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RE: Visit to Rome

You'll love Rome! Beautiful places to see; go to the Spanish Steps at night. Hundreds of people out! From there it's a short walk to the Trevie (spelling??) fountain. Rome is a fantastic city to just walk. Anything you do will be wonderful! Be sure to try the Gelato at any of the stalls and order a pizza in any of the Piazassa! Loved it there and the people are fantastic! Enjoy!

RE: So you are a commitmentphobiac?

Thx Jan! Yeah, remember you too. Hope everything has been great in your life. wine

RE: So you are a commitmentphobiac?

Thx Laura! Fate, luck, whatever; not going to question it. Just enjoying every single minute!

RE: So you are a commitmentphobiac?

Thx! wine Met her on POF. Got lucky!

RE: Do you plan to go to a warm location this winter on Vacation ?

Yep! Just got back from Egypt. 112 in the Valley of the Kings. Nice and warm!!!thumbs up

RE: So you are a commitmentphobiac?

Hiya Laura! wave Long time since I've been on. Guess I have to say I'm not worried about commitment since I became engaged this past Saturday. grin Hope everything has been sunshine and roses for ya!wine

RE: A little bit of human touch

Lol!!! Good for you!! I'm down to next to nothing; refuse to have cable; lots of other ways to enjoy spending money. What you been up to, kiddo? Don't see a lot of the old timers on here anymore.

RE: A little bit of human touch

Hiya Laura! Long time no see! I think we keep coming back because social interaction with REAL people beats the hell out of T.V. reruns!! Nice to talk with real people!

RE: Obama is going to be rememberd as one of the best american presidents!

LOLOLOL!!!!!!!!! Hiya Conrad!!!


For anyone out there thats interested, just learned that Billy Idol is going to be at Rockfords On the Waterfront festival labor day weekend. Not sure what night yet but sounds like a fun concert to see!!

RE: Internet communication with the world.

Completely off topic; just wanted to say Hi Laura. wave


Lots of great music out and about especially with summer coming up. Saw Red at On the Waterfront last summer. Earlier, Staind, Train, Judas Priest, White Snake, Paramont, and Yardbirds at Summerfest in Milwaukee. Pat Benetar at Navy Pier, Moody Blues at Milwaukee ampitheater, and Foreigner at Wisc. State Fair. Probably two of the best concerts I've ever seen were Dave Mathews Band a couple years ago (fantastic show!!) and a twin bill; Puddle of Mudd and Finger Eleven together at Rockford's On the Waterfront festival. And hopefully, one of the best coming up on the 15th of this month. Scored some great tickets to an AC/DC concert!!!

RE: New Years Resolutions

rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing

RE: what is the coolest job out there would you think

Lol!!! Not going to happen in C'ville!!!

RE: You believe in euthanasia for yourself?

thumbs up Agree completely! How ya doing, darlin! Long time no see.

RE: wish list for 2010

Looking forward to maybe buying a 2nd home in Crete, Greece. Hopefully everything will work its way out.


RE: Guys...Do you perfer girls with "Long or Short hair?""

Keep the long hair, Kitty. Most guys I know, myself included, love long hair!! wine

RE: Obama administration made it possible! Support universal Health care for all americans!

What planet are you from?? This health care reform bill does ABSOLULTELY nothing for the normal person. The only people it REALLY helps are the insurance companies and the government. If you can't afford health insurance, you pay a penalty to the government; period!!! What a crock!!! Get a life, you loser!

RE: Songs for your mood right now (part 5) :-)

3 a.m. here. Could only be Bob Seger - "Hollywood Nights"

RE: do american people really hate arabs and muslim? do arabs and muslims hate american people

What governments do the muslims hate? It switches every few years so does that mean that they don't hate americans sometimes?? Bullshit!!! Absolutely no reason for any of this! Radical elements in any society should not be tolerated; unfortunately that's not the case the way I understand the muslim religion works. So you end up with a radical element that causes problems for all muslims by people without a brain!!

RE: would you date somebody with dentures?

How would you even know until you've dated for a bit??dunno confused

RE: what usa want in pakistan,afhganistan.?

What crap!! We'd like it to end just like everyone else. But I don't see any other countries stepping in to try to stop a lot of this garbage!!

RE: What was the last song you listened to?

Robert Cray Band - "Bad Influence"

RE: If slavery was legal today, would you own a slave?

Absolutely nothing to do with your topic, but happy Thanksgiving Laura! wine

RE: What was the last song you listened to?

Robert Cray Band - "Bad Influence"

RE: Hey good lookin', What'cha got cookin'?

Doing something a little different this year.

Appetizer - puff pastry shells with shrimp and mushroom filling
Soup - Shrimp and crab bisque
Salad - Greek; tomatoes, onions, and kalamata olives drizzled with fresh lemon juice.

Main Course - Lamb en Crout. Boneless leg of lamb stuffed with pork sausage and bacon baked in a pastry shell
Roasted potatoes
Fresh baguettes

Dessert - Carmel apple tart.

RE: Do YOU feel the democrats are RAMING there healthcare bill down OUR throats ???

That's a poll I can believe in!! Agree that the health care system is flawed and needs to be revamped. Disagree that the package the Dem are trying to rush thru is going to help at all!

RE: Do YOU feel the democrats are RAMING there healthcare bill down OUR throats ???

Depends on what poll you're looking at. The last one I saw stated 53% were against the bill as proposed.

RE: war on Iraq?

War "ON IRAQ?? Maybe "In Iraq" not on. I don't care if they found any WMD's or not; the world is a LOT better place WITHOUT Saddam. As far as justification, look at ALL the ultimatums the U.N. (worthless tripe!) gave Saddam. I think we were completely justified to go in to Iraq. As far as staying and where we are now, that's a different matter altogether and not as easily decided as the paper's want us to think. Time will tell.

RE: Would you move to another country for love?

Bull!!! You're a Softie, dude! You'd do it in a heartbeat for the right woman!!! As well as most of us. How ya doing, Stress? Shitty here; Bears suck as usual!! We'll never have a team as long as the McCaskys own em!

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