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What will happen with the homeless in USA?

Thank you father, for I have mispeled!

As for you brained washed Americans thinking that your country is the greatest. Leave your county, state and country and travel abroad. See the light and understand your f*cked up politicans have duped you for decades! With that I have said enough. Luckely it's possible here on CS cause on facebook and twitter it is not. There they have censorship. Tommorow I will hide my profile probably for a long time in to the future .A couple of you might still be here since you never get tired of the BS:

What will happen with the homeless in USA?

I have lived in USA in the eighties, it was bad already then with a lot of homeless under I-95 in Miami. I understand from employing a few of them that they where fugitives from the north. But now many more are in that situation. I will never move to USA again.

What will happen with the homeless in USA?

Maybe that is the plan with Covid all a long. It's a neutral observation and it has happened before in USA. You have a long way to go to become what other countries admired in the fifties. You guys play the blame game against each other and still categorize people by the color of their skin. A very few people are to blame for the shit you are in now. Stop pointing fingers and join together against Wall Street.

RE: What’s the best compliment you’ve received ..

It's a lonely life as a tripod! I am waiting for an alien invasion so that I better fit in!

RE: What’s the best compliment you’ve received ..

That's big to but no one complimented me about that!

RE: What’s the best compliment you’ve received ..

Wow that's big!

What will happen with the homeless in USA?

I think Biden will start a war with Venuzuela or another Banana republic.
Then he will start a Draft force and round up all people living under bridges and with limited training send them abroad to fight for the American way of life!

RE: How do you deal with rejection???

I bang my head against the wall until I get amnesia, then I happily try again! Just so you know if you get a second message!

RE: Who has knee length hair or below

Like I am going to tell you who are the sexiest cats here!

RE: Anyone up for a game?

I meant backgammon the game for gods!

RE: How do you deal with rejection???

Well in real life I have never been dumped from a relationship. Then I didn't have that many relationships. Online it happens. But that doesn't make me a better person. Maybe I should have been more compliant. At least I don't have a deep gash in my soul.

RE: How do you deal with rejection???

I think most women have been reacting just like you. It makes it just so more difficult to date women the older they get. We men inherent other men's mistakes so to say.

RE: How do you think...border security should be dealt with?

I don't want to go to Australia just because of their crazy border control in airports.

RE: Anyone up for a game?

I thought you wanted to play BG.

RE: Limerick you're a ladyyyyy

You should learn to write a proper Limerick!

The ever rising bar.

I have noticed that the older you get the higher the bar gets.
As a youngster it was only necessary to give the look.
As a middle age man one had to think ahead and say and do mostly the right moves.
As an older person you can't even misspell without getting ghosted.

What is your experience?

RE: Limerick you're a ladyyyyy

There was a witty gal from Limerick.
Who spent all day never making a pick.
Oh why is she here?
Maybe no men there?
I am not trying to be a nosy prick!

RE: Ethanol

I am leaving my country because of the enviromental terrorists. They are destroying my business and the world I grew up in. The Vegans and climate change advocists can go f*ck them self on a torn bush!
It will be impossible to live in a so called civilized country in the near future. I admire the French people for protesting against all BS the politicians spread to get votes.

RE: Why did they nail God to a cross...?

It would be even worse having to drag an electric chair around! The cord would really limit our movability!

How would you like to sleep with your future partner?

Maybe it has to do with the temperature of the room at night. In Sweden we have fairly cold in the room at night.

RE: Biggest threat in the world is

Social media and it's information gathering should have been on that list.

RE: my sex thread. how can i help you?

Should I have said instead.

Oh my dear, let me help you across the wet street. Oh no you got a spot on your shoe! I will clean it with my handkerchief.

Fits better?

Bad products!

As always people don't get it. You cant kill with just a trigger finger. You need a product to do that. If anyone used a hair dryer and pulled the trigger and person opposite died it would create big trouble for the manufacturer. Se that is the problems with guns, they are not safe no matter if you have a licence or not and it's a completely useless product for 99% of people.

RE: my sex thread. how can i help you?

Uhh whatsup biaatch? Fricking asome rack you got tha! I'm down on anything yoall got fo mee sugga!

or do you recommend some other charming pick up line?

Bad products!

If you buy a bad product on Wallmart and you kid get hurt from it you can sue them and win.
If your kid shoot him self with your gun, you can sue but will never win.
There should be a one million dollar fine for the manufacturer for every person who gets shot with that factorys gun.
I hope Mexico win their law suit and put the gun manufacturers out of business.

RE: Dreams of late . . .

I think you have secret desires manifesting it self in your dream. Usually dreams are the brains way of bringing order to the days input of data. But I daught you experienced that event yesterday iRL. I dream of my work mostly.

RE: my sex thread. how can i help you?

How do I compliment a women IRL without being sued for s*xual harassment?
I'm thinking of ordering a t-shirt saying "please go ahead to flirt because I'm not allowed to"

RE: Is the world on fire?

It's a media hype! I walk a lot in the forrest and there are many remains of ancient fires. Standing trunks charred by fire. It's a natural thing. Modern Forrest cultivation has made more flammable material and dryer woods though.

RE: Does anyone shine there shoes or other type footwear

In the army I made extra money shining shoes because I was the best. Give me a dull one and I made it look like a mirror! Now not so much since I don't party.

How many dating sites are you registred on?


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