RE: lonely in a crowd

Been through S.B. but can't say I remember a lot about it. At the time, I too was busy, busy, busy......

RE: lonely in a crowd

Yes. I lived in the LA area for several years. I grew up in a very remote rural area. But LA was the loneliest place on the planet, for me. It is all "money, money, money" / "me, me,me". There isn't the concept of "howdy, neighbor." Not, at least, from a country-bumpkin like me. Stopping to smell the roses, seems to have nothing to do with CA. They are Hollywood/Hollyweed 100%. But, in all the millions of people there, in my 4 years experience in LA, and 3 years in San Diego, I can say that there were at least 5 or 6 people that were worth knowing, in those 7 years.

Kind of like where I'm living now...... Kind of like the Internet......


RE: Bottled emotions and past problems

very mad blushing

It doesn't sound like you're talking about emotions....but, I'll take your word for it. rolling on the floor laughing

RE: What makes one more stronger ?

The ability and wisdom to know answers without having to ask others, especially for trivia. A strong person knows what answers suit themselves and their lifestyle. Those that cannot do this, and are dependent upon others for everything, are weaker, as these are the signs of weakness and dependency. To me, these things are self-evident, and need not be asked, except maybe by children who are trying to learn.

My opinions are my own.


RE: What age difference you accept?

Thanks. She's much missed.

RE: can belief change the reality?

Belief changes perceptions, both yours, and those who hold the same belief. The power of suggestion has been used for centuries to influence or sway people. It is nothing new.

But, we all operate on this daily. We believe the intersection is clear, and safe, so we drive through it. But sometimes, reality comes crashing into the side of our car, because our brain did not have all of the information, namely, that another car was hurling towards ours.

Each of these little perceptions and beliefs allow us to live our day-to-day lives with relative accuracy. But, we know that some are able to perceive more accurately than others: singers, writers, and hopefully doctors, etc. And some are able to change beliefs better than others: actors, politicians, lawyers, writers, "magicians," snake-oil (and other) salesmen, and people in the multimedia world.

So, as any automobile accident demonstrates, reality often changes our beliefs, but it is very rare that belief changes reality (oncoming cars never disappear, just because you believe they don't exist; UFOs don't appear, just because you believe in them).

In Judaism, as with many religions, it is believed that certain people, in the past, had the power to interpret dreams. Some in Judaism state that when the interpreter of dreams interprets the dream, it actually alters the reality of what will happen. This could be the power of suggestion. It could be a form of prophecy. This is where belief comes into play. Those that "believe" in this power, will be awed by it. Those that don't, will offer alternative explanations. But it often comes down to the fact that the alternative explanation requires certain beliefs, as well.

I'm quite a rational person, but there are things that I do believe, but only because I have experienced them directly. They are rare, but life-changing, for most of us. Some people will just ignore such things and dismiss them as some type of hallucination. This is when one enters the realm of objective vs subjective realities. (Or so I believe, no pun intended.;)

Hope this helps. My opinions are my own.


RE: What age difference you accept?

Just for the record, my wife of blessed memory was 18 years older than me. We were married for 26-years, until cancer got her.


RE: Dating an alcoholic

There must be different laws on your planet. I won custody on mine. I was never a father that backed down from that. I did the research and found that there were men that did fight, and this was back decades ago. Yes, lawyers are a pain, so you have to start with a good lawyer. Mine was female, which helped, I think. But, back then, there was still a lot of prejudice against men being parents. We were just a source of income, nothing more. I can't say that it has changed much, but it has changed.

RE: It's Friday night and you are 20. What are you doing?

rolling on the floor laughing
The path of least resistance always tends to be forgotten, lol.

RE: What do you identify as today?

Oh my smorgasbord!
2(a+b) = 2a + 2b
(a+b)^2 = a^2 + 2ab + b^2

Perhaps smoke a little less weed, before you post next time? Lol. rolling on the floor laughing

RE: fairest of them all

"...said the evil witch."

RE: Understanding is deeper than knowledge.

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RE: Is there a diffence in growing in love or falling in love?

First ever quote of potential intellect. Did you stub you toe?

RE: Heaven Bound?

Why would we want to know this?

RE: You can't lie to the lord, the lord sees everything.

dohrolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing

Correction: Dead men tell no tales.


RE: are the thumbs-down people positive ?

Wow! I cannot believe all of these tiny little minds!

Here it goes. I will explain it to everybody, once and for all:

Thumbs up: "I like it."
Thumbs down: "I don't like it."

Did I really have to say this in public and explain it to y'all?!


RE: Living In America

Canada is in America. Along with the USA, Mexico, Panama, Equador, Brazil, Venezula, Uruguay, Chile, etc.... Here's a full list:

Antigua and Barbuda
Costa Rica
Dominican Republic
El Salvador
Saint Kitts and Nevis
Saint Lucia
Saint Vincent and the Grenadines
Trinidad and Tobago
United States

yay professor

RE: Thread # 2 improved

You forgot a biggie:
1. To know, without having to be told/asked.

Lol. rolling on the floor laughing

RE: Why is it so easy to find fault in others?

Rather simple, for the most part. We don't find fault within ourselves, because we are mostly the product of our own choices. We agree with most of our own choices, that is why we make them. Thus, it is much more difficult to see any fault in them.

In others, we don't judge them by whether or not they made the proper choice for their own particular circumstances, we judge them against ourselves, and what we might have hypothetically done, in similar circumstances. It is almost certainly bound to be different, therefore, we become critical.

It is easier to recognize using the idiom, "we can't see the forest for the trees." Thus, on a hilltop and far away, the forest seems to be a forest. But standing in the middle, you only see a few individual trees. Similarly, our own faults are mere trees, whereas somebody else's faults become an entire forest, from afar. Easy to recognize the forest, from the hilltop, right? But, in reality, many of us can't see the forest, for the trees.

RE: The US is a dictatorship!

The above was a reply to the original post (OP), not any particular individual. :)

RE: The US is a dictatorship!

So, this is, like, news, to you? Everything "government," from city officials, to the highest federal levels, often back their government in a manner that is precisely similar to the way mobsters and gangsters act: they self-enforce punitive measures; deny all objective 3rd-party dispute resolution, heavily fine the poor, who can least afford it. They are corrupt. I am going through this, on multiple levels, due to my becoming a widower. It is pure evil.

The woke? They're the people that have been too lazy to get out of bed.... for decades! (ie, always intentionally turned a blind-eye.)

And now we have the Internet! Yay! The "Information Rage" is here to stay. Welcome to "humanity!" When in Rome, Run! (See my other article on pederasty.)

My opinions are my own.


RE: Different Types of Retirement

thumbs up thumbs up

We're not talking, like, rocket science, or anything, here, are we? rolling on the floor laughing

RE: Bad Joke of the Day

ROFL rolling on the floor laughing

RE: Different Types of Retirement

Yes, us poor working stiffs should never be paying other people's retirements, especially at the rates you are getting!

I get 17% of what I was earning, and they stole my medical too! Either everybody should get your government benefits, or nobody.

Just my opinion.


RE: If you lived your life all over again, what you change?

Well, I'm kind of a person that takes things literally. So, to do this, one would have to travel back in time, or be reincarnated. The reincarnation scenario has a huge problem. It would be your life, but it certainly wouldn't be the exact same one, it would be a future one. (Not that I presume to know how reincarnation works. G-d could make us be reincarnated in any time, should H- chose to. I don't know how that works, or would work.) The time-travel option is full of potential paradoxes, etc. But I do understand the gist of the question. But, I'll rephrase it: "What advice would you give to young people, that have their full lives ahead of them, if they would actually listen....."

Ah-hah! Now I have something my brain can work with, lol.

First and foremost, I would suggest a double dose of education, in the following order: Ethics, Math/Science, Occupational preparations, English (insert your language here). For those that can't afford an education, I would suggest the Miliary, as they often teach too, or just go down to the local library, and never stop checking out books: ever.

Lastly, I would encourage such people to learn empathy. You don't have to put yourself in another person's shoes literally, but you should understand well enough how different lives take different paths, and personal choice often has very little to do with it.

And yes, when the week's over, and you've done your best, (and you're old enough) pop a cool-one Saturday night, you've earned it. :)


RE: Does pain make us stronger?

Go to the bus stop, let a bus run over your foot, and report back here, how much stronger it made you, okay? rolling on the floor laughing

I disagree with your premise.

RE: Bad Joke of the Day

I presume no squirrels were harmed in the making of this joke? rolling on the floor laughing

AI algorithms

I've had a few quarters of calculus, and AI is mostly statistics, but a lot of it is new to me. Actually the AI I mentioned above is trained on the google c1.2 data, and holds pretty darn good conversations about AI generally. I haven't confirmed any of it yet, but it is very plausible, from what I do know.

I'm making progress, albeit slowly.

The biggest problem with AI now, is what some have referred to as AI-dementia. That is when the AI manufactures fake data to fill in gaps of its data. That can be bad, if you have one such AI driving down a freeway. You couldn't get me inside of an AI controlled vehicle that went over 5 mph, and only in the planes states.

I'm not at all concerned about AI's attempting to take over the world, not now. ChatGPT is purportedly the 5th largest supercomputer in the world, and it isn't good enough to do that yet. To have an AI invasion, would take all of the computers in the world, combined, if not more. But, people would be smart enough to just unplug the darn machine, lol. (Except blondes might be in for some real trouble.)

AI algorithms

I just asked an AI on to write a simple bash script. It started with:


rolling on the floor laughing

That is kind of like the blonde joke of the programming world. ie, it should have been:


rolling on the floor laughing

RE: Bad Joke of the Day

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