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RE: People

... who refuse think critically.

Otherwise, people are great...

... as a concept.

RE: Preferences

I am a fool in search of wisdom. On the road to madness...

RE: Oregon News Stan can you tell me if it's legit

I can almost see it now, a new division of BLM.

Bovine Lives Matter!


RE: What do you do?

Kindness and respect.

Now, just don’t mistake my kindness for weakness and things will remain respectful.

RE: Oregon News Stan can you tell me if it's legit

I guess it’s true. Haven’t heard much about it, but there are several articles about it. It’s on the other side of the Cascades from me.

I will say that my nightly skies have lots of strange lights doing interesting things. There is no light pollution where I live. So many stars...

All I know is that Oregon needs to slow the fork down!! 85 in a 55 zone is just too much. Then again, maybe they want a Darwin Award?

rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing

RE: A brilliant French song

We need more bubbles! rolling on the floor laughing


California prison riot.

RE: How dumb do they think we are anyway?

They are going to ruin the Darwin Awards!

RE: OK I’m gonna try this..

Four times the lethal dose of fentanyl AND meth. He was a dead man regardless. Sorry, but had there not been police interaction, they would have found him in his car in an hour or so.

Fentanyl is some serious stuff.

RE: This Is My Page

Tequila bottles should come with a sharpie and post-it notes attached. So you can write out your apologies BEFORE you start drinking, then just peel and stick along the way.laugh

RE: Remedies

I have a bug-a-salt 3.0. Most fun doing pest control ever!

RE: Would you...

I’ve held records for most consecutive rides at some parks. What can I say other than I’m a recovering adrenaline junkie.


Do they have the common courtesy of a reach around?


During this “lockdown” it may be the only action they get!

Or could be Chinese, they even have an*l swabs. Lol

RE: Would you...

Oh hell yes!!!

I wanna do a few circuits, before I get off the ride.

RE: Worst Food

Stuff that has been overwhelmed with spices.

RE: Yummy Good.... Tastes like Chicken

Mmmm gator! Pass the hot sauce and fritters.

RE: Female guitarplayers

Lzzy Hale from Halestofm.

RE: Favorite Guitar Players

Gary Moore
John Petrucci
Michael Schenker
Steve Lukather
Jeff Duncan
Paul Gilbert
Dave Meneketti
Roger Steen
Jerry Cantrell
Ritchie Blackmore
Brian May
Pete Townshend
Michael Hedges
Pat Thrall

Just off the top of my head.

RE: left right march to the NWO n tyrant rule in 2021/sos!

RE: patriots fury!

Time magazine admits to a conspiracy!

RE: patriots fury!

Go back to M2 already.

RE: Now you know the reasons why..........boys and girs

Je t’aime la liberté

RE: Can anyone recommend

iMovie works.... but is limited in what you can do. Avid Media Composer is much better, but $$$$

Been using MC for 25 years.

Though, I prefer Speed Edit 2.6 on my PC lappy, very fast, blue/green screen, character generator, DVEs, time features and the cleanest slo-mo you’ve ever seen The resolution, multi-format compatibility and ability to do film ATSC/NTSC/PAL all on the same timeline in real-time is awesome. Too bad you can’t get it anymore.

RE: The deep thinker---Carl Jung---->

46 and 2, just ahead of me.

RE: Can you forgive

Of course.

Forgetting is an entirely different matter.

People make mistakes and muck things up. Sometimes by accident, without thought. Sometimes with malice of forethought.

Letting them back in? Well that’s a can of worms that yields a kettle of fish. I’ve done it. But, I was younger then. Now? Not so much. We parted for a reason or 10,000 and perhaps we shouldn’t revisit that chapter.

RE: Wouldn't that be great to find someone for the rest of our lives?

You’re either a scammer or a moron. Which is it?

RE: Budweiser

Lagunitas IPA FTW

RE: Soon It Will Be Illegal ______

Brennan actually said this today.

RE: Dining out

It would depend on which restaurant I’m currently visiting.

The burger shack, not so much.
Gordon Ramsay’s establishment, game on.

This is a list of forum posts created by Stan_147.

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