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RE: Food Thread

Tomorrow I'll have lobster from Red Lobster.

The biscuit is the best. banana

RE: who do u understand most here...?

Men? dunno

RE: Human Being

Human beings are a step up from baboons. banana

RE: Why do women always want to change.

Because he wants to be happy. laugh

RE: Ego And Pride - The Comparison

Ego = motivation

Pride = accomplishments.

RE: renting or buying?

Now with Bitcoin and other non-traceable ways to hide money, it will be easier for them not to pay taxes.

On the IRS return it ask if you have investment into such account.
Get real IRS, these people (companies) will never check YES.

RE: When you mind your own business life becomes peaceful ?

Very true.

Some people need to clean their own backyard before commenting on others.

RE: The Richest among all

They say the elites don't understand Poverty.

RE: renting or buying?

It's just a phrase.

Some people become creative so they don't pay their fair share of taxes.

RE: Rent

I enjoy listening (reading) how foreign people talk.

"rent a paid woman." laugh laugh laugh

That's classic.

RE: What are you doing?

It's Friday night, no date, so I play on CS.

Meeee.....i need to get a life.dunno


Only time will tell.

Some people (the elites) thinks all commoners are idiots.

RE: I don't body my choice

Don't ask, i won't lie.

If I got jab or not, it's my business. banana

RE: True


RE: Kinda fun- kinda informative thread...

Hello cheap skate. laugh

You can get many TV receptions with your internet.
I get 1050 channels on my TV plus free Roku moves, youtube, and more.

Get an electric can opener.

You're welcome. banana

RE: renting or buying?

The way some people try to beat the system. confused

RE: About Right

Act right and you can have a happy life. laugh

RE: Whiskey Stone

I don't drink alcohol.

Maybe I can play if I can drink water.

It would be a nice game for stripe poker. banana

RE: Meetup

I'm on my way. dancing

RE: Pearls Of Wisdom

Especially the USA government (run in the opposite direction). frustrated

RE: Language

English, but someone told me that if I kiss Ali I'll be able to speak his language.

RE: Which do you prefer?

I just need a man that will protect me. banana

RE: What are you doing?

Playing on CS before I look at a movie/

It's movie night, yeah banana

RE: Difference Between SelfLove and Selfishness

Smart man. I can tell you like to be happy. laugh

RE: Meetup

HE SMOKES. confused

RE: Pearls Of Wisdom

Trust no one.

RE: Everyone like stories so tell one read one PLEASE

My story is that I can't find a date.

The end. confused

RE: Meetup

It was great. He was a gentleman and he refrained from smoking during our meet and greet.

That English accent gets me all the time. help

RE: I can see clearly now

The clouds and the rain will last all weekend.

It's a baby making weekend.

Wait, where is the baby maker? dunno

RE: Difference Between SelfLove and Selfishness

I'm all of the above.

That's what makes me so FANTASTIC. banana

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