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I guess black men who empower women being pimps are exempt and black on black crime regarding drugs. I think the Brotherhood, BLM and ANTIFA are a lot more dangerous to society than the KKK and especially Congress. Montu needs a life and to actually do some good.

RE: I hate captcha!

Same here. I hate when they say check off fire hydrants and you only see bicycles. rolling on the floor laughing

RE: Current Thoughts #5

Mercedes, can you leave me a sexy voice message without laughing? rolling on the floor laughing

RE: Does America need more gun control laws?

London in the UK and Toronto in Canada both have gun control. London is now the knife murder capital of the world and while Trudeau pushes even more gun control against legal gun owners the streets in Toronto are filled with more illegal guns and increasing numbers of gangs in ghettos. This is what you get with socialists pushing their disastrous ideology... no true commitments to solving problems interested only in staying in power, open borders, flawed immigration systems, believing unlawful migrants are immigrants, and removal of free speech which results in corruption. The only way humanity can survive is if patriots of all nations have weapons to defeat evil and defend against dictators, terrorists, and criminals in your own communities. The EU is basically finished having been taken over by globalists... the US still has a chance to save liberty and justice for all as long as the rats in Congress and swamp are eliminated. The Rockefeller Syndrome is full-blown in 2020... if Trump loses by a rigged election China will become your master and Biden will simply be a dancing puppet part of his clown show.

RE: The biggest geniuses failed this

I think the original author was drunk.rolling on the floor laughing

RE: Can you fall in love with someone on social media, with just the pic?

No one ever did what Pistone did... truly amazing.

In any case, I seriously think you should consider dating OP... with a change in attitude, a little romance and proper meds I think you would both hit it off. Go ahead big guy... make the first move. Just remember... she's highly intelligent and superior to everyone. Make sure you also use the right cologne from your nearest Dollar Store ( preferably made in China ) and don't forget to shower. Good luck.head banger

RE: Where am I from?

The only female who claims to be from Venezuela I can see is from Maracaibo... hopefully this is good enough unless you want the exact address or name of the hospital? rolling on the floor laughing

Eyes candy... today I'd rather have a homemade Lasagna with double cheese. Not the processed type... the real s**t.rolling on the floor laughing

RE: Where am I from?

A state in Venezuela. rolling on the floor laughing The eye candy is just to throw me off. rolling on the floor laughing

RE: Where am I from?

If not Cuba maybe Venezuela...definitely not Peru.rolling on the floor laughing


Christian Democrats sitting on the fence allowing Pelosi and Congress to destroy America are just as bad as devil worshippers and Satan. In reality, the most ethical individuals now do not follow any religion... they simply believe in freedom of speech, liberty, justice, patriotism, and the Constitution willing to repair the mess socialists have done to society and the world. Many Christians are also cowards... praying and preaching online will not save humanity since you actually have to venture out on to the streets to do your part.

RE: What is one difference between a Snow man and a Snow woman ?

Snow men or Snow women have no gender... just like Snow transgenders.

RE: Can you fall in love with someone on social media, with just the pic?

I'm extremely accurate in my assessment and Adam is irrelevant. My upbringing also is irrelevant... unlike your issues. Profiling you is easy... easier than most.

RE: Hi All

How's the farm Buckwheat? rolling on the floor laughing

RE: Can you fall in love with someone on social media, with just the pic?

I never said you are... however your anger implies you are unsuccessfully trying to convince members of something you're not. I'm not conning anyone... other individuals are judging you by your own actions. I'm sure of my observations and conclusions.

RE: Can you fall in love with someone on social media, with just the pic?

Logic in the real world usually has no importance in today's society... street smarts is totally different where even a high IQ or extreme intelligence can't save you from a great scammer with lower education. A good scammer with street smarts actually uses your own logic and intelligence to win against you and especially if you're gullible, insecure, frustrated, confused, or emotional. On the other hand, a great scammer who has street smarts, extreme intelligence, and uses logic can be deadly... more so than anyone else. A great scammer is not obnoxious, pompous, or full of himself... this goes against him or her gaining your confidence and bad scammers are not friendly being too obvious. Online it's a whole new ball game... people like OP who don't seem stable and ask too many questions make themselves a mark. Asking a few right questions... makes you smart. When a responder hits all the right answers truth and physical appearance fade a bit... leaving individuals to be preyed upon and questions from the attacker provide enough information to set the sting whether innocent, s*xual, or criminal. It can also work for bad and good purposes... depends on who is the better operator.

A good example is Joseph Pistone... the former FBI agent who worked undercover infiltrating the Bonanno crime family and Colombo crime family in NY. All the mobsters were extremely street smart and intelligent for the type of work they did even though actual schooling wasn't perfect. It was however for the environment they lived and played in to start with and moving up from there once they achieved more skills and experience to deal with unions, politics, and other legit businesses. But, Pistone was brilliant... he conned everyone and strictly by himself. Reading Pistone's articles and book it's obvious he had all the right traits where others would fail. Conclusion... just like different environments there are also different dating sites and a good scammer after analyzing the contents uses the right tools to do the job. Most on the forums are here just for fun, because they are bored or simply to screw around... a few however are threats and dangerous regardless where you log on.

RE: The biggest geniuses failed this

There are still a few right answers if you use this logic.

5+8=13 If you get the answer correct.
And the sequential increase in sums 45.

Since 5+8=_________ was added there is an open door to use all the answers.

Please find the correct result ( without a ? ) is not the same as Please find the correct result.

It should have read.

Please find the only correct result?

RE: What has been the biggest threat in 2020 ?

Definitely Pelosi's Democrats and the Squad in Congress including RINOs and conspirators in the swamp.

RE: The biggest geniuses failed this


1+ (4x1)=5
2+ (5x2)=12
3+ (6x3)=21
5+ (7x4)=33

RE: If the Covid-19 vaccination kills you.... Your family CAN NOT SUE the maker.

You're a cretin and everyone knows it. Trump is not a criminal... however Democrats, Congress, and all in Obama's administration were criminals. Get it right.

RE: Could they be wrong?

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RE: The biggest geniuses failed this


RE: The biggest geniuses failed this

Not a pink poodle like you.

This is a list of forum posts created by TTRacer.

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