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RE: The world has gone mad…

Took me a few seconds to click as I was not sure if I could take Stelters arrogant smirk.
But luckily he got a seldom streak of decency midthrough,
however it's a tad late now Brian.. to see the light.

RE: Do you believe you find the One? Please, do! Thank you, CS!

Thanks for reminding us that this is also a dating site.

I know it's doable, even here. I been close a few times, and there is still hope.

RE: Are boycotts a legitimate form of protest?

Certainly, to such an extend that the leadership of my transport union
felt they could flag the boycot Israel banner on our behalf.
And that was one step to far for my liking.

Don't get me wrong, I have nothing against Palistinians.
But I also support Israel. bouquet

RE: Wuhan leaked the virus

Snowlynx, some benefits of living in Europe: less chance of paranoia.

I was tested for the first time last week. I had a cold and wanted to make sure it was not it.
Very fast, very professional. Lovely nurse in full body armor and plexiglass.
I sad thank you for excellent service!

Two days later results were in: negative.
That was a pcr test, the one that usually cost a hundred pounds at a priv doc.
I can NOT complain about the healhtcare here. Happily paying my 25% taxes.


RE: Are boycotts a legitimate form of protest?

Rohaan, you being an experienced grown up you know what it is dunnya.
Think there is no law, at least not in my country, that prevent you from doing
some sort of smear campaign against a whole nation as such, now is there.

Morals is another thingy and that was why I did not accept this on my behalf.
If I see Israeli products I buy a kilo extra.

RE: Are boycotts a legitimate form of protest?

Mikey, I know several decent Muzzies. One was my leader at a job I held back in 2000.
Her name was Laila, always wore a hijab and under she had an earpiece and she was mostly on the phone, coordinating folks. Looked like she was talking to herself all the time... haha.
Loved her, very chill.
I had another boss at the same place, his name was Isak (actually).
Muslim too, the most wonderful human being!
When he called to ask me to do some overtime, I felt like I was helping him personally
Such a good motivator.

This was night time work distributing papers.
Once there was a girl in trouble, one of our paper deliverers, and she didn't dare go out again
from the entrance she'd been in cos of some bully boys was following her. We were a few driving to the scene.. first out was Isak!
He was like "ok where da hell is these motha fukkas... I wanna give 'em some... " lol
He was not big nether, but the biggest heart I ever seen! Funny dude, dressed cool too.
He came with the coolest cap eve ever seen; Some holes with metal rings in the brim.
I asked him where he'd got that on. He said in Pakistan. Surprised I asked how much, he said it was 2 dollars. Bring me one I said, as a matter of fact let's bring a whole container and we'll sell them with a
profit here in Oslo!
I have more too but that's enough for now.


RE: Are boycotts a legitimate form of protest?

It did for me. I was a member of the workers union back in 2005 but when
they started the slogan boycot Israel i discontinued my membership.

tip hat

RE: Who is more welcoming?

I offered her my services Lee, but I was brushed off by that broom of hers,
perhaps you'd be more lucky?

RE: Who is more welcoming?

Blogs more welcoming.. provided anybody is there ...

RE: Who is more welcoming?

On forums I'm tolerated, probably considered that serious guy
who arrive with strong opinions now and then.
On blogs I feel at home. 1 out of 2 ain't bad.

There's a difference yes, but the good thing about threads is that
it's still alive somehow when blogs occasionally grind to a stand still.

RE: Say Anything

Thanks for the info, as expected then.

RE: Do you think kindness...deserves gratitude?

When giving with your one hand don't let the other hand know.

Looks like the Bible recommend not expecting anything back.

RE: Can you love someone and hate them at the same time?

I think you can for a while. Then in the end one emotion will come out on top
dictating the outcome of that relationship.

Just of top of my head.

RE: Wuhan leaked the virus

Was it released on purpose or not. I think not. Came out by accident.

Still, what was this risky research about, what was is it all for I wonder.
Can't somebody write a book about what this research might be for,
the one supported by Fauci.
That book I'd like to read.
Not a gossip book about how the world handled it once it was on the loose.

RE: Side effects

Korrekt. hehe cheers

RE: Side effects

It's worse than f* tinder rolling on the floor laughing barf

heart wings

RE: Side effects

Yes, sign up for a norw site, I have, and be totally ignored nomather what you write 'em.
That should make you embrace cs wimms as goddesses in compareson. drinking

RE: The power ball lottery is up to U$679 million dollars. Drawing tomorrow night. Just saying.

Just add a comma between I am (...) and (...) crypto love


RE: The power ball lottery is up to U$679 million dollars. Drawing tomorrow night. Just saying.

as in "is now, crypt-hun"
rather than used to be

RE: I got a mail she love me.

- don't waste your time - - - the gogo the girl is mine
she is mine
nonono she is mine


RE: I got a mail she love me.

I'm so happy for you roll eyes

RE: So you all will be happy to know

Bullied no. T was into serving the people, not his mates at gop or gov for that matter. Nor intel,
generals or other strong men. No he was only interested in doing what he thought was the best for the man and woman on the street, his voters. Americans in general. Never been a better peoples man, probably never will be again neither. And that is a pity.
Call him baby, bully, whatever you want. I think I can see clearly his heart in all he was doing. Steadfast too. Unbelievable what that man went through without kneeling. I'd break and end up at asylum after 3 weeks of that hard drive. The whole press and the rest of the apparatus against him. All political. Think it's not clear to see for all who wanna see? lol
Talk about shame! Going after the elected pres like that, for NOTHING. Shame on them.

RE: So you all will be happy to know

Is that a symbolic victory if him is removed?
Who has more power do you think: Pelosi or Biden?
Whoa has more power; Schumer or Biden?
Who has more power: Hillary/Bill or Biden?
Who... Wasserman Schultz or Biden?
Who has... Podesta or Biden?
Aoc or Biden?

So... it dunn mather

With the last prez it was different.

RE: The over-all picture......?

Spot on.

Norm Macdonald is dead too now, just to add to the fun.

Perhaps I'll make a cap sayn " F U all " laugh

RE: Hottest Democrat Chick


RE: Hottest Democrat Chick

Yep, she's fine on the outside, I'd give her a round of applause or similar..
For marriage I'd go with Tulsi
Shii.. this Peski is a bit hot through her lying theet... I'll shamefully admit.. grr
That will be some whip and leather session right there laugh

Drumph supportee

RE: Is the New World Order real in Australia

I'll take that advice to heart. Thanks bro.
There is more to learn for me,
takes a lifetime.


RE: Is the New World Order real in Australia

You folks are, in my opinion, weak on human psychology.
Even I could say new world order to describe the present day with the addition of covid,
political correctness, over compensation after a certain Donald in the white house and more.
Make no mistake now, I miss him like crazy. I know today's gov is phony.

I would encourage to think outside the box these days and not be
so easily spooked about it all. Yes the veil has partly been lifted,
for those who want to see.
Be rational about the findings however.



RE: Is the New World Order real in Australia

Not seeing the forest for all the scary trees.

RE: Is the New World Order real in Australia

No, the nwo might be real for some, but I'm not so sure it has
to effect our brains too much at this "early" stage.
My theory is that it its a dream in sombodys head but hard to
imagine coming to real effect.
Just as the scare that our property will be taken from us.
Or other totalitarian ideas. The commies are coming etc.

Then 43 links to different scientific papers telling us about heavy metals in the air
we breath daily.
Basically out of proportions.

But carry on.


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