RE: If you could be an expert on anything..

My fingers are getting good at hitting report and block buttons

RE: What are your thoughts on colonoscopies?

Better weather Anna your joking

RE: What are your thoughts on colonoscopies?

Blimey Anna that's a lot I pay 75 euros a month, cheaper in France.

RE: What are your thoughts on colonoscopies?

I have them every five years, sometimes clear sometimes not, but the pretreatment sure clears you out, I suggest your no further than two paces from a toilet and stock up on loo roll.rolling on the floor laughing

RE: Warnings

Trying to open child safe medication bottles can cause heart attack.

RE: Pancakes

Ham and grated cheese

RE: Are you a feminist?

I am not a feminist apart from equal pay for equal work. I agree things are swinging too far and this is to the detriment of both sexes causing hatred for the opposite sex, examples seen growing on this site
Give me a good old fashioned gentleman who respects women and their right to voice their opinion and they will get my respect.

RE: Are you a feminist?

Let us . ::bouquet: wtg

RE: Cars and bikes

I've a Renault megan, covered in mud and cow shit, what i want is an aston martin .

RE: Kittens & Cats

Thats why they use your garden

RE: Kittens & Cats

I think mine would but i keep the lid down after catching one drinking out of it he only had to walk to the room next door for the bowl of water. And whats the fascination with muddy puddles.

RE: Kittens & Cats

Mine have cat flaps, i live in the country, but still need a litter tray if its raining, poor poppets dont like the rain, I've even caught one on numerous occasions using the hole in the shower probably couldn't be bothered to walk downstairsconfused

RE: Kittens & Cats

I have three all rescue, William, jasper and petite pois. All three are different personalities but each insists on at least a half hour cuddle every day normally at inappropriate times. They never shut up, wrecked my furniture bring live mice as presents to me in bed but the love they give outweighs every thing.

RE: Where is A man that any woman would be proud to be with?

I didn't know thats what I am supposed to do doh

RE: Zoster

I get it when highly stressed, luckily it's not a large patch. The doctor gives me two types of cream when I feel it coming on and if I'm quick enough catches before it becomes full blown. Very painful and itches like hell.

RE: whats your favorite

Oui, le accent francais sud etre Tres Tres romantique, mais le nord, pfff non.

RE: Are you tattooed or tattooless?

A small one hidden where the sun doesn't shine

RE: Annoyed

Going into shops and waiting to pay because their too busy discussing their s*xual exploits from the night before.
Loud talking on the phone, I tell them they don't need the phone.
Ignorant drivers.
Volvo drivers with caravans and flat caps
I better stop now.

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