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RE: CS Wedding Announcement ;-}

I want to thank everyone again for the congratulations wave

We are hoping that our story will give hope to the ones who are skeptical about internet dating. Hey I was one of those roll eyes cool

RE: CS Wedding Announcement ;-}

Hey's good to see you wave

What has been happening here while we were gone conversing

RE: CS Wedding Announcement ;-}

Thanks Joanne and Imma wave

We hope for many more success stories on CS peace

RE: CS Wedding Announcement ;-}

Thank you all.. we are very happy and enjoying our time together in my home town.. we posted some photos on the profile from us in Macedonia.. We wish everyone the best of luck in finding love cheering heart wings yay

RE: Ageism!

laugh I am 28 and he is 47..What a great age smitten

RE: Cell Phones at a First Time Meeting,Yes or No?

I would keep my cell phone on and have a friend call me in case I need baling out of the date (if he turns out to be what he is not) laugh

If the date is great, we would have a secret code to let her know that I don't need the emergency situation to bail me out wink

Other then that I don't chat on the cell phone while on date rolling on the floor laughing

RE: Turning Lesbian

I got better ratings from women too giggle

But I am still not ready to turn lesbian wink

There's just "something" irresistable about men grin

Someone needs our hugs and support this week ;)

Oh he can't get out of bed now blues

I am sorry I can't be there with him devil grin

RE: Fool me twice, shame on me!

Those scamers either think they are so smart, or they think other's are mentally challenged. But I agree with luscious, some of them actually get married for the papers, and live with the man, but I think they both know what they are getting themselves into. I heard this from an American man when I asked him why do men fall for that when they know the woman might be gone the very second she gets her papers. The reasons were explained to me:
1. The man is going to have a young and beautiful wife for at least three years who will take care of him and get on his good side wink (that is until she is free to go)
2. They will have three years together and maybe within those years they might fall for each other (a big "if" that is)
3. They both know what they are doing, but the end result is not that clear laugh

RE: Does age really matter?

Well to a certain point age is not an issue..I have been attracted to older men too..I have found myself to have more in common with older men, then with younger ones..The reason might me the maturity level, but also I find it very attractive when a man knows what he wants out of a relationship, and in most cases guys my age are still searching for themselves and I am not someone who would stick around until they figure out what they want roll eyes

Someone needs our hugs and support this week ;)

Keytone are in my prayers today please

Lots of love and good thoughts are being sent your way teddybear


Best of luck today Bettis and speedy recovery lips

RE: What present do u want to receive by Christmas?

Oh my Christmas present is not arriving this year crying

Maybe 2009 will be happier one wink

RE: kissing experience..lips should be relaxed

Hi there I am not commenting because of lack of recent experience grin

RE: kissing experience..lips should be relaxed


RE: What can happen when a woman cries rape.

I don't know what to think cause it's mostly a story told by the man, and goes from mouth to mouth. I am missing a lot of details in order to make up my mind. If they didn't have intercourse as the man says, I believe it would've shown when the woman had the doctor's examination, and without it rape charges cannot be filed and search warrant cannot be issued. So, there is a lot of confusion here. Either the law was not practiced correctly or someone is not telling the truth.

RE: How long have you been here?

Welcome back Barren wave

RE: I see this alot

In a relationship everything should be give and the amount of freedom your partner has in making independent decisions is the amount of freedom you should have.

If the couple is comfortable with giving each other suggestions on what they think is "better" it's ok to do it, but again if it goes both ways.

If there is such an imbalance where one of the partners is always the one "suggesting" and having his way with everything, I am not sure that is a healthy relationship between two equal adults JMO.

RE: I am in love and I have no idea what to do.

Yes I am guilty of not reading the whole threads too laugh

I am glad you are going to see your man soon, my wait I'm afraid is going to be a little longer moping

RE: The official "Reasons why you should date me!" thread

1. You will never get bored with me cause I am high maintenance roll eyes

2. I am well behaved and sweet (unless it's that time of month) laugh

3. I am smart and opinionated (which is considered good unless you disagree with me on something) dancing

4. I am beautiful and sexy (unless I just got out of bed with my hair all messy, have no make up, or my dress up clothes on) wink

5. Getting to know me better will be a long bumpy road (I hope you like surprises and ventures trips) innocent

Sorry I only made my top 5 list..but I think that will be enough to (dis)courage anyone yay

RE: I am in love and I have no idea what to do.

wave Hello Sommer

You need to be with your man soon, I think that might help wink

RE: How long have you been here?

May 2008

RE: Choose...right here...right now!

American men smitten devil yay

RE: A New Year On The Horizon........

giggle All of the above actually

But seriously in 2009 I plan on starting a completely new life, which means being more acceptable to changes and more opened to taking chances (of course only calculated risks are included wink)

RE: Faking o*gasm -- why do we do it?

I never felt the need to fake it..if it doesn't happen one time it simply doesn't, there is always a next time and there may be various of reasons for it, not meaning that there is a problem in the relationship.

But giggle I have found myself in an awkward situation
A man once asked me the following question: Did you c*m? roll eyes
What kind of answer do you give to someone who is obviously looking for some validation on his efforts confused

RE: Which emoticon are you right now?

daydream heart wings lips devil

giggle It just can't be said in only one roll eyes

Someone needs our hugs and support this week ;)

daydream I am (im)patiently waiting on your recovery and arrival Bettis smitten devil yay

Someone needs our hugs and support this week ;) are one of the nicest men I've ever met and I know that this week is going to be a big one for you hug

I send you my heart wings bouquet teddybear lips cheering shimmy

And wish you a speedy recovery wave

For anyone who wants to send warm wishes and speed recovery to Keytone (Bettis) this is the place wave

RE: Occupations and Sex.

Yes pls take a number, my male colleague is covering for me today and will be with you in a second tongue

Long distance - chalenge or not?

I agree somewhat..actually I was one of the skeptical ones..but I do hope we will meet will answer many questions thumbs up

RE: Occupations and Sex.

Only to those who have a serious problem roll eyes cool

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