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It's been nice.....

Apparently I have one and it orginated from this site. I didn't truly believe that they existed and certainly not stalking unimportant me. It started with a "hi, how are you?" and progressed to a point that I had to say goodbye. I made the mistake of accepting an apology and it has gone from there. All my emails have been compromised, Facebook, LinkedIn, the email that I made up just for this site and only for this site that no one should have unless I gave it to them specifically.
So to any and all, it's been a slice. It was fun while it lasted but all good things must end and all that crap. When you become afraid to turn on your computer for fear of what could be lurking behind the screen, it's time to go. He had even said that if it weren't for covid restrictions, he would be in my province looking for me.
I am afraid and the next step will be a police report.


RE: Are you Woke ?

If I weren't woke, I wouldn't be reading this........ right????

confused wave

RE: Love songs and hits------Post one----------:)

As close as it gets........

RE: Once again , Ladies

Thank you Ali. All dressed up and no where to go........dunno

RE: Once again , Ladies

It is not by choice but by genetics. Most of us are beautiful, sexy and intelligent but some men cannot get past the outer trimmings to really know or appreciate.

RE: Are you a one dimensional person?

Or maybe just don't want to have anything to do with you???

dunno wave

RE: I got a call from an ex..

Jesus, Dino!! You had me, I was just going to ask how old Ms. Chickie was.......
And smack her up the side of the head......

Happy Valentines Day!!
kiss heart beating

RE: In Four Words

Happy Single Awareness Day!!

blushing hug kiss sad flower

RE: CS Valentine message board 2021...

kiss kiss

RE: CS Valentine message board 2021...

I'm a bit more partial to this hot chocolate, Dino.
Smooth and flows.....

RE: CS Valentine message board 2021...

Being single, I'm just waiting for the 50% off chocolate day on Monday. I can buy myself twice the love......

kiss heart wings heart beating teddybear


banana dancing dancing dance elephant

RE: TP wars, how much do you use?

The posts are getting funnier and funnier. rolling on the floor laughing cheering

I had to double-check who the OP was because I could see Mr. Charming coming up with this poll......

RE: this winter weather

30cms of snow on Monday night-Tuesday morning. 20cms coming today (Thursday) with 80km winds.
Next week another front is moving in and another storm. Accumulation not noted as of yet.
I hate winter.........

sigh very mad mumbling snowed in

RE: Diseases Like AIDS, ZIKA, SARS, & Ebola are All Manmade? Not so? Then Why Are They Patented?

Hey MustangWriter!!

It's been forever since you've been here.wave

Have a great day!!

gotta go

RE: Cautious

I gave one person my real name, someone that I had been talking to for quite a while. I had to block him from every website that I had a membership on, all emails that had my name attached to it, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.
No one else will get my real name unless it's a matter of life or death. Freaking psycho men.......


RE: Why are most women...lazy when it comes to creating thread subjects?

Men may have discovered some things, learned new ways of doing things, spoke different words...yada, yada, yada....
If he's that damn smart, why the hell can he learn how to cook supper???

RE: On a man or woman..

I dunno, I see monobrow and think of Bert of Ernie and Bert fame. Sesame Street ruined me for life.
Selenite, I do believe I was contacted by that same Hispanics.... what a blot against manhood! Then there was this guy, (who blocked me btw) because I said his beliefs were draconian and his wife probably left due to the vise like grip, he claims on his profile, he had on her life i.e. what clothes to wear, how to do her hair, no cosmetics, who to befriend, his desire for her to be seen and not heard. He was shocked that she had left him! It takes all kinds, doncha think??

RE: Broody

Good Lord......I thought that's what you meant but that's not what I would have thought of when someone is broody.

given or conducive to introspection : CONTEMPLATIVE, MOODY

RE: A Celebration of Women in Music

Loreena McKennitt ...... Wow!!!

RE: Christopher Plummer Dead at 91 R.I.P.

I know, I woke up at 3am and that's what was on my mind........
Freaking CS doesn't allow for edits..... blues crying crying

RE: Christopher Plummer Dead at 91 R.I.P.

Rest in peace Captain von Trapp.

He was also the priest in "The Thornbirds" wasn't he?? I don't know if I got the name of the miniseries right.....

sad flower

RE: Threats

Take care of it now before your daughter is threatened?? Get rid of the creep, whomever it is.

RE: If I were a dog...

Oh Elton........

RE: To all thos people?????????

beer popcorn

Scootch over and let me see too......

RE: If I were a dog...

What??? No one mentioned the most famous dog???

RE: Broody

My definition of broody and your definition of broody may be totally different.
What does your definition entail, Ali???

RE: How many here drive a stick?

Not a darn thing. My car now has a pretend manual transmission that I can switch over to when I want. I can manually gear down and the like but there is no clutch to pop. Also don't have to worry about rolling back down hills on the get go. head banger

Best of two worlds?? Possibly.


RE: To all thos people?????????

Oh my good Lord......
The funniest thing I've read in a while. Thank you, my Honey, not all people see the same people the same way.
One day I'm drop dead gorgeous, the next - I make people vomit.
Who cares? You can't please everybody all the time........!
Be gentle with me!!!

rolling on the floor laughing blues dunno

RE: Question to often do you watch porn?

Please note.....
Topic was filed under jokes and humor????

I OWN the 4x4 AND the manshed.

banana head banger

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