RE: How it's like to have a foreigner partner???

I'm an American of Italian heritage. My wife was born, raised and retired in China. She's been in America 4 years now and our relationship works well for both of us.

RE: I refuse to eat that!

I'm told they are high in collagen and it prevents old age wrinkles. Do you suggest I start boiling water?
We've got an Asian market 2 miles away.

RE: Need help...

Molly, some websites block photo linking.
Do you have to be logged in to your Google account to see the pictures?
If so, you can upload them to your CS profile.

RE: I refuse to eat that!

This rates pretty high on my list!

RE: The many uses of peanut oil that may surprise you

I believe that most people who are allergic don't.

That would explain some of the mysterious childhood illnesses. Sending your kids off to school with peanut butter & jelly sandwiches and getting calls from the school when your child got sick shortly after lunch.

Since peanut oil has a high 'smoke point' it's often used to fry foods and found in many Asian recipes. I can usually tell if the food I had the day before was cooked in peanut oil as it often brings on a few pustules usually on my face and neck that take a few days to clear up.

Unless you have a way to isolate the foods you eat, it's difficult finding out food allergies, especially when so many different foods are processed in the same facilities where peanuts are processed.

A good example: I bought a jar of cashews, ate a handful and had skin irritation the next day... it was unusual as I didn't have an allergy to cashews. Reading the label, I see they were roasted with peanut oil.

While there are many health benefits to peanut oil, those who have peanut allergies should avoid avoid them, as well as products processed in or around peanuts.

RE: The many uses of peanut oil that may surprise you

You left out one surprise of peanut oil: Allergy.

Some people (especially children) have allergic reactions to peanuts and peanut oil that can cause skin reactions in the form of redness or swelling, digestive problems such as diarrhea or stomach cramps, construction of airways, swelling of the throat, shortness of breath and wheezing.

RE: Songs about eyes

I didn't see: The Guess Who - These eyes

RE: Where were you when you first heard the Beatles on the Ed Sullivan Show?

Where were you when you first heard the Beatles on the Ed Sullivan Show?

Sitting on the sofa watching TV.

RE: E scooters

There are a few rental places along Miami Beach that tourists can ride around with.
In general, you don't see many scooters (gas or electric) on the main roads. There are many side roads and boardwalk along the beaches where a scooter is convenient.

On a trip to China, I found hundreds on roadways. It's their main means of transportation. In front on most businesses and shopping malls are charging stations. You pay for parking and for someone to attend to your scooter while away.

RE: Ruin Thanksgiving in four words

"Your ex is here"

RE: Which Famous Movie Have You NEVER Watched ?

Long list...
Debbie Does Dallas
The Godfather (any)
Harry Potter (any)
North By Northwest
A Streetcar Named Desire
The Grapes Of Rath
Cool Hand Luke
The French Connection
Lord Of The Rings

I did however see Michael Flatley's Lord Of The Dance laugh

RE: What if CS closed up and was no more...!

4 months ago I found myself in the same position. The site I was a member of for more than a decade abruptly closed. Faced with freedom of 5+ hours each week, a friend told me of CS.
Same addiction, different venue.
While I enjoy blogging and the exchange of ideas, should CS close, I have to rethink where I choose to spend my free time.

RE: Now I know how women feel at times

Would... could... and get caught up in the middle of that?
No way!

RE: How Women See Men

Mercedes "They say dogs look like their owners..It's true."

There are websites with photos that confirm this!

RE: Its Going To Take Time For Those of My Generation And Older

"In my experience marijuana effects people differently. For some it is a pleasant experience but not for everyone."

Miguel, agreed. Something to consider... are street drugs are pure or laced with other chemicals? It would be an unknown to the buyer/user.
That could be the contributing factor as to why some people get mellow and others become madmen.

RE: Its Going To Take Time For Those of My Generation And Older

You can get medical marijuana in Florida and radio advertisements are plenty.
It was up for discussion on the talk show of a local Classic Rock station and the announcer said his mother has a prescription that helps her with glaucoma.
When he was a teen he had to hide his drug use from her and now he buys it from her!

RE: Need practical advice - how to get rid of a rat?

"I spray Febreze fresh linen scent and they don't like it."

That's because they know it's toxic. Humans haven't figured that out yet.

RE: Should Paul McCartney Get a Face Lift ?

Another face lift? I think 3 was enough.

RE: Anyone remember Mary Hartman?

My older brother liked the show, but it didn't interest me.

Ginger or Mary Ann?

In the poll, I stated:
"Tastes have changed, but back then who was it... Ginger or Mary Ann?"

Ginger was the movie star and Mary Ann was the country girl.
At first, most of the 'eyes' were on Ginger but our tastes changed to see that Mary Ann was the better choice.

RE: This is my Beatles Page

According to Wiki, this song was written by George Harrison in response to the 95% supertax category The Beatles paid while living in the United Kingdom.

RE: Sick Of Scammers Sending You Fake Email Addresses For You To Contact Them At?

Keep a collection of the addresses they send to you and use them for the ones asking your address. Simple.

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