RE: Mr Biden wants to stimulate the meat market to satisfy meat eaters.

USA is falling apart. Open borders. Men who touch kids. Security ruined. Swamped by immigrants. Being labelled bigot can get you killed. Your country, mass invaded by Muslims. You invite them in you SUCK them in like a giant vacuum cleaner. Muslims dont do stuff with little girls? No matter. you will give them a place to live. At your own expense. London has a muslim mayor, when i last checked. No self respect, ZERO self respect. Im not saying america doesn't suck anymore. Im just saying it's no worse than other countries. You're all invaded and locked down. RAPED. But if you protest, that might mean you're a bigot!

RE: Andrew Cuomo Got Away With It !!

Cuomo and biden should be locked in a cell with pelosi and waters. Beautiful man beautiful.

barf barf barf

RE: Do men...impress you?

He's probably thinking the same about you. Proves my point, once again. Marriage is horsecrap.

RE: married at first sight

Marriage is stupid and arranged marriage is just a variation on marriage which is suicide.


Australia is no longer the country we remember. It was crazy and free, but filled with decent ladies and gentlemen, at heart.
NOW Australia is seriously crazy and not in the fun way. Not free. Confused, insecure and unable to take care of itself, or themselves. And angry. Angry and confused enough to set fire to their own homeland. Afraid to face reality, and deal with it when necessary , Deception and delusion are the name of the game.

RE: Have you ever wanted to physically be the other sex or non binary ?

It's more than just a hell no but i cant post how i really feel here. Why dont you gdf'n learn how to be the best You instead of being something or somebody else? There were enough problems with that and then along comes the LGBT (really just another-and very effective-ploy to not only divide us but make their victims feel weak, vulnerable and insecure, not even knowing what gender they are!)
I think it's all STUPID and only a few thought of such things till the big gay movement overtook the country, and the world. If youre a man and you want to be a woman and you're equal to us why dont you show some guts and keep your stinkin problems to yourselves instead of broadcasting your nonsense and making others approve of it?
Who cares about YOUR problems you think you're the only one who has problems? What about me? If i find a woman attractive (happens all the time-but the feeling is rarely mutual) can i pounce on her and say oh i got one of those recently discovered fake mental disorders, "I cannot control myself," and have a good ole time w/her body??
....Why yeah. this idea appeals to me.

RE: How will you be celebrating New Years?

There is nothing to celebrate. I think 2022 will be worse than 2021 and 2021 has been virtually hopeless. I think america is already dead. and with it, follows the world. There was a time when this could have been changed, reversed, fixed. But that time has come and gone long ago. Those of you who scorn and mock america, watch us go down. That will be the way you can see your own future. America gone, no protection or force for decency for the world. You tore down your own statues and now you have nothing. thumbs down

RE: Who handles a rejection worst?


Pope Says:

Yes Sir Mister Pope Sir! Where's your mask, Sir! And where is the Christ Child? Oh, there he is. Why..why doesn't Christ have a mask? Shouldnt the Christ Child be forced to wear a mask and be vaccinated? For his own good, of course.

Look, Sir! Youtube! You're a big star now!

0:38...."Basta!" Hey watch it this is a family show, bro!

Pope Says:

Yahoo News:
Reuters Videos
‘To hurt a woman is to insult God’ -Pope Francis

Excuse me Mister POPE, but is that only for the non-muslim population?
Do any of you remember when POPE went to TURKEY to dine with his Muslim friends and to Pray with them?
Oh that's ok as long as he's spitting on us right? Was it the Africans or the Indians that POPE said should not have air conditioners? I've forgotten. Something to do with skin color, Mister POPE? Or do you hate us all and do you forbid any of us to have air conditioners?
What a hypocrite!
Oh yeah and he used to have that little car he used to tour america? The Americommunists love him! Maybe they should set him up with Nancy Pelosi! For Maximum Pleasure!
Then we can watch him while he...rolls her on camera, and say Go Pope Go!

What're you gonna do now, AMERCOMMUNISTS?

A long time ago. Filthy, stupid, hedonist communists in america, "Americommumists" told people who had money "You dont need all that!"
Now, your benefits are being depleted, just like your emergency oil reserves, and just like your fool brains, from the drugs YOU choose to inject them with, covid, cocaine, or otherwise.
Question is, what are you fools going to do when YOUR benefits are gone, and the next wave of ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS say of You "You dont need all that!"
What are you gonna do now jerks?
What are you gonna do NOW, Idiots!?!?!
Would be special to see the look on your stupid-horse faces when you wake up one fine morning and turn on your computer and check the news, if you have electricity, and if you have internet, to find your benefits are reduced, cut or completely GONE!

RE: Israel could again be the litmus test for the rest of the world with a fourth jab imminent.


RE: Ghislaine Maxwell

Maxwell the Jizlane. Her lane is wide open for it!

Happy Not Year, America!

Lmao! Biden's pointing one way, and looking another!
Hey maybe that mask is disorienting him, or something! Oh, that's right, he's not wearing a mask. Only Us little People wear a mask! Dont worry Your Government will tell you when you must wear a mask!

RE: January 2022

You're no chump. You know it all! Halloween scare tactics? And since when the eff have YOU had anything good to say? Cars and houses and land are plentiful too, jack-$, but people cannot AFFORD them anymore. GAS IS PLENTIFUL? yeah and it's EXPENSIVE! And your man Joe Bidet is now depleting our reserves for no reason at all! Ok well anyone with a brain, that means NOT-YOU-BUDDY! knows why bidet's depleting the gas reserves. So when he's gone there'll be no reserve duh, simpleton!
NO ONE'S GOING WITHOUT FOOD? THEN WHY ARE BIDET'S MINIONS WHINING ABOUT POVERTY ALL THE TIME? Starvation? Hunger? Gonna stamp it out, THIS time! Oh yeah! So obama can live in a house that cost over eleven million dollars, but hey, ATTACK those rich white people.
You just dont make any sense! What are YOU suckin on anyway? Wait, never mind! Dont tell me! I dont wanna know!
When you WASTE food and you WASTE gas and you RUIN jobs, later you have none. Do you understand now? Of course you dont. You'll be going on about it till all your readers are dead. or enslaved. by YOUR agenda.
You should be rejoicing what???? SHOW ME ONE THING THAT'S BETTER ECONOMICALLY, since you got rid of "the last guy!"
CANT SEE PAST YOUR NOSE? Look who's talking with your stupid mask! Oh that's right you Elites dont have to wear a mask. Well yes it does obstruct vision.
But you're fine. you're ok. your head obstructs everything!
Halloween Boy! Go play with your jack-off-lantern!

Happy Not Year, America!

YES it's titled happy NOT year.
I know you dont understand. You are pathetic.
Go pray to your new toilets and celebrate all your new 'rights' and freedoms!

Happy Not Year, America!

Happy New year LOL. More divided than ever. More fragmented than the Civil War! The biggest, greatest death spiral in the history of man(un)kind. You're dead. DEAD! And you worked real hard at it. Instead of protecting yourselves, you opened your borders. Instead of freeing the people of china, russia, and islam, you talked big about gay rights and who gets to use the stall next to your daughters! What kind of a suck-moron squanders everything he has for "rights" and invites a people and ideaology who gives no rights at all? Total slavery?
"Because" .........
Because bigotry! Because racism! Because rich people! Because of discrimination against gays so you ruin everybody's privacy and safety in the process. Tell me what's gotten better since you sucked, i mean let, Biden in?
You want to make america better, so you ruin it Now how stupid you are. Why dont you make your own homes better by leaving the door open? im not talking about removing the locks on the doors. Im talking about no doors at all! You lhave empowered ALL your enemies and weakened your allies! Everybody hates you!
Because, science! You wear a mask to prevent the spread of disease so you suck all the germs onto your god dam masks and keep it all warm and moist with your own recycled breath! I want to breathe safer so i wear a mask, which cuts and recycles my own breath! In an abundance of caution, i want to stop people from abusing each other, and protect gay rights! So i'll let men invade the girl's bathrooms yay! Im so smart! I want to save money and water so you have to build new toilets for certain types of gay people!
I let my government force me to wear a mask and take shots, but the government itself is exempted. I want to end terrorism and violence so i encourage and support ANTIFA and BLM! NOW we can all work together! See?
You're pathetic. professor How shall we defend ourselves against invasion, mister biden? "Open the borders" Make it harder to rape a girl? "Open the girls bathrooms to men." Stop Chinese agression? "Let them take Taiwan." Stop Muslim growth and invasion and the brutalization of women? "Leave our citizens and military stranded to deal with terrorists." What are we going to do abou about it Mr Biden?
"You aren't going to do one God Dam thing."
Now put your f'king masks on And dont forget to take your shots! I wont make it mandatory! No i wont! Yes i will! Now just lay there and shut up. i got an 'occasion' to go to and i aint wearing no mask, YOU are! And i'm going to pull allll your little girls into my lap for a good 'sniff' and im gonna do it right in front of you while she tries to object. And what are you gonna do about it/ Why, you'll complain about Trump! He's not presidential material!
We're losing money and in denial about it! what should we do?
"I'll empty your strategic oil reserves so even when im gone, so will you be hahaha!"
What about russia? "What about russia? i use the strongest language possible! Dont mess with me, Mr Putin!"
China sir what about china? What ABOUT china? We'll do business with them, make ourselves dependent on them as possible, and then beg them to listen to reason!
Those of you who survive will do so in abject poverty, and on your knees!

RE: New Years Cancelled

Look who's talkin road-kill boss! You dont even cook it before you eat it!

RE: Chicago Mayor Now Pleading With Walmart And Other Companies Not To Leave The City

Embedded image from another site

What do you say? Can you feel the freedom?

RE: Do you swear too much?

#1 used to be F
Then...the C-word.
But what is the truly most "powerful" word. Get you KILLED?
The N-word.
Doesn't matter what you say. Or even what you think, if you're that far off.
The Nj-word is Number One!!!!

banana cheering banana head banger

There's even times you can shout F U Biden!

Ok now rewind and try that with the N-word!
The N-word, KING of savagery-provoking obscenity!
Much thanks to the WHITE American Left. They're the ones instigating all the problems.

I rest my God Dam Fk'n case. wave

RE: Would You Take an AR-15 to a Riot?


RE: Fake profile in different gender.

So when you do the charity bit, how do you know you're not helping a rapist or a murderer? Or somebody who kidnaps a little girl and hands her over to snuff video or somebody in the slave trade for his next fix?

RE: little rats

Yeah. It means "We've got company!!"

3 Kings, a better kind of 3 K's

Enjoy while you still can. The people who claim to fight the Klan also fight the Christians. Because 1: Trump & 2: Closed-Mindedness

RE: Food Thread

With a growing population for no go dam reason at all, and a horrible man who hates you for president, cut your energy off??? Food prices skyrocketing, how much longer are you going to have food at all? Idiots locked in, and locking yourselves into your houses and doing nothing to stop the growth? Im not talking about mass extermination or even abortion. Im talking about stop making babies. Biden using up your oil reserves? While you do nothing to oust him AND his minions? Dumbest people in history of man(not)kind. Disease rampant with your borders open. MS-13 coming in. You dont care. (You dont think) You are going to die along with the huge masses of poor people who dont give a god dam about you either. When i walk outside and step on an ANT im killing more intelligence than the rest of you. Afraid of some form of cold or flu. Protected (NOT) against it, taking shots from people who have lied to you repeatedly. What other diseases are you protected from with all this? None-nothing. Made yourselves dependent on your current worst enemy,. china. now you gonna boycott them a little? And hurt your own dam fool industries. When the poor you claim to help die, you will die along with them. As your stupidity and ignorance increases, you die along with it.

RE: I Am Grateful _______

Dec 26, 2021 I am grateful that 2021 will soon be done, and never to come again!

RE: Name a movie that takes place on the water

Hey have you guys ever heard of a song Schmuck on the Water? By Deep Purpls.


Ok here it is. You can try searching yahoo, or
NEW YORK POST for this...

Flipboard <---Forget this crap. I dont know what the hell it is!

"North Korea executed 7 people for watching, selling K-pop videos: report"


Yeah. Things get better every day. hmmm
dammit. the thing i read was exaggerated, OR, i read it wrong. This is all i found this time. dammit! wonder if im missing any updates, this stuff's from june-july 2021.

"Kim Jong Un: K-pop is a ‘vicious cancer’ that merits work camp, execution"

RE: Name a movie that takes place on the water

Jaws of course! Damn! doh

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