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RE: "Hi, how r u doing"? NOT ENOUGH GUYS

Hold your horses mate, there's plenty to go around. Stud? I'm a dud regardless what stories say.

RE: Marx for Beginners and other titles..

I find it odd that a bloke from Belfast of all people believe in Marxism whilst decrying democracy


Sounds good I spose until it doesn't.

RE: "Hi, how r u doing"? NOT ENOUGH GUYS

Good on ya brother thumbs up

I remember a while back that you went into a store and the counter lady was saying "My girlfriend/wife blah blah blah" trying to get a response.

I'm not gay but I do appreciate your stories. Your picture speaks 1000 words and you're cool bro handshake

RE: "Hi, how r u doing"? NOT ENOUGH GUYS

6/0 6 for eight for two.

RE: "Hi, how r u doing"? NOT ENOUGH GUYS

""Hi, how r u doing"? NOT ENOUGH GUYS"

I'm not sure if you got the memo but guys aren't allowed to be guys anymore.

Hi, how ya doin.........sorry we cant get though and whilst the pretence builds.

Uncle Joey from "friends" say's " How's it going"

The libtards relish this shyte.


Have you ever heard the expression. "Less is more"????


RE: Would You Take an AR-15 to a Riot?

I'm not one to curse aspersions but Kamala's toes aren't webbed. Not that I've seen her toes but she's starting to smell worse than Biden's toe jams.

Lock and loaded, or in Kamal's case, lock em up. Actually, second thoughts........poor kids are just as good as white kids. If you don't vote for crusty the clown, you an't black or the 'Thing'

Biden's a retard.

Let's go Brandon.

Picture this mikey, if dumb farrks from NZ can see it, imagine what the rest of the west see.

MAGA thumbs up

RE: Would You Take an AR-15 to a Riot?

Don't mention the rugby as I walk away licking my wounds.

Good on ya mate thumbs up

RE: Would You Take an AR-15 to a Riot?

Back to the question "Would You Take an AR-15 to a Riot?"

Ummmmmm, no. But in Wisconsin it's legal. The Law is the Law regardless what New Zealanders think.

Straight back at you. "Would You Take a loaded pistol and expect a group hug"????

Pathetic question, but, there's always a but........It's OK if the left do it.

Self defence. In all honesty though, that skater dik can swing all he wants but Kyle was composed. 4 shots? The dik pointing a pistol at Kyles head got more that he bargained for.

Biden will be bankrupt from deformation law suits whilst Hunter sells his a**. "Impeachment"

RE: Would You Take an AR-15 to a Riot?

I'll give you a classic example. Green Bay Packer vs your good self. No worries.

The UN is funded from division.

Amazing how labels are in vogue. Tick the box regardless. No-one gave a shit about colour, gender, ethnicity until politics were involved.

Nothing to do with anything but my 140(139 grain) nossel is dead centre

RE: Would You Take an AR-15 to a Riot?

I'm not American but I 100% agree. "White supremacist"

To be fair though, I'd rather watch Hunter the cunter using his art work sucking up his noodles through his sphincter. It wont happen though.

House of cards and all that jazz but what history does say.......the pendulum will swing and 7mm 08 is a fine bullet. Not 308 nor 303 but when the levee breaks..............the Zeps will start asking questions as Biden rides his unicorn

RE: Would You Take an AR-15 to a Riot?

But it's not your law. Justice was served.

Kyle was a first aider, Patriot. Doesn't matter what you or I think. Kyle in my view was correct and his pin-point accuracy was second to non. No innocent bystanders were killed.

For a 17 yr old "kid", he was innocent and probably an SAS trooper in the making. Ka-Boom

Irish people (like my ancestry) go on about "fweedom" but when confronted with tyranny, which it'd be the last person I'd count on. Don't pretend your a patriot, you're not bro

No offence bro, but you're a hypocrite........Prods vs Catholics blah blah blah

RE: Would You Take an AR-15 to a Riot?

7mm 08 would be my personal choice. Kyle should have used a sawn off shot gun but I reckon he's probably more accurate than me.

Self Ilman shags her brother

It's pathetic, the world knows it.

MAGA prevails

RE: Cuma Sutra .

Apparently, the UN wants us to turn into vegans. Manufactured 3D meat. Bill Gates buying up prime real-estate farm land is neither here nor there. Billy Bunter will eat his T bone steaks whether we agree or disagree.

The moral of the story is this:

RE: Would You Take an AR-15 to a Riot?

American laws are pretty crazy when it comes to openly carrying firearms, that's a given regardless of which side of the fence you sit on.

The problem is though, the wank stain carrying a loaded hidden pistol. American laws concerning American laws aren't in question.

""Citizens who openly carry firearms"""?

Just remember this. No innocent bystander got shot. Kyle wasn't a "white supremacist", nor was he a trigger happy 'vigilante'. Reasonable force?

To be honest, Kyle showed restraint. Either way, the law is the law. Kyle deserves a medal and not a dressing down.

RE: Own up!

Sorry, I beg my pardon but I thought it was OK to shit my pant's in the Vatican.

Pull my finger

RE: Herd question

We'll be vegans of course because Bill Gates and his cronies whilst buying prime farm land will put a nuclear reactor frying balls for old times sake.

I suggest, Bill Gates and his bunch of merry men step away from the keyboard...."step away, step away, here's a carrot before the stick"

My suggestion would, laugh, wink but never submit to the UN's bullshit

RE: My Taste In Music

Apart from Stevie Ray Vaugn's reverb pulsing through Auckland's collective.

Deep Purple ventured our shores. Certain appropriate decibels etc etc........Deep Purp cranked it to the max,

Awesome concert as a young bogan.

RE: Is smallpox still lurking in some frozen vial in a lab near you?

I've ordered 2 viles of Noodles from Chyna but apparently there's a hold up on the local shipping lane.

I tried to ring 111 or was it 999? It just gets soo confusing.
I finally got through and they asked if I needed an ambulance, fire department or the police.
I replied: It's a climate crisis God damn it


RE: Does it exist.

thumbs up

Never a truer word spoken

I was watching Oz sky news and the clip showed Gretta Thomberg complaining about how the Brits should be blamed for the industrial Revolution. The sun never sets. Most kiwis and perhaps Ozzies are thankful for your/our rule of law, reading/writing and the steam engine.

I'm extremely thankful.


RE: My Taste In Music

Can't take you anywhere.

Jellied eels, blimmin heck mate

Where's your mate rabbiting on about the marbles?

RE: If you were King. What punishment for the joker who did this? DONT CLICK IF U FREAK OUT EASILY!

I couldn't possibly answer because I'm not American but then again nor is Biden?

I reckon I'd get Jacinda Ardern our preciouse leader of circumstance to produce a love child with Gretta Babe in a threesome with Klaus the he/him/she/her? Apparently, chest feeders are the new fashion.

It's not me saying it, don't shoot the's our illustrious UN

Fascist, there's a "BRAND" new school kid and she's coming to town,
Beep Beep. (bloody Co2)

RE: boring boring...many of you...don't know what a conversation is

He's alright man, a little far fetched but he's alright. He just says what he's thinking. No harm, no foul.

To be blunt, I could imagine getting on the piss with Chalmers.......he's genuine, your not. Don't tell people to shut up, it's the farken internet. Now go in the naughty corner thumbs down

RE: boring boring...many of you...don't know what a conversation is

"i will give you a clue...if you don't know what i am talking about"

Whales? Wheels. The truth is you're from England living in Wheels boyo 'bhoyo. But you sound cool and almost top notch apart from the shyte you spread.

I actually lived near Whales........a little shitty place called Hereford. Yes sir ree.

Is this 21 questions?

RE: Pakistan cricket team kicked on new Zealand cricket board's a**. Pakistan cricket team defeated n

6O grit I reckon. Not that I follow the Heathens or Pakis but I'm pretty sure than wet and dry wouldn't go amiss. spam

Where did Kiwis play the roof raks? Is this like snakes and ladders? Man, you're just a farktard with no relevance.

RE: About blocking Africans here

Apparently, Dinghies are going cheap. Are you good at sailing mate? No worries man, you'd make a mighty fine galley boy in the west.

Get real

RE: About blocking Africans here

Not that I'm a pro anti culturalist nor communist for that matter or anything but why oh why do the retards keep flooding the west?

That's the question as I suckle the Wests teet in good faith

RE: yeh it's tomcatty

Ahhhh me hearty, Plymouth. Are you an Argyle fan?

How's the barbacan?

I can't remember the street but during 2003, if you looked out the window where Aircraft carriers were docked, I was waving on what I thought a great adventure.


RE: Share What You Are Listening To -- Part 99

Trying to put out a song but the youtube algorithms are doing my ball bag in. Thank God for the Dons new network.

RE: Share What You Are Listening To -- Part 99

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