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RE: Morning Euro-Peeps

good morning all,back from hols and back at work,worse luck

RE: My heart is breaking!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

sounds corny,but time heals

RE: Essential traits of the woman I want to wake by my side

im sure such a good looker,wont cause the net to crash

RE: Women can be cruel!

i have always offered to send a photo to anyone suitable in the past,really as from others experience when you put a photo on the net, you never know where it may end up.i dont send out pics now,as thankfully,i have found my man,we are marrying next year,i remain on here to have a laugh in the forums,mainly eu,with old friends

RE: anyone remember me??

nice to see you too and good luck to you and your daughter

RE: Women can be cruel!

ive noticed that too,tina, voting low,out of jealousy and really ugly people getting a 10,as people feel sorry for them

RE: florence

i always do a google search,as we all have different tastes and you could be given another persons advice, but it might not be right for you

RE: im bored, i will do whatever gets the most votes in ten minutes,

oh god i agree

RE: Can anyone help me find an old friend

i will ask my parents,they know everyones,as the island is small, they have lived there over 10yrs

RE: russell brand/jonathan ross

tartank you have got it right, i like your attitude and isnt russel brand just like guy fawlkes

RE: CS must be working

will you be here,even when you find someone,i am,its addictive

RE: British TV sucks

good thing we have cs

RE: crete, the sun island

those tiny little flies smoky,lethal

RE: Normal and genuine

dont understand,who is steve

RE: Sticky Hair and Prince Five Weapons

this is too deep for me

RE: Normal and genuine

oooh mike you are rude

RE: an autumn blues buster

my friend has been asking about this recipe,bread and butter pudding,thanks dear,i will pass it on

RE: fighting obesity

this must be why the supermodels all smoke to suppress the appetite,heard that before

RE: Morning Euro-Peeps

stooie,please fill me in on what peeps means?i hear it alot nowadays,yes i am out of date,i know that

RE: How far will you travel to meet someone on a first date

well we girls agree,if a man is worth it,he will chase a women he is interested in,the young fellas nowadays seem to think its a womans place to do that,i dont think so

RE: Love makes you healthier!¬

i agree as women cope much better than men alone and are stronger generally

RE: How far will you travel to meet someone on a first date

zellarone,i agree with you,its a mans place to do the running

RE: Love makes you healthier!¬

it makes sense we were made to be couples

RE: have you ever been likened to anyone on tv?

ha ha ha i like it,we need to have a bit of fun,they have much more on the eu and international

RE: ------------ Dance

thats true,as always

RE: anyone help? Greek islands

my friend talks about the island kythira,says it is wonderful

RE: Happy Birthday Seabiscuit!

i cant compete with the lady above,im away on hols,just going to bed,but belated wishes to you SB

RE: The Mystery of Romantic Attraction

why is no one being honest and mentioning a big wallet or purse,lol

RE: a million whats in your dream PART 2

a million, buy a house in lovely jersey

RE: Guts Or Balls? The Difference.....

thats a good one, you should post in the uk too,we need a bit of life here

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