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RE: Have you ever emailed the wrong person when "multi-tasking"

hi wave

actually happened a few weeks back. wrong name, wrong message...when i realised what i had just done, i didn't waste time and apologised.

good thing he was cool about it.


RE: Should religion be taken out of schools?

thumbs up

RE: Spiritual, not Religious. What does this mean to you?


being religious can be likened to saying that you are a church-goer...just a sit in church pretending to like the sermon.sticking with convention.
spiritual on the other hand means that you put your heart into it. there's no specific place for communication with as you call it, a higher power...i call Him God.


RE: Question for the girls,


wouldn't mind dating younger guys, but 5 years my junior is where i draw the line...i like older men ( dated someone 13 years my senior )...

but really, age doesn't tell u how mature or immature a person is...
professor peace cheers

RE: do looks really matter ?

i'd have to say yes...looks least what the majority says...i mean media have already given us a mindset that yes, looks should matter...

but then again, this is an initial thingy...i can't go out with a goodlooking guy who can't hold much of a conversation...

RE: Join me in Wishing the Lovely Jackson a Very Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday Jackson!!!

party balloons cake dance happy birthday

RE: yay!

cake happy birthday

Congratulations!!!applause applause applause

RE: About flowers

maybe 'cause your profile doesn't say so much...
and try putting up a picture?dunno


Very good. wine

Thank you sir.thumbs up

RE: Seems everyone has gone to bed. The other world.

Im awake and working....can't wait to go home and sleep though....

<------lazybonessleep sleep sleep

RE: I love you all.

hey, i love you too leo. I have so much respect for youthumbs up
and to all heart wings lips

RE: Make a sentence starting I wish..........

I wish the days and nights could go fast.

RE: who is taken???

Hey Bettis!


Morning Everyone.



RE: Just a silly one about star signs. No comments required.

Gemini - still making up his mind whether he´d like to cross...

im going to cross now...uhh, no i think ill do that later...
oookk, cross...uhh laterlaugh

RE: mercy from my jesus

hey prince.wave
keep click clickingthumbs up

RE: Lessons from woman to woman

Life is about making choices.

Choose to be happy or choose to be miserable... alone or with someone

and oh, the decisions we make in life are our own and nobody elses so we can't go blaming others when things don't turn out much to our liking.


RE: Girls, get it out of your system!!!

here, we have blue, green, hot pink chicks sold on the streets

RE: Found that someone special.....thanks CS

RE: Found that someone special.....thanks CS

yaaaay Chris!!!applause
hope everythings turns out for the best.

RE: Reveal your secret CS favorite

I have a few favorites.both genders. Alabamabebe is one, I have so much respect for the things she posts on here.

RE: If you are not dead then respond darn you! This forum is NOT a one person show!

yeap. you were probably napping.devil

Hello jenny, been a while. how have you been?hug

RE: 38 Years ago the most crazy thing happend

hey, happy birthday!

cake gift

RE: How long!!

stuck uh oh


RE: How long!!

is this the famous curse i've been hearing about? uh oh

RE: Need help with a meal idea

you mean like this?

chicken <-- Lago

uh oh kidding kiddinggrin

RE: Need help with a meal idea


hope you don't mind, but i took this down too.typing

boy! im hungry.

RE: good bye St Petersburg....

hey ship, sorry about your friends. add my prayers too.hug

RE: Choode 3 words to describe you...

Goodnight Robert. Sweet dreams.

Good morning all.wave teddybear

RE: Should this woman marry a man who already had three serious heart attack?

you guys are a bunch of closet romantics!very mad

she probably knows what she's doing and if marrying this person is what she really wants to do, by all means, let her. Time is our best gift to someone we care about and yeap, there're the memories to consider.

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