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RE: why do ALL women think that...........

My mother does this. I rarely talk, my guy just got used to it.

I only talk in the car, or truck. He talks during tv. I rarely watch tv. I give him the "hush" finger! No talking during movies!

Shh! How do I get stuck with the guys who talk?doh

My guy talks more than I, and he's quiet. He loves to interrupt what I'm watching. I watch my faves on my computer at 4 am, feed him coffee, encourage games and he's quiet, until 7.

RE: How many kids/grandkids do you have?

Heya Pat,

I'm a HOTTIE who's practicing safely, often. 1 kid, 26 and married.

Hubby has no kids, too many nieces and nephews, just missed one living with us. I told him, "no you don't!" I tell my daughter, "I'm not old enough!"

RE: Have you ever taken dance lessons?

Some, I'd rather learn moves from my customers. One guy is the best country dance dude, ever! One chick stops traffic and ties up aisles when she dances. She dances by herself and everyone backs up to watch. Worse yet, they crowd up to watch her! All ages, both genders...she dances and I can't get through the crowd.

RE: If you cheated on ur partner would you be honest even at the risk of loosing the person?

I learned about cheating from having done it. I cheated once, before marriage told on myself, then my husband laid everything available. 13 years later, I was fed up. He said he forgave me, I never did it again. Didn't give him carte blanche to f*ck everything, for years. If I could do it over, I wouldn't tell. It doesn't serve any purpose.

I'd rather leave my husband, than cheat on him, and live with the guilt, much less the fallout.

RE: Seem as tho i need some education on this subject, all replies are welcome

I was finally open to a relationship, he thought I only wanted a f-buddy and told me he demanded more. He was straight up that I could get lost, if I only wanted sex. He gave me 15 minutes to decide and he was serious!

By the same token, I've been that honest with f-buddies. That's all you get, don't want to meet your kids, no family, nada.

I'm older, (44), so I don't have a problem cutting to the chase.

Men worry about relationships too much, in my opinion.

RE: Shacking up-----vs marriage

Geez, last relationship I had, I paid all the bills, refused to get married and didn't want anymore kids. I spelled it out, upfront. Two years later I was a wench for not wanting kids. I didn't change, he did.

10 years later, I still don't want to get married, don't want kids, and the new one pays the bills for now. He wants to get married, while I say no. He thinks I'm the coolest thing since sliced bread. He won't let me pay bills and I will never wear a ring, much less have a kid, or take his name.

If I get ready to leave, I like to travel light. No baggage for me, thanks.

RE: area lakes

I think Eufala is gorgeous, never spent time there. Even better is the lake outside Beaver's Bend. That's my favorite.

RE: Why is the Oklahoma forum such a drag?

Had a job in a new restaurant, met my sweetie. Got offered another job, tried it out, no go. Working from home and creating my own job. I may have to work two jobs, or run my own business.

I haven't been an active single parent in years. My kid grew up, went to college and then I moved to OK, so I got nuthin'. We used to take all the kids to Ardmore and Wichita Refuge.

My boyfriend took me to Six Flags and we had dinner with my daughter and her husband, last Saturday. He wants to meet the kids at Six Flags, for another get together. My daughter says Hell yeah! She also asked if the dog was welcome at our house.

Sorry, only been a single lady in OK. No kids. Had a long-distance thing for a while, I prefer up-close and personal, these days.

RE: Is their anyone out there?

Far SW OK for me. Everyone ready for spring snow? I just moved into town and having a grocery store 5 minutes from the house is Heaven!

RE: Are you interested in a friends page?

I used to be an active member of friend finder. Having attended several meetings, it's great to meet everyone and show photos of a fun-fest.


Watching him trying to figure out gyros in my fave restaurant, while meeting my daughter. When I called his name to show him, he said he was in his own little world. Both he and my son-in-law said, in unison, "It's safer that way."

I looked at my daughter and her eyes twinkled. We nodded to one another and she approves of my boyfriend. Very, very sexy!

I cook, he washes dishes, cleans stove, counters and takes out trash.

He holds my hand and absently strokes my wrist, while driving, watching tv, anything.

He constantly touches and caresses me, without sex on the agenda.

His eyes gleam on the very rare occasion I might ask him to do something.

He's a little hurt if I don't let him get a door for me.

He tries to clean and pick up his clothes, even if it's foreign to him.

He turns off his phone when he's with me.

RE: You can do all steps shown in KAMASUTRA, are u believe in this book ?

I was working the Tantric angle with my boyfriend yesterday. I was surprised to find I was exercising all the wrong parts for the past 25 years.

He's helping me exercise the right spots. Wore me out, for a change.

RE: ARE YOU SEXY? Describe what you call SEXY?

It would be VERY sexy if he were doing dishes. Domesticity in a man makes me hot. Just the apron? Looks like a cute photo.

RE: Do you think nice guys finish last, is a true statement?

My guy has both a rep for being "nice" and a rep for being a slut puppy. I asked which was real. I think he's the nice guy who acts out, when treated badly.

At 44, maybe I got the best of both worlds, because he's a "nice guy" during the day, and a "bad boy" in the bedroom. When I asked him about it, he told me I was the girl who he adored from afar and wouldn't know he existed, in high school. I related how I didn't go to prom, even though I asked a guy who had been crushing on me for years, and why he turned me down.

I wanted an authentic "nice guy". Not the one who kisses my a**, trying to get laid, then bitches and moans about how the hot chicks go with asshats, because I won't sleep with him.

I don't know how I fall into the hot category, but I do. I asked out my nice guy. Twice. I told him he had to ask me out for a third date, because I wasn't chasing his unavailable a**.

Sometimes, nice guys need to be told they are desirable, in a blunt manner. They only finish last because they expect it.

RE: ARE YOU SEXY? Describe what you call SEXY?

For me, the guy who gets me and is really into me, is SUPER sexy! He watched me at work, made excuses to "help", refrained from touching me, until I said it was desirable. He treats me with the utmost respect, care, kindness and concern. He's also smart enough to leave me alone, so I can do my own thing, even if he wants to be close to me.

He's intelligent, witty, funny, laid-back, accepting and mature. His character and personality are sexy as Hell, to me. I wanted him enough to say so, and take a risk. (I was watching him, while he was watching me).

For once, I ignored physical attributes, or lack thereof, and was attracted to the man. It's his qualities that turn me on, and I love the way he sees me, as well. I told him he was the most beautiful man I've ever met, the other day. He blushed, stammered and said, "As long as you think that, I'm happy." To me, he is gorgeous, sexy and I'm one helluva lucky woman!

RE: what would you look for in a person?

Okay, what if the size is good for 3 strokes and he's done?

I'm trying to date the coolest guy I've ever met. I thought we had s*xual potential. I figured out what turned him on and we were done.

I want a guy who knows when to leave me alone and better yet, learns to accept an invite, when given.

RE: have u ever kissed someone that is trhe same sex as u that includes when drunk.

I've kissed a few girls and I liked it.

My cousin forbade me seeing her future step-daughter after she caught us making out, at 11. We were "practicing" to kiss boys, but I liked it.

I still like kissing girls. In my limited experience, they've been good kissers.

RE: i bet none of you connectingsingles people could cook a simple meal for 4 people ?

My grands started teaching me how to cook when I was 4. I could make a roast with veggies and gravy, in elementary school. I've always made cornbread from scratch. Baked my first cake from scratch at 8.

I currently cook in restaurant, when I feel like cooking.

Learned about chocolate gravy, last night. Seems to be an OK specialty. Not to be confused with Mole.

RE: Should previous relationships affect your present

We all come with some baggage, after a while. All relationships have an effect on the current. It's human nature. Keep your debt to yourself. If someone told me that stuff on a first date, I would run away, too.

RE: Indecent Proposal, Anyone??

All of my partners are slut puppies, so they would jump at 1 mil. Personally, I declined to be a trophy wife. I want a man with character who considers the consequences of his actions.

I wouldn't blame him, but I wouldn't be with him.

RE: Relationship basics

LTR's require work, foresight, wisdom, patience, acceptance and tolerance, at the very least. Mostly trust. The rest is an intro. and keeps it alive.

Just my perspective...

RE: what is wrong with a woman wanting a woman?

My girlfriend and I got together on this subject. The fat belly mistreated her and comes before he can enter me. He thinks he's a stud muffin. Worst sex I ever had in my life. Looking to replace him with a mid-20's guy.

Last time I had a guy c*m on me, before sex, I was 15-16 and he was on acid.

RE: Playing the field?

I've started dating someone in person, after this site was a drag. I told him I was just dating him. What's wrong with dating?

RE: Ladies if a guy..

I would be embarrassed, out of the blue.

I would squirm a bit, before I told him it was embarrassing. I would hate to embarrass him.

RE: has anybody ever woken up next to werewolf ? frankenstein ? count dracula ?

My girlfriend called me to run interference, one morning. She played Sting, later.

My ex dressed the frankenfurter part and he was HOT! I did him, many ways.

RE: Be honest, "TORTURE" What would you do?

I agree!

(If there's any evidence left by the time Cheney leaves. I'll bet the shredders run 24/7 in his office.)

RE: Any song ever stopped you in your tracks?

Anything by Tangerine Dream and the universe has to stop, if "War of the Worlds" is playing. The rock version with Lynott, Essex and Hayward.

That album is one of the coolest things, ever.

RE: What you listening to? ...........

"Like a Hurricane", "Hey, Hey".....Neil Young

RE: Monday Morning Joke Only

You forgot the French. They eat tons of butter, but they eat the "real" thing. Not Oleo.

The Italians have the red wine (which is supposed to be good for you) and olive oil.

Starting Monday, I eat shellfish, tacos, dip my bread in olive oil, slather everything in butter, drink red wine and habla espanol solamente.

RE: Smoke Break

Thanks for reminding me about Neil Young. I haven't heard that song in 10+ years.

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