RE: Now I know how women feel at times

Would... could... and get caught up in the middle of that?
No way!

RE: How Women See Men

Mercedes "They say dogs look like their owners..It's true."

There are websites with photos that confirm this!

RE: Its Going To Take Time For Those of My Generation And Older

"In my experience marijuana effects people differently. For some it is a pleasant experience but not for everyone."

Miguel, agreed. Something to consider... are street drugs are pure or laced with other chemicals? It would be an unknown to the buyer/user.
That could be the contributing factor as to why some people get mellow and others become madmen.

RE: Its Going To Take Time For Those of My Generation And Older

You can get medical marijuana in Florida and radio advertisements are plenty.
It was up for discussion on the talk show of a local Classic Rock station and the announcer said his mother has a prescription that helps her with glaucoma.
When he was a teen he had to hide his drug use from her and now he buys it from her!

RE: Need practical advice - how to get rid of a rat?

"I spray Febreze fresh linen scent and they don't like it."

That's because they know it's toxic. Humans haven't figured that out yet.

RE: Should Paul McCartney Get a Face Lift ?

Another face lift? I think 3 was enough.

RE: Anyone remember Mary Hartman?

My older brother liked the show, but it didn't interest me.

Ginger or Mary Ann?

In the poll, I stated:
"Tastes have changed, but back then who was it... Ginger or Mary Ann?"

Ginger was the movie star and Mary Ann was the country girl.
At first, most of the 'eyes' were on Ginger but our tastes changed to see that Mary Ann was the better choice.

RE: This is my Beatles Page

According to Wiki, this song was written by George Harrison in response to the 95% supertax category The Beatles paid while living in the United Kingdom.

RE: Sick Of Scammers Sending You Fake Email Addresses For You To Contact Them At?

Keep a collection of the addresses they send to you and use them for the ones asking your address. Simple.

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