RE: dont forget to vote ,when the time comes,,,,,,,(england).

It doesn't matter who you vote for you'll get a WEF puppet.

RE: Life after death

A false prophet and a false religion.

RE: Does been "born again" save you ?

All that is written in the bible is for every reader of it, so you are mistaken if you think being born again doesn't apply to you and every gentile. This is from the perspective of a new Christian but also a former Druid well studied in spiritual matters, who spent 40 years as a pagan.

RE: Does been "born again" save you ?

Well done on displaying your contempt for God and lack of respect.

RE: Jesus Christ

We are in the last days as prophesied in the bible and Satan is now in control.

67 year old woman arrested and cuffed for pruning a bush.

Trudeau's Canada harvesting babies blood and organs.

RE: What would make you happy?

What would make me happy? The death of Klaus Schwab and Bill Gates.

WEF forcing us to eat bugs while they eat steak.

It's about time these evil globalists, all WEF members were arrested and put on trial for crimes against humanity.

WEF forcing us to eat bugs while they eat steak.

Yes it is. It's EU approved.

WEF forcing us to eat bugs while they eat steak.

Never the less, evil it is.

WEF forcing us to eat bugs while they eat steak.

Research and boycott these companies.

I would never feed this crap to my dogs, but they want us to eat it too. Klaus Slob and Kill Gates are evil, satanic monsters that need locking up

Eat ze bugs WEF orders.

Another company to boycott.

RE: Who do you think Jesus Christ is ?

Now debunked.

Geoengineering Watch Report.

Fauchi committed mas murder.

WEF and UN orders governments to ration water.

If you watch the video, you will see that they admitted to failure because they failed to get everyone on the planet injected with MRNA. These are truely evil people. Trudeau. Macron, Sunak, that thing from New Zealand with horses teeth and most other world leaders are members of the WEF. They all need arresting and charged with genocide. 17 million excess deaths in 2021!

WEF and UN orders governments to ration water.

RE: Has any ever been in an interracial relationship?

I was married to a Russian for 20 years.

RE: Has any ever been in an interracial relationship?

laugh laugh cheers

RE: Ham or cheese?

Ham is over processed.

Scammed out of $1m by Romance Scammer. Watch the video.

RE: Do you think horoscopes are accurate?

Yes, I do them. Create charts and horoscopes but it's essential to have the time,date and place of birth to get an accurate horoscope.

RE: Do you think there is a God?

Many Gods and Goddesses.

RE: thoughts on schizophrenia?

I'm in two minds about it.

RE: age difference

I didn't know there were laws, rules or regulations regarding this.

RE: Why are some women racists?

Because Muslim's treat women like crap probably.

RE: do you believe in UFO...s. have you seen one ? and where ?

Yes, myself and another soldier on radio watch on top of a tank in Germany on exercise in the 70's. We saw a light in the sky, moving slowly. At first we thought it was a helicopter, it was a long way from us but we thought it was unusual for a helicopter to be displaying a light and flying in the middle of the night, then suddenly it shot up into the sky at a speed too fast for any aircraft we were familiar with. We decided it never happened and not to report it to anyone.

Womenwanting to date Army Officers

Lieutenants will get lost trying to find their way into your pants.
Captains can find their way into your pants but have to ask the Sergeant Major what he should do next.
Majors know everything in theory but lack expeience.
Lt. Colonel's seem to think it's something to do with the Privates.
Colonels and above have forgotten what to do so send a Lieutenant to do it instead.

There once was a film called Virgin Soldiers. There's no such thing.

RE: If you live in the EU or England are you happy to see your country switching to Digital Currency?

Only initially.

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