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RE: Even cats can shuffle dane

Dane is what I am. Someone from Denmark.

RE: Do You Have An Air Fryer?

My dad had one and my current roommate has one. I want one, but I need room for it. They are super handy to have, and they cook things pretty well

RE: What's famous in your country?

My country is famous for something that the majority of you might have stepped on during the night: Lego

RE: Share what you are listening to...part 100

I am CONVINCED that there is a demon living in this guys throat!

I love Whitechapel! head banger

RE: Share What You Are Listening To -- Part 99

Outstanding stuff!

RE: is she round or is she flat out.........yes planet EARTH

The Earth is not perfectly round, but it IS a sphere, none the less

RE: Share What You Are Listening To -- Part 99

I gave this a listen earlier. This is so amazing! The ending is fantastic!

RE: What Are You Doing At This Minute?

I am listening to Meshuggah and watching some of the fireworks outside

RE: Share What You Are Listening To -- Part 99

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