RE: CS Juke Box 2022

That SASH band was quite innovative. Oui! cheers

RE: CS Juke Box 2022

Encore! - Le Disc Jockey (SASH! Remix)

RE: "A man who knows how to treat a woman like a lady"

Well said Orzzz.
With women like you around there is hope also for the western world.

RE: "A man who knows how to treat a woman like a lady"

Yea. It's a tale about the purity of class A drugs. Well noted. cold

RE: "A man who knows how to treat a woman like a lady"

In a good way may I add laugh

Jac, have you considered that the way you speak down on most people here at cs
speaks pretty loudly about you then? And don't believe for a moment we don't get
what you are attempting to achieve by this: to save some whales.
You do NOT mind to kick some of our bad human garbage asses to save them.
The supressed or something. This time women, a small group of 53% of the total..
Yey yea yea go ahead pretend you have nooo idea what I'm talking about lol
Anyways. I know you wil never change. I've given that one up.

beverage delivery

RE: Dating!, not really happening, is it...

Hi, I sent a mail to a nice one living in the hills of Catalonia yday and she responded nicely. She is no scammer. So the first thing you do Scarab is to forget the nice stuff that was once present at forums / blogs - cos even if some here are still DATEABLE!.... lol most aren't available of one reason or another. What you do is search with an open mind yourself. Rule out anybody who looks too good to be true.

Can you relocate Mister? If not I'd look locally as Mercedes recommends, she has a point.
So- the chances are still here at cs but perhaps less than in the foregone haydays.
I sometimes wonder if the whole world was nicer ten years ago not only online.
Anyways, there is still hope even here.
I fund a few nice none-scammers in Africa too, easy to underestimate.


RE: if you were God??????

I suppose you mean "that God would not do".
Well I would make manna from heaven fall once again and feed all hungry.
I would remove all nuclear warheads and netflix too due to too low quaility films.
And I would like him to give ma a Lamborghini + one year free supply of fuel.
For starters. purple heart

RE: The noise behind silence

Will you create the noise behind?
If so you're welcome. violin very happy

RE: Have a holiday on me sir.

Did I tell you about our "94 % men in the age 25-35" syrian refugees I met
at the local supermarkado who gutsed up to ask me if I knew
where they could buy vodka and viagra? No?

It was a bit on the countryside so I had to dissapont them with "not here man
only beer if you're lucky and no viagra
Maybe cider on a good day wine

One Saturday they were upset with something, maybe the cider tasted like beer not sure
so they blocked the road and was dancing around in the street halting traffic and scaring the locals.
Next year the refugee building was as empty as can be, this was 6 years ago.
Never been an immigrant there since.

RE: The noise behind silence

Or you risk blowing up like a mushroom-cloud lol
nd it's not recommendable.

You have my backing Mister. cheers

RE: The noise behind silence

Enjoy the silence? wine

Decent Love, keep decent! beer thumbs up handshake

RE: Same general CS for years now...

Yea that's the spirit.

Grab a man and get on your way despikkable999.

You just spread shit.

RE: Same general CS for years now...

yea... even I wanna get the fouk ouutta here giggle balloons rolling on the floor laughing

RE: Same general CS for years now...

I have no idea why you came back.... laugh

RE: Could anyone really be "Undateable"?:hmmm:

Geezer speak for me from now on. thumbs up dancing
Think I've had a change of heart.
Thanks geezer for breking me out of puzzywhipped state. I'll be frever greatful! lips

Here some good music for you undateables rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing

George Michael - Look at Your Hands (Audio)

RE: My cat baby just had 4 kittens...

Beautiful! cats meow dancing

RE: How would you react if someone proposed to you for dating?

Well, you should be able to find that here. Plenty without a face. grin

Wow, did I just get a business idea or what....
faceless-book! professor

RE: Could anyone really be "Undateable"?:hmmm:

I'd like to point out that I like you better today than ever before YC. cheers
So you have rather risen on my scale of datebility laugh

About where to draw the line:
I'd take a homless woman living under the bridge
provided she is none of the the things you listed above.
She could still be dateable.

My problem is to be given a chance by the ones who
is basically unavailable cos they have some inner voice
telling them to waste a few more years.. .and a few more.. and then some more years.. and... ohhh----------------------- .....I'm afraid she passed last night, as a lonely person... sorry.

RE: How would you react if someone proposed to you for dating?

Yea. Yea. Yea.



RE: Could anyone really be "Undateable"?:hmmm:

Well... if this keeps up I might be lol

drinking purple heart

RE: Could anyone really be "Undateable"?:hmmm:

Undateable to the rest of us atleast.
Was it said with humor or with spite you recon?
I hope for the first. And I suppose I will continue to believe in the human race,
at least for a bit longer.


RE: Could anyone really be "Undateable"?:hmmm:

Somebody can be that of their own choosing
by shutting the door tight for potensial suitors.

Not want any of such in their life.
Nomather how hard you try you wan't get a fair chance.
That is the first thought that comes to my mind when hearing that word.

Are you undateable Didi?
Have you closed the door?
I hope nooot.. beer

RE: Could anyone really be "Undateable"?:hmmm:

RE: How would you react if someone proposed to you for dating?

Hehe I get you.
To me you are plenty fine in your jeans! hug heart1

RE: How would you react if someone proposed to you for dating?

Oh that's pretty good... pretty good giggle

You probably would look like Venus though! haha heart wings teddybear

Bananarama - Venus (Official Video)

RE: How would you react if someone proposed to you for dating?

So apart from the culturel diffrences, what is your answer?
(for the few of us here who is stil searching)

Some of us here actually wonder who is looking still.

RE: Hamburg

From forums? Are you not like 100 years too late for that?

Try this:

It's pretty dry season over at blogs too
so think you gotta find one on your own search I'm afraid.
And good luck Ali.


RE: Blackouts by 2050

Let's say one go for wind and solar. Let's assume one has built out so much that the turbins and solar panels is just about everywhere. Right. And very little hydra and certainly no atom, gas or coal god forbid!
Then comes winter and say no wind or sun for a week straight.
How is a city like London in minus degrees gonna heat?
You will never have enought battery capacity to store from the week before
if that one happened to be windy and sunny. Never can you store all that.

U just have to have coal or gas or the best one in my view: nuclear.
Just can't get around it!

RE: If you are a nature lover and spend time time there... this is a must have assistive device

It can double as a cooconut tree climbing harness. thumbs up

RE: Should Medical Doctors everywhere wear uniforms that identify their sponsors?

You funny bugger you hug

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