RE: I dip my fries in _______ (you can't say ketchup)

My mouth

RE: would you wear a mask again?

A Phycological experiment would be related to algae.
If it is an experiment in psychology then it has demonstrated clearly people will do what they want regardless of the consequences.

RE: Reality of conscious

Consciousness is ephemeral.
No one is aware every moment they are awake and even when they are, they are not conscious of everything that could have conceivably been taken in, in those moments.

Reality is subjective, Actuality is objective.
Two eyewitnesses may disagree on even the simplest of events.
Their opinions have bearing on their beliefs and actions, but no effect on the actuality what what may have occurred.
So yes, there are as many realities as there are perceivers, though reality is not quite what it is cracked up to be.

RE: Y is tis tune blocked on Facebook? feckers

It is not. FB simply does not host any video but what users upload in streams.

RE: reincarnation

It has never made sense to me that such a thing should be.

Anyone interested in joining and or contributing to a Pinup/cheesecake group?

Would not properly know, but I am doubting.

RE: The Fact Speakers And The So-called Laws Of Men

You are truly learned in the ways of some serious bullshit. Huuman

RE: do you agree with slut shaming?

Only if they are like, into that. ;)


This place is a ghost hole of the internet.
There are very few actually here interested in dating.
I would not take it personally.

If you look carefully at your list of locals, most of them have not been online in months or years. lol

RE: can u b me?

Nope. Too busy and hardly qualified.

RE: Ads have lost all intellegence!

Did they ever need intelligence?
You may be put out that ads don't meet some standard of Geewhiz and goshdarn but they were never invented to raise the level of consciousness or dialog. They are there to sell people on things that they likely do not ever need because you will stink, be a total loser and have no friends and totally lose out on the meaning of life if you don't purchase thus and so RIGHT NOW! or in three easy installments of 19.95..... Now how much would you pay!?! If you watch commercial TV you get what you pay for.

RE: Nudity and Beauty

If you ever spend a relatively short time in a community of nudists you will likely find that that clothing is far more erotic than nudity.
I find it puzzling that so many are in awe or repulsion of the most basic and ordinary state common to us all.
Bodies are not inherently beautiful or ugly, they simply are and abide to carry each of us around for a span.

RE: What do old people think about ?


RE: Let’s Debate

1. Mankind is a flawed and corrupt creature, unredeemable on its own account.
2. The only cure for Humanity is through universal destruction.

These notions, paraphrased are at the heart of most, if not all spiritual systems and religions.

RE: If you were to play a character in a movie ..

Bernie in Weekend at Bernie's.

RE: Why do women destroy pictures after a separation?

They are not the only ones.
My father destroyed every scrap of me. Art, photos and all.

RE: Do your favorite strippers like you ?

Saddest capitalist establishment I have ever seen.
I have only been myself once voluntarily and that was near to my current assessment.
I have been many more times because an old boss insisted we go with Him.
Actually ended up making a few friends from those trips. Aside from those three, I would say they would be dissatisfied with their income due to the fact after that job I have never been again.

RE: Do any of the women of CS like to dress up and look good as this in a dress?

You should get out more... or get better glasses

RE: What Physical Activities Should You Do Everyday

Caffeine Curls, REM

RE: *Akashic Records*

Assuming they did exist, of what possible utility would there be in reading them? doh

RE: The world is at a crossroads. Are you in or out?

Other than suicide, I was unaware there was a path out of this world.
Perhaps rethink your metaphors

RE: Why do we still need the word “Atheist”?

It varies. The philosophical Buddhism that has been exported to the west has no god, but many in the east still observe deities centuries after the introduction of Buddhism. There are western atheists that do not reject entirely supernaturalism, so are they Buddhists?
I would think not.

RE: Why do we still need the word “Atheist”?

If believing in unicorns was a commonplace there would likely be a word for not believing in them. As most people living or likely have ever lived express some sort of belief in gods and some still do not there is a need for the word. sigh

RE: If it is true that all you need is Love, why has Love rejected you?

Why do you expect that anyone would get what they may need?
Muchless reality conforming to a song lyric?

RE: What is more dangerous than nuclear warheads?

Weaponized stupidity

RE: If you could be any again, What age would it be?

No. Just no.

RE: Should Andrew relinquish his right to the British throne & be King of a United Ireland ?

Why would Erie want His limey a** face in their country much less ruling it?

RE: Which One Is Strongest

Conscience I would say is basic and intrinsic to our species, an instinct.
Which instinct would ever be in play alone? The "strongest" would vary with the time, the individual and the circumstances.

RE: Meat is Sexy and Racists ... misogynist ...

Vegans are delicious

RE: How are the mind body and spirit connected?

All the way thru.
The divisions are apparent and not actual.

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