RE: Breakfast IN AMERICA

great album!!
I have this is my vinyl collection.

RE: Cuban in Bed

this is the most stupid poll or post I have ever seen.
You should pull it down

RE: MonkeyPox Set For World Tour

more lock downs, masks and mandatory jabs just in time for Nov elections.
I say hell no! Not this time!!

RE: Why is everyone obsessed with Boris Johnson?

then don't read it!

RE: Joe Biden to officiate at the Wimbledon 2022 Finals!

Joe announces at a press conference that he will run for office again in 2024
then immediately turns to his aide standing beside him and asks what he's gonna be
running from.

RE: What Lake is this?

Is this a trick question?
I haven't seen a lake in this pic yet...

RE: Islanders Name Houda and Wiseman Assistant Coaches

I'm a hockey fan

been one since I was a kid

RE: 4th of July Quiz thread...


RE: Why homelessness is a big world problem

I think God also said if you don't work you don't eat.
I'm not saying everyone who is homeless is lazy and won't work - I understand that there are many different circumstances involved. We are also told to look after the widows and it certainly involves many throughout the community to be supportive.

RE: How do you feel about … the DEATH PENALTY? Should it be outlawed?

By teaching that human life is sacred and that if you take another human's life it will cost you your own.

RE: Who Wants To Smoke A Joint?

No thank you please
It only makes me sneeze

RE: The Fact Speakers And The So-called Laws Of Men

has anyone even read thru this entire thing?

RE: Thieves broke into a pharmacy and stole their entire inventory of Cialis !

They'll probably doing some hard time for that crime.

RE: What do you see when an Alien gets diarrhea ?

Nancy Pelosi?

RE: religious beliefs about alcohol

I don't think it is wrong to drink alcohol.
It is wrong to drink until you are drunk.
That is what the Bible teaches.

Jesus turned water into wine at a wedding celebration. If drinking alone was a sin he wouldn't have done that. But he did say not to be drunk.

RE: Alcohol-free Beer, Wines and Spirits.

alcohol free....what's the point?

it's like fat free ice cream. why bother....

RE: wat was your last celebration?

i can't's been that long ago

RE: What do you see when an Alien gets diarrhea ? all still jealous we don't bow to your queen?
you need to get over that.wave
chill and have a spot of tea

RE: What do you see when an Alien gets diarrhea ?

Oh....I thought we were supposed to reply with our own answer but
I see that you gave your answer. That's no fun.

My answer would have been: the hosts of THE VIEW tv show.
But I guess that would be incorrect. rolling on the floor laughing

RE: Drugs Are Bad

Drugs have helped a lot of people who would have otherwise not survived their illness.
Seriously, drug abuse is bad. Drugs when used as prescribed are good.

RE: where is God?????

one of the attributes of God is Omnipresence.
He is everywhere at the same time.

RE: Have you ever been searched by the police?

No I haven't because I told them:
Don't stand
don't stand so
Don't stand so close to me


RE: She Said She Didn't Do It

little stinking liar....wait until she's a teenager
not cute

RE: R u sexy.....?

No I don't.
lol at some here who say they think they are - but don't have a profile pic posted. laugh

RE: What makes humans unique compared to other species?

Ability to reason.
Communication by speech.

RE: Ray Liotta gone at 67

Wild Hogs
I thought he was great in this movie

RE: Healthy vegan diet / plant-based - for health, save the planet, ethics, are you already?

my body my choice, right?
I'll eat whatever I want to eat and it's really not anybody else's business

RE: Thoughts For The Day

Earthquakes are only Science Friction

RE: Texas school shooting

How many times do we hear about drunk drivers killing innocent drivers on the roads and how many times have you ever heard of someone blaming the beer can or liquor bottle for it?
I have a gun. I've had it for 48 years. It has never shot anybody. It can't go anywhere on it own.

We don't have a gun control issue- we have a people issue.

RE: What's your main source of entertainment or enjoyment (besides/in lieu of s*x) these days?

I dig up the rusty old mason jars buried in my back yard and count the money in them and then bury them again.

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