but I'm going to have to go with one you didn't list.... "Dancing Queen".

RE: how many of you like ountry music

I hate country music! thumbs down

RE: Ladies, do you squirt?

My my my, some interesting comments coming from a couple of women on here who thought I gave out too much info on one of my experiences with facesitting, with one stating this is a dating site, not a porn site, and didn't want to hear that sh*t. And yet these two talk about squirting. Can you say hypocrites?!thumbs down

To the OP, nothing against your topic, good poll. Feel free to continue posting polls that interest you.thumbs up

RE: do u believe in second chances

Yeah, I think for the most part I do believe in second chances

RE: Do you find it ok to share your partner's toothbrush?

Nope, I gotta have my own while she's got her's. No sharing on this one.

RE: What color banana do you like?

I don't care for bananas thumbs down

RE: usa illegal voting n dead voters by libs

I agree, Libs have been known to pull a lot of these types of tricks

RE: Has the time come to invoke the 25th Amendment of the US Constitution?

Trump being impeached is never going to happen. Nothing to impeach him with. Trump has been doing a great job with the economy! I plan on voting for him again in 2020. cool

RE: Your job or the love of your life.

Both are important, but if it had to come down to it I would pick the love of my life, but only if I had another great job lined up that I would enjoy. Can't live on love alone...

RE: Say Anything

When women hump and/or use stuffed animals as sextoys it's called Plushophilia grin

What type of wrist watch to do prefer?

Unfortunately most millenials feel that way, however, I know a lot of the older generations such as the Baby Boomers and Gen-X still prefer wrist watches. I see you're 58 years old (Baby Boomer). That's rare for someone in that generation to do without a wrist watch.

Ladies, have any of you ever tried "queening", and did you enjoy it? Ever thought of doing it again?

For those who are not familiar with the term "queening", it's also known as facesitting. cool

How do you place your toilet paper on the roll?

Well yeah, no kidding, they all do. rolling on the floor laughing

Over or under? grin

Guys, what's your favorite cologne to wear?

I loved Santa Fe cologne and use to wear it. It's now discontinued. thumbs down

How do you place your toilet paper on the roll?

^^^ Well now, that's different! rolling on the floor laughing

RE: Dues it botha yoe if someone else calls you something like sweetie, honey, baby, sugar, fly,

Nah, I really don't have a problem with it, as long as it comes from a woman. cool

What's the best detergent?

I have never heard of this brand being used as detergent until a few minutes ago when I was talking with someone, and that's exactly what they use.

Is being religious a strong minded person with faith, or for the weak minded?

You sound like you're the belligerent type, hard to get along with. My poll, if you don't like it stay off it! Since you list yourself agnostic, I'm somewhat a little surprise that you even care to post on this poll since agnostics don't care whether there's a God or not. I expect this from atheist types however. But then you just come off as a hateful woman! Again, don't like it, go to something you do like! cool

Is being religious a strong minded person with faith, or for the weak minded?

Everybody, ignore the little troll (alecsmart). Most people including himself knows he's irrelevant. He's got nothing else better to do with his time at 68 years old but piss his time away and troll people on the net looking for attention. Sad, truly sad!

Start arguing with a fool, he'll bring you down to his level when you do!

CS really needs an option to delete comments for blogs and polls for the OP. This would certainly cut down on trolling and weed out the ones that need to be deleted that causes problems.

Is being religious a strong minded person with faith, or for the weak minded?

Funny you should bring up respecting peoples actions, junior, when all you show is hostility and disrespect towards Christians and people of faith. Not very tolerant of you....You certainly don't get nor deserve my respect, junior! thumbs down

Which year was your favorite Summer Olympics?

Quit being a dimwit, junior!

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