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RE: Rome campsite recommendation.

Crikey, just for a sec I thought you wrote Roma campsite recommendation - that's why I clicked on the link!

Joke review boosts T-shirt sales

News item from the BBC:



Yeah there are some gems in there! laugh

what people get up to in the office...

Glad you liked it pw.
Here's a link to my thread on the EU forums that didn't get any responses. Go figure.

There's some very funny stuff there if you trawl through it!

what people get up to in the office...


RE: The Smoking and Honesty Thread, cont...

I wish you luck in your endeavour.

thumbs up

But you need more than luck, a lot more.

You have to be strong and committed to the idea of a healthy body and clean lungs sometime in the future.


RE: Jehovah's Witnesses

Yeah we Scots really screwed up when we sent you all those religious nutters. Well maybe not all but a LOT! Now you guys have your very own Bible Belt!
I'm sorry about that! But hey, they were getting on our nerves bigtime!

RE: Mad cow disease

Plus, the whole thing's over in about 10 seconds tops, make that 5 seconds!

RE: I want to go to Sardinia

I agree with you 100% and I've been there many times and also to nearby Sta. Margherita. It's very expensive though, practically millionaire's row in places.

RE: Verbal arm-wrestling competition to decide which man Sommer will take with her to her new house

I was wondering how many spotlights that was and how big the kitchen is. Are they over the work tops or in the ceiling?



And there's this too, from the same Daily Telegraph article - the world's best passenger complaint?


People are strange sometimes.

A woman threatened to call police after claiming that she’d been locked in by staff. When in fact, she had mistaken the “do not disturb” sign on the back of the door as a warning to remain in the room.


Just one of many hilarious things people apparently have complained of when on holiday. Such as, the sand was white but in the brochure it was yellow. Or, no sea view (the ship was still in the dock).

rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing

RE: Folks..Mods.........

My pic has been replaced by a little black mark... hmmmm.
Well I was fed up with that pic anyway, and I'm sure I'm by no means alone in that regard...
rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing

RE: Communes....sharing your space and your life...

Hey Summer, sorry I missed yr post.
A guy is building a hotel about 200yds from me and it'll be finished at some point. He said December last year and he's saying December this year, so who knows.
He has completed his own apartment on the top floor and a guest studio will be ready soon. So if you ever get serious about BG, let me know and I'll get you fixed up accommodation wise so you can check things out.

RE: Dead man (or woman) walking

Sorry that gives you the audio. I was suffering hopefully temporarily from ACD.

Advanced cerebral disfunction.
To get the video I use ..... may be illegal, not sure.

RE: Dead man (or woman) walking

Yeah me too.
This is a workaround but it involves some effort so you really have to be fairly keen to see the video....

Copy the YouTube url into the space provided on
and if you want high quality, choose the mp4 version. I ignore the right-click stuff and click on download, then I save the file to my desktop and play it. If I don't like it, ---> trash can!!

RE: oh well its a shame symbolartist has gone i liked her

You're kidding - what a ballbreaker!

rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing

RE: where is the best place to live in europe?:)

Too true mate. I actually started a thread last October I think it was, Seeking Warm Climate Nov. to March!
And among the nice ladies from Down Under that responded, there was one particularly nice person who invited me. Gold Coast it was, well the airport, but she lived some way inland.
Anyway, long story short, it turned out it was 46 deg. Celsius and climbing, and that was just practically springtime!!!! And no a/c!
So that was the end of that and I never did get to see your country!

RE: where is the best place to live in europe?:)

Belgium's pretty nice, too. I used to go there quite a lot. Good people.

How sad is that?

Hi gingerwave

Assuming the guy's guilty - of course he could be innocent - how sick do you have to be to murder your fiancée on the honeymoon?

European Song Contest - a load of crap?

Yeah but seriously, amazingly hardly anybody speaks English so I'm sure it was a no-contest for him to get the job.
And all those groups singing in English. Totally farcical when you see the reality of their 3rd world lives.
And he's well-known since he has his own show on Russian TV - a sort of cross between the Jerry Springer and Jonathan Ross, with wronged fiancées weeping and brazen hussy waiting in the wings kind of thing!

How sad is that?

From the BBC:

US man faces scuba murder charge

RE: Communes....sharing your space and your life...

Hi-ya Summer. Didn't see your post till now. I'm building a septic tank system and have been digging a trench single-handed for the last 4 or 5 days. The guy who was to do it didn't show up after the 1st day. The trench is to re-route my grey water out to the outdoors as long as the guys are working on building the concrete-lined pit and the leech field, of my new septic system. The crew haven't shown up for days but came by today to tell me they'd be here next Monday. They don't have mains sewerage in the country places and don't even have septic tanks though you'll see fanciful claims in the internet ads, which you should take with a pinch of salt. Porky pies are the stock in trade of estate agents and they will lie to your face without batting an eyelid.
So in a nutshell, houses can be very cheap but need 10 to 40 grand depending on the condition of the property and what you have in mind. Getting good people to do the work is crucial. The language is a challenge but like everything else learnable.
Have a look at this and also my pics. Don't be put off by the first account, but there's some good advice there.

Oh I nearly forgot, it's fun!

RE: where is the best place to live in europe?:)

I'd agree with mid-to-Southern France which I know a little (Auvergne, Gard) and N. Italy which I also know quite well. But hot in summer, too hot for me!
And France is now I believe the most expensive country in Europe (correct me if I'm wrong). Weather-wise I prefer La Vendée, Normandy, Brittany in summer. The coast of the Vendée with its long sandy beaches takes some beating. A friend of mine has a little house there which I can use anytime for free when it's vacant, which it is most of the time, so that's good!

RE: I have never told anyone this…

Sommer, I've been outside working till now so just read your post.
I made almost exactly what you suggest except that I didn't think of the Tabasco, or rather the fiery hot BG hot pepper sauce, though I do often put it in scrambled eggs.
I scoffed the can of beer while making it, and had some Chardonnay with it.
I made the pasta today and the rest of the Chardonnay went in the salsa di pomodori. Then I opened the Cab Sauv and that's pretty good an' all.
So all in all, not-a bad-a. Tomorrow: definitely food shopping.
rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing

European Song Contest - a load of crap?

Fallingman: I watched some of the semi last night. A new record for worst presenter ever, I think. +++ snip +++

That guy, the one with the Bugs Bunny smile, has a show on Russian TV (Perviy Kanal) which I used to watch quite a lot when I was learning Russian! Amazed he can speak English so well. Quite unusual.

RE: Communes....sharing your space and your life...

I knew you weren't being serious but I had to read through the entire thread to find out!
You really do enjoy non-committal banter in the guise of serious questions. I think you are really more so in that regard even than yours truly.
Also we touched on this self-same topic some time ago and I said there were plenty of properties here going cheap.
My idea would be a village where everyone had adequate space but also be connected via skype and/or other lan cam to everyone else. The village has an abandoned shop (for rent) which has a cafe corner. There is also another village nearby which has water but don't know if it's clean or not.
However, having said all that, my plan was to have Brits and Irish (yep, S. and N., makes no difference to me) and some selected others (I'm actually buying some properties peu à peu with something like a community in mind). But it's sometime down the road. And like I said in another thread, life in BG isn't for the fainthearted!

RE: I have never told anyone this…

Excuse me, would you be trying to take the piss?

RE: Slovakia

Well I drove through Slovakia on my way to Berlin when I bought a new (make that used) gearbox on eBay, and ditto on the way back.
It was so easy I remember. Belgrade, Budapest, Bratislava, Brno, Berlin. Everything starting with a B.
Very picturesque, but can't say much more. Language a major challenge but I'm getting sort of fluent in Bulgarian so that helps a little. As you know all these Slavic languages are similar to a greater or lesser extent.
When I stopped on the highway to eat something, nobody spoke English but the guy said: sprechen Sie Deutsch! rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing
Well that's all I can say about Slovakia!

RE: where is the best place to live in europe?:)

I couldn't say Bulgaria with a clear conscience.
It's part of the EU now, so at some point in the future, maybe soon, maybe not so soon, it'll be integrated into Europe and I predict major migration to Bulgaria, as indeed there has been to some extent already.
But right now it's not for the fainthearted.
Upside(s): low low cost of living (for ex-pats), 4 seasons weather (deep snow in February, snowdrops in March, 25 -28 degrees C the last couple of weeks.) Real estate, depending on area, ridiculously cheap though requiring time and money to get up to W. European/USA standard.
Very picturesque, with snow-capped mountains all around, deep luxuriant verdant countryside everywhere, sandy beaches, ski resorts etc.
Downsides? Well I don't wish to be churlish and also don't want to tread on anyone's toes. The people here are (the vast majority at least) very friendly, and don't need folks like yours truly pointing out what they already know!
Having said all that, I'm happy here, enjoy life a lot, and have no plans to move, though nothing's carved in stone.
Some people have enthused about Switzerland and Germany/Austria. Well personally I'd absolutely hate to live in these places! The people are just so-o-o uptight! They are so-o-o full of it!!!!

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