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RE: I don't body my choice

Yes I'm awake..

I was contacted twice in a week by phone.

First a lady asking me if I had been vaccinated...then did I want an appointment?

A few days later, same scenario.

To which I responded:
No..and i don't want the least not at the moment.
I prefer to wait and see what happens.

My added statement was of course in case they tick the wrong box as an antivax.

Then, on the same day, there was a car with loudspeakers going round calling the over 70s for their jabs.

It all sounded like a scifi to me! devil

RE: Rent

Hi Ali
You could have a handmaid and she'll be living with you and you can have sex with her every month until she has your baby then you can get rid of her

I've just been watching the first 3 seasons of the handmaid's tale.

RE: In a lifetime

Giving birth is giving life to a new soul and is the most beautiful experience for a woman.

RE: Have you ever had a fling or affair with a married politician

I meant...I didn't know they were married or...
I didn't know they were politicians.dunno

RE: Have you ever had a fling or affair with a married politician

None that I know of? dunno

RE: Who has dated someone from another country and how was it for you ??

I agree with you! ( from a Parisienne)

RE: The many layers of...

Or parsnips?dunno

Onions make me cry.crying

RE: How dumb do they think we are anyway?

That's good Pat
You'll still know which is the front and the back.head banger

RE: How dumb do they think we are anyway? a pair of knickers from C & A
It has C the front
And... A the back

Note..applies to both women's and men's underwear.laugh rolling on the floor laughing

RE: Lockdown Eased

Oh really?
Will you live long enough to inject everybody?

Is it your reward?

RE: Lockdown Eased

Just be patient Tom.
It would be too suspicious! comfort

RE: The Things We Got Attached To

Being attached to people or things and places is a negative attribute.

We need to cut off all those attachments as they carry energy and drag us back.


Yes, you're right. Everybody needs to believe in "something".

I believe in things that I can see, touch, smell etc...
But...they are also an illusion! wink

RE: Call it what you may...

Ok...what have you got in mind?

RE: Anything Can Be Reusable

rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing

RE: Classical Corner too!
23.30 here.yawn

RE: Classical Corner

I also love classical music very much.
I used to play classical guitar (can't anymore! sigh

Now I've started piano again and concentrating on classical music.

Some of my favourites that I'm playing now:

Chopin..Nocturne no 2
Mozart...Turkish March
Bach/Gounod...Ave Maria
Mariage d'amour (Paul de Sevenille)

I also love operas and practising at the moment
Puccini, O mio Babbino Caro

Wish I could post a few??help

RE: Classical Corner

Thanks Karl..that's the one thumbs up

Most beautiful version I've heard and seen.
This man is a genius how he plays his instrument with such


RE: Classical Corner

Ave Maria ..Bach/Gounod played by Hauser on his cello with the Croatian orchestra

Can't find the link on my phone?

RE: Classical Corner

I have many favourites but don't know how to post them?

RE: Classical Corner


RE: Classical Corner

Beautiful music! smitten

RE: Cuisine: Which is the healthiest?

None of it is healthy!

And if eaten raw, even worse!
You're eating all the parasites with well as the high mercury content.barf

RE: Intelligence Test

The question is: was she really a virgin?

First we need to define virginity for a woman?
Either a woman who's never had sex with anyone although she has not necessarily lost her hymen?

Or someone who still has her hymen?

So...who would actually know that she was a "real" virgin unless they had sex with her in the first place?
uh oh

RE: Is it Politically Correct today to make jokes about Aliens (from other planets?)

How true! laugh

RE: Worst Food

Animals do NOT have a soul..but they have a heart.
But I don't eat any meat nor fish.

RE: Worst Food

Animals do NOT have a soul. Sorry Gal.

RE: Shark fin soup

That's right.
Even lobsters are needed for the eco system.

Do you realise the pain they feel when put in boiling water?doh

RE: Shark fin soup

For me it happened over 20 years ago, all of a sudden. I never gave it any thought.
It's like if a switch just turned itself off.

First it was meat, then, some time later, I couldn't eat any fish either.

And, to tell you the truth, I never missed it and I felt better for it too.


RE: Shark fin soup

Glad to hear it!
And so am I! cheers

I also get plenty of protein from other sources.

I see more and more meat free delicious products here, in the supermarkets.
There must be more demand for it.

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