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RE: Dio's Secret Public Journal

Come on now Dio, it's been 3 months since this post. Do you need inspiration babydoll confused

RE: Dio's Secret Public Journal

What kind of Aholes do you work with very mad

Don't let them do it Dio. The poor guy has got enough to deal with, without being humiliated by his coworkers. People do horrible things when pushed too far. You have the ability and conscience to stop it. I have faith in you kiss

RE: Dio's Secret Public Journal

Sweetheart, it's not your fault if he felt puny and weak in your presence frustrated

I think your arms are perfect for giving big warm hugs and making a gal feel safe and protected blushing

RE: Dio's Secret Public Journal

hug kiss

RE: in your opinion, wich are the best romantic, sensual or sensitive dance?

I think you forgot pole dancing rolling on the floor laughing

Bedroom Conversation

good point! I love it when I'm in a public place and my guy whispers things he wants to do to me in my ear. Really gets me warmed up.

Bedroom Conversation

So then, how about a reply to the original thread. Do you like dirty talk?

RE: Journey - Open Arms vs Bonnie Tyler -Total Eclipse of the Heart

So many good Journey memories, gotta go with it.

RE: Satisfy your Curiousity....

When you're married or in a LTR,you can only say no so many times before something bad happens. So sometimes you indulge your partner even if you aren't totally into it.

Many women have issues with their own sexuality. Especially those who have had negative s*xual experiences in their youth. It can take years to overcome these issues. And yes, communication with your partner can help, but it can be very difficult to learn to trust your partner enough to share things of this nature.

RE: The way to a man's heart is through his stomach -your opinion?

I think the best way to a man's heart is through your own heart. Show him what's in your heart and share it with him and he may do the same with you.

Spend time together, do little things for each other, and be there when he needs you. teddybear

RE: Satisfy your Curiousity....

Couple of reasons I can think of.

1. We don't want to hurt the guys ego if he's not exactly the best lover.

2. Sometimes you just aren't into it and you want it to be over quickly.

3. Some women have a lot of difficulty achieving o*gasm, leaving them feeling inadequate. That can be difficult to share so instead they fake it.

RE: Satisfy your Curiousity....

I LOVE shoes smitten

One reason is because it's the one size that doesn't change.

Another is they are the perfect communicator. You are going to get a very different message if I'm wearing suede hush puppies innocent than you are if I'm wearing red pumps w/stilletto heels devil

RE: Write an adjective attributing the person above.


RE: Would u flirt with the one above u?


RE: Write an adjective attributing the person above.


RE: Write down the most inteligent word you know.


RE: Write an adjective attributing the person above.

Well, I have learned something new today. Thank You Kansan.

RE: Write an adjective attributing the person above.

hope that's good, off to break out the dictionary laugh

RE: Write an adjective attributing the person above.


RE: Write an adjective attributing the person above.


RE: Friends with Benifits

I'm very curious to know more about your friend. Why did she suggest this? I'm wondering if she has deeper feelings for you and this is the only way she can think of to get closer without expressing those feelings. Does she tend to keep her feelings too herself?

And are you are actually attracted to her sexually or romantically? I'm mean if you were gonna go down this path, why not consider it a romantic relationship?

RE: seasonal intimate relationships

It really does. Most of my relationships start in the spring and summer and are done by fall and winter.

RE: would you date a recovering alcoholic

I would, but I would also consider how far long they are in their recovery.

I haven't been through it personally, but I imagine that intitally you need to focus on yu and getting better. So it's probably not a good time to start a new relationship.

RE: Does size really matter?

Thank you, but it's early yet laugh

RE: Does size really matter?

I was honest.

RE: Does size really matter?

Good question. Guess you know where my minds at laugh

RE: Does size really matter?


But maybe not the way you think.

Thicker is better than thinner and right size is better than supersize. Fit is individual and one size does not fit all.

Something bad happened

No chance of that. People like that don't seem to have any problem finding a soulmate-so she's already hitched. go figure...

RE: What would it be?

not if you don't act your age wink

Something bad happened

What usually happens is one guy starts at another company and when something opens, they call people from the previous employer to try and woo them into leaving. It's a way of sticking it to the old company. I'm pretty determined to weather this storm. I have some heavy hitters supporting me, so even though I worry about what could happen (if i open my big mouth), I think she is going to leave before I do.

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