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RE: Madeleine

RE: Are there people on this site that turn your

most people are off tomorrow ( not meroll eyes ) so I expect about 90% are 'drugged' in some shape or form by now, or will be soon!laugh

RE: Great Advice to Pass on to Your Daughters

I have only boys- for once that's a relieflaugh

RE: headaches

same for the human population- people think antibiotics will cure anything they have, when it could be a viral or fungal infection, when all antibiotics will do is raise the risk of antibiotic resistant strains of bacteria in themselves and the population.
Oddly enough, NOT having a medical card, means you don't go to the GP the minute you cough twice, ( not ALL medical card holders, I might add) as you have to think of the financial impact, therfore you are not making yourself as vulnerable to more serious infections in the future!!

RE: headaches

You don't need a GP visit to get medicine for something minor- the problem is that people are taking very strong painkillers, even narcotics for things that would be relieved just as easily, by paracetamol or ibuprofen.professor

RE: headaches

I'm assuming he means he can get meds with codeine in them OTC which are ( and quite rightly so ) only available after discussing the persons need for such a strong medication. They are not prescription tho' wine

RE: If you could change !!!!!!!

physically, I would have the face of a 21 year old ( preferably Angelina Jolies face, but if it has to be mine, then at least it could be young!) minus the hereditary dark eye circles. Emotionally, it would be a self confidence transplant!!
That said, in view of Nvosiris' post, I know I've been pretty lucky so far hug

RE: Skyfest in Wexford.

We went in as far as the old hospital, so got to see some of it ( through a treelaugh ) but at least we managed to get out of town in 10 minutes instead of the 3 hours it would have taken from in town!
would like to have been on the quay, but one son had a sore throat and ear so a night in the rain might not have been a good idea ( especially since he is already overly sensitive to noise and had a pair of builder's earphones ( earmuffs? earplugs?dunno ) on him, and still found it loudlaugh

RE: attainable ambitions

I used to love the 'clarks shoes' advert, with the wee girl parading her siblings.... 'james is going to be a fireman, susie is going to be a ballerina' etc etc..... 'and according to Mummy, when I grow up, i'm going to be a proper little madam'!! the innocence of kids eh?!! laugh

RE: 3 threads on Uniforms

do riveters wear a uniform??smitten laugh

RE: RBS Six Nations

ah well done lads! Keith, you and I will just have to drown our sorrows- pot of tea for two!
I did enjoy watching 'my boy' Ronan score a try though smitten

RE: quick question ...

my first 'self piercing' was my ear- for the anniversary of Sid Vicious' death!! not only am I ageing myself but showing my obviously impressionable self as a teenager!laugh I did try the upper ear piercing as my 'middle aged woman's mid life crisis', but have settled for an invisible ( to allroll eyes ) belly bar!

RE: Who was your first CS crush on? ~~~~~

my first was on some swedish/norwegian guy in belfast- long gone now. my next was MartyG- we are still friends:)grin

RE: Daily Quiz lives on

Wow! I got 10/10 i think that's my first!! laugh

RE: the system stinks

wave to be fair, I think he is just pointing out the inequality in this scenario, but it is impossible to assess without more info. I get the child allowance for my kids, but I pay about 95% of their expenses, and have them 6/7 days a week, so can't work fulltime etc etc etc. All these and many more factors, affect who needs it more. That said, nice to know he is more interested in the time with them, than the money. think we've scared him off anyway!!

RE: who's here tonight?

I had it done in Dublin ( as a present!) a couple years ago, and while it worked really well, it only lasted a few( like four!) weeks- has it done in Wexford, for half the price.. it made my eyes water while it was on, which did make me suspicious, and while my hair did look sleek and shiny , that was only if I blow dried it for ages, which kinda defeated the purpose !dunno but if there was a reasonable priced effective one available, I would think about it- I am so lazy about the whole 'getting ready to go out' routine andhate having to spend time on it!

RE: Regrets

I did the 'rose tinted glasses' thing over an ex many years ago, but in a lucid moment thought about things he had said/done, and realised that , no, despite what he said, in my mind, he really wasn't right for me.

RE: who's here tonight?

DON'T DO IT!!! actually it's banned now I believe because they say it's 'natural' but is really full of chemicals- I had it done and it absolutely ruins your hair!!! like having 20 perms at once!!moping

RE: who's here tonight?

last night was my 'child free' night, but I exchanged my own 3 for babysitting overnight for my BIL and SIL babysitting their 5 kids under 8 y/o!! we all survived, ... tonight it's me and my own lads-so a quiet night in- they are being very good, and a roaring fire/glass of cheap red combo!waiter

RE: Effin Jedward

yes it was catchy when Britney sang it ( think 'womaniser') but it's still not a good song.
Jedward are a bit like the ad 'they do what it says on the tin' but that is because they were the 'joke act' on X-factor, and were quite amusing, not taking themselves seriously, young lads having fun and entertaining people, so most folks like them for their enthusiasm and guts. the thing is- the european audience probably didn't see X factor, so don't know the history.... so can't appreciate their 'twee' appeal.
i remember the excitment we got as kids watching the ESC, as it seemed like a real contest- when a good song usually won... now it's just a freak show, with ridiculous neighbourhood friendly voting!!! ( though, every year I swear I will not lower myself to watch it, but if I happen to be home that night... well, you knowblushing ) laugh

that said, I won't be wagering any of my hard earned cash on them winning!!laugh

RE: Tools Explained

sounds like my DIYlaugh

RE: Tools Explained

sounds like my DIYlaugh

RE: Yes or no game

apparently , if you cut it off while they are talking, then they think it must be the phone!!laugh

RE: Yes or no game

Yes!!!cheering well, of course it's Tobermory, on Mull where my pal livesgrin

RE: He said it...!

That's brilliant!!! hopefully it's the first of many achievements!applause

well done Nuala!

so far I've seen Nuala on the tv, and heard God's gift on the radio- who's next ????? laugh

well done Nuala!

11am on Sybil and the other chap. hope she doesn't mind me posting this!!

well done Nuala!

since I've been home with the dreaded 'flu, I confess to having watched some daytime tvblushing and who did I see this morning on ?tv Am but the lovely Nuala- just wanted to say... first off, you looked lovely.... and were very articulate and calm with what was such an emotive subject...well done- Is this the start of your broadcasting career??dancing wave

RE: Before you shoot....


I believe they all died of boredomdunno laugh

RE: Vincent Browne show

all that the back and forth in this thread has shown me, is that we should be aware that every situation has two sides..
1. there are complete wasters on the welfare system abusing it because they are too lazy to work when they can get a relatively good amount of money for doing nothing, ... then there are people who, through no fault of their own, have bills to pay and have lost their legitimate hard earned income, that need help to survive until they can find work again.( or not,in the case of the disabled)
2. there are hard working self employed people that worked hard during the CT, but didn't take advantage and overcharge, and now have lost income because of the decline, . but there are others that used the CT as an excuse to treble their charges and made huge amounts, didn't save, bought huge houses/cars etc, and now complain that they may lose those things.
3. Some, in both public and private sectors, got massive raises and bonuses in the CT. ( and did the same buying big houses etc etc..) Others , in both private and public sector, didn't get the chance to treble their wages in the CT, but have seen their work levels double in the last couple years, and still now have to take the wage cuts/tax raises/ hours cuts with everyone else.

So I see it as futile and insulting that people slag off any group of workers ( or 'non workers' whether voluntary or not, in the case of welfare recipients) en masse... there is bound to be a percentage of that group that deserve the abuse, and also , a percentage that really don't.. why is it okay to treat both sides with the same disdain?

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