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RE: Do you think age matters in a marriage?

That is the truth. However, those that speak of it, especially those without proper knowledge, experience, or lack of bias, should be aware of those of us who have "been there done that".


RE: Do you think age matters in a marriage?

Seems stereotypes *always* enter the "age difference" discussion, with few having ever been involved in one.

I was married for 26-year to my wife of blessed memory. She was older (by 18-years) and poorer than me. So much for stupid and prejudicial stereotypes.

The primary motivation for a "normal" younger person wanting to marry a "mature" older person is that they desire the maturity level that they perceive age brings. But maturity is hard-won by those who seek it all of their lives.

Here's an example: recently I talked 54-year old woman here. But she was very, very immature and I finally just walked away from her absurd and presumptuous comments. She wasn't at my maturity level. Thus, age hadn't helped her mature, she has just gotten older.

And about a year ago, I talked to a young and intelligent lady in her late twenties. She was very, very mature and was quite a pleasure to talk to. But like most "mature" young ladies that try to find somebody here, she found the experience, of being on this site, very distasteful and after only two or three months of talking to me, she deleted her profile, likely never to return. This happens often with almost all the mature but young ladies. Because too many of the men here are unbelievably immature and abusive.

There are real and serious consequences to marrying. Add age to it, and you may find yourself a widow/widower and not liking it, as I did. Age isn't just a number, because in the end, it is more likely that the younger will survive the older. This should always be taken into account.

But if the person you find is older, don't walk away just because of age. It may be one if the biggest mistakes you ever make. I didn't walk away, and it was one of the smartest things I ever did.

I hope the mature in heart benefit from this small effort to make my experience be known to those who really seek truth in this matter.


RE: Which fruit ate by Adam and eve???

The Hebrew translation in the Torah is indeterminate as to which particular fruit it was. Many agree it was the citron, which is still used every year during Sukkot.

RE: Which fruit ate by Adam and eve???

bearded women look even more ridiculous!

RE: what is Ireland famous for...?

From my experience on this site, they are famous for being the rudest and most inhospitable people on the planet. I talk to women all over the world, but not Irish women! I don't know why, just what.

RE: Asexual

Emoticon for scammers being run over by a steam-roller:____________O)[]!(O >:( >:( >:( >:(

lol. I like the results, at least theoretically......

Emoticon for scammers being run over by a steam-roller:____________O)[]!(O >:( >:( >:( >:(

Hi all:

I just created an emoticon/ascii art for a steam-roller running over scammers. The steam-roller doesn't look too convincing, but the effect is pretty darn good, lol. If anybody creative out there would like to help, please do. Then we can pass it to CS and see if they'll add it to the current emoticon list. :) I'm really not the artistic type, so feel free to join it!

V1: ____________O)[]!(O >:( >:( >:( >:(
V2: ___ ___ ___ ___O)[]!(O >:( >:( >:( >:(
V3: ___ ___ ___ ___O)![]!!(O >:( >:( >:( >:(
V4: ___ ___ ___ ___O)##!(O >:0 >:( >:| >:) >:)

Hope to see it listed in profiles soon. I'm getting tired of reading: I hate scammers. If you're a scammer don't contact me...... OY! This could hopefully replace that!


RE: What Killed Marriage?

Marriage isn't dead, nor will it ever be. There are a lot of people, especially men, that would like it to be, so that they can get out of being responsible. So they pretend marriage doesn't exist. But that is their own narrow-mindedness.

Unfortunately, some women fall prey to this and find themselves in an awful predicament. We make our choices, then we pay the price.

Bottom line, never accept anything less.

Shalom l'Col (Peace to all)

RE: Will the Corona vacinne and microchip in your mandatory?

1) If Gates wants population reduction, he should lead by example. Then all his admirers and followers may join-suit. Strictly voluntary of course.

2) Microchip implantation *will* cause lead poisoning in vast numbers.

3) Any appropriate subjects to talk about?

RE: china have no more cases of corona

Unfortunately, the Chinese government has a "cure" we don't have in the Western world. Dead bodies don't spread the virus....

very mad


RE: You meet a genie in the bottle...

Then starvation sets in within a fortnight.....

RE: Is anyone else here a Ham ...

...and I'm the Only kosher Ham that I know of. ;)

RE: Is anyone else here a Ham ...

I'm an Amateur Extra + ARRL VE (volunteer examiner). (USA of course) I mention it all the time in here.


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