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What is the best poll in the world?

There's a maximum of only 10 possible answers.

Feel free to start a poll asking "What are the 10 best possible answers to put in the 'What is the best poll in the world?' poll?".

RE: Age is Just a number

If any of us had any idea about life we wouldn't be here on this Singles website in the first place.

I could quite happily fall in love with a beautiful 23 year old, or a rich 96 year old if they could fall in love with me.

RE: only scandinavian people

Chris, you're probably far too nice for Charlotte. She wants a nasty partner.

Maybe it's only the Scandinavian people that are nasty enough for her. If she can re-awaken the raping an pillaging Viking heritage in them.

Or maybe she wants someone to hold a real life Crusader Kings 2 type Norse blot for her?

What is the best poll in the world?

Never heard of him. I'll have to Google him to make sure you haven't just made him up...

...Yes he does actualy have a Wiki entry.
He should be in the poll of the Greatest Pole that most people outside of Pole-land have never heard of.

What is the best poll in the world?

What about; South, or Magnetic North? Wouldn't you say they deserve to be in this poll more than the Other poll?

RE: New Labour Leader

Conservative supported euthanasia for the over 75's?

What complete nonsense.

Why would the Tories look to reduce the age group of people are that are most likely to vote for them?


RE: i can see

Yeah, those cataract operations are expensive if you don't have medical insurance.

RE: how to impress women

Totally agree.

But that's easy to say and more difficult to do for the vast majority of men and women when they first meet potential partners.

RE: how to impress women

And put up with her eggy farts 8 hours later.

RE: Kate

Where would you like to start, Cancergirl?

RE: Have you had sucess in any online relationship?

Please tell us more. It's good to get things off your chest. And it sounds like an educational story for all of us that will read it.

RE: what truly turns you on?

Oh, well! One out of two aint bad.

RE: Are there any available women in Madrid!

10 things you never knew about Madrid

1 Madrid is the capital of Spain.

2 S is also the capital of Spain. That's because S is the capital letter for Spain and Madrid is the capital city.

3 The world famous Spanish Riding School isn't in Madrid. It's in another capital city: Vienna.

4 If you add an S to the front of Madrid you get Smadrid, which roughly translated into Russian means "Look".

5 If you change the M to an H and change the D to a G, you get Hagrid, who was a character in the Harry Potter series of films.

6 There are more single women in Madrid (population 3.1 million) than in the whole of Wales (population 3.0 million).

7 Real Madrid are a football team. Surprisingly, they aren't based in Vienna. They are, in fact, based in Madrid.

8 Madrid lies further north than New York city.

9 Madrid only has an average of 63 days of precipitation per year with an average annual rainfall of just 436mm. This is despite Madrid being situated on the plain in Spain.

10 Real Madrid are so called to underline the fact that they are real, unlike Hagrid who is a fictitious made-up character.

RE: Why do places in the UK always end up in 'shire'??

10 things you never knew about Shires.

1. Change the R to a T and you've got a pretty good description of some Shires.

2. Take the S away and you've got something you can do with cars in every shire.

3. In the olden days York had the biggest shire.

4. If Yorkshire had been a country at the last Olympics in 2012, it would have won the 12th most gold medals of any country.

5. Change the R to an N and that's something that the sun rarely does in West Yorkshire.

6. Change the H to a P and you've got something that the town of Chesterfield in Derbyshire is famous for. Due to it having a crooked one.

7. The Spire in Chesterfield has never robbed anyone. It's crooked in the sense that's it's physically twisted.

8. Randy322 never knew where the term Shire came, before he started a thread on it n Connecting singles.

9. Change the I to an O and you have something that Derbyshire doesn't have, unless you count lakes and reservoirs. That's because Derbyshire is landlocked.

10. Unlike the landlocked country of Switzerland, Derbyshire doesn't have it's own navy. That's because it's a county in England, which is part of the United Kingdom, which has it's own navy.

RE: Childrens Programmes

As a child I was well aware of the double entendres associated with Master Mate and Seaman Willie.

It's a program with nice little 5 minute stories, with each episode having a different story.

Which is why I preferred Captain Pugwash to Hong Kong Phooey and Scooby Do, which are rather formulaic.

RE: The real facts about datingsites

If you're a vertically challenged male in his mid fifties with an undisclosed profession, and a negative attitude, looking only for someone younger than you; there may well be only a 1% chance that you will find a real partner on a dating site.

If, on the other hand you are an attractive, tall female in her twenties with a good job, a positive attitude, happy to meet older men; there's a 99% chance you'll find a partner on a dating site, if that's what you really want to do. No guarantee he'll turn out to be worth keeping though...

RE: why you are single

I'm single because:

I'm not good enough looking.
I'm not young enough.
I'm not well dressed enough.
I'm not well groomed enough.
I'm not outgoing enough.
I'm not confident enough when I first see someone.
I'm not in the right job.
I'm too clever.
I'm not tall enough.
I haven't been displaying the right status symbols.
I'm not funny enough.
I don't have enough friends.
I'm not willing to go with someone that I don't find attractive either physically or character / personality wise...

In other words, all the things that have lead to me not meeting / talking with enough women, and all the things that have resulted in women rejecting me.

RE: mickey's weather thread

In other words: good weather for Scotland in December.

RE: God Fearing

Plenty of people say "literally" when they're not being literal at all.
Why not say "metaphorically" instead, because that's what they mean?

Why do people say "No offense, but..." when they go on to make an offensive statement?
Why not say what they mean by starting with "I'm going to offend you, and..."?

Why do people say they're "going out" with someone, when they spend more time "staying in" with them?

They're all just expressions. The English language is a funny old thing.

RE: Getting married

Tell that to Elton John.

RE: God Fearing

Hey, you know, it's only an expression. It doesn't mean you have to be literally afraid of Him, like He's a violent husband - like the one Tyranosaur.

It just means you sort of try to live your life according to a certain interpretation of the Bible, or some other religious book.

Nothing wrong with that. Nothing wrong with not following any particular religion either.

I wouldn't rule any potential partner in or out on the basis of their religious beliefs.

There are so many things that are so much more important to me than that. Like their personality. How the act when things don't go their way, etc etc etc.

RE: thinking of buying a diesel car

That's why I'm running a 2003 diesel and not a 2006 one.

The 2006 one is faster, but the earlier model does more mpg, the engine lasts longer and it has no stupid DPF to go wrong.

RE: manchester get together

What? Here, on this 3 year old thread?

Good luck with that.

RE: Getting married

First: it doesn't matter the reason you "changed" your location on your profile. It's still not the truth. If you don't think you should write the truth on your profile that's up to you. And it's up to everyone else to decide what they think about a person that lies about their location on their profile.

Secondly I was led to believe your only income is from being a doctor, because that's what it says on your profile. If your main income is from property or some other business that's what you should have put, as well as or instead of saying that you are a doctor.

The education system where you live would definitely have to be one with no dropouts if you are running several businesses. How do you find the time to study if you're running several businesses? In which case what will be the value of your medical qualification in any other country when you turn up and don't know what you're supposed to know because instead of spending your time studying, you were running several businesses?

And yes it does make a difference that you won't be a doctor till next year, because it's not true that you are a doctor. What's the big problem with being honest and saying that you're a trainee doctor on your profile?

As for ethics. It is unethical (and illegal in the UK and possibly other countries) for any woman in the EU to marry you as a business arrangement to get you an EU passport. There's nothing about being open minded about it. It's just a simple statement of fact. I don't really see how you can argue that it's not unethical.

RE: Getting married

I think you may have missed one of the points I was making.

You have lied on your profile about where you are located. You are not even on the same continent as Stockholm.

You also lied about your income. $75k to $100k. For a trainee doctor in Iraq.

You lied about being a doctor. You aren't. You're a trainee one.

In life in general, you tell lies: your credibility goes out the window. That is not a good basis for anyone to get involved in an unethical marriage for passport arrangement with yourself.

How about you learning from your mistakes, making an apology on this thread and amending your profile to make it more factually correct?

RE: Getting married

I have a gay brother. So just for fun I'm going to change my profile to say I'm looking for a man.

I have an 84 year old parent. So just for fun I'm going to say I'm 84.

I have a great great grandparent that came from Germany. Just for fun I'm going to say that I'm living in Heidelberg.

My grandmother, bless her soul, lost enough of her eyesight and hearing to make her officially deaf and blind in her later years. In 40 to 50 years time, I'll probably go the same way. So just for fun, in anticipation, I might as well say that I'm as good as deaf and blind already.

I have a sister. She's female. Just for fun I'm going to say I'm female too.

So, which men fancy dating me now that I'm a fun loving, 84 year old, deaf and blind woman from a beautiful German University town?

RE: how many countries can we fit in a sentence or two

Some Wales were Perusing and generally Czeching out a sugar Cuba they found on a Pole on the beach of an Ireland they'd Finnished Russian round, when one of them said "I feel I've got some Malasia after eating too many Germs."

RE: Protests over tourists in Barcelona.

I'm thinking of holding a protest about the behaviour of the Spanish towards me as a British tourist.

I'm coming back from a holiday near Barcelona. Haven't drunk a single drop of alcohol. Haven't been a nuisance to anyone. And yet some git decided to hoof my wing mirror right off my car when it was parked in a public car park overnight.

RE: What is inspiration to you?

I've never come across any that tasted like honey. They've all tasted salty or like Scampi Fries to me. Mind you, that's based on licking only. I'm not into the Hannibal Lector / Luis Suarez school of dining.

RE: The Queen or a Full English?

They're not as young as they used to be. Can't blame Brian for slowing down a bit at the age of 66. He's still a great guitarist though and he comes over as a great bloke whenever I've heard him talk on the radio.

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