RE: Should all drugs be legalized ?

Hello mr mackenzie... what is your daily illegal drug use like?

RE: New Age Gang Bangers Control Police Departments In Cleveland

How does a new age gang banger differ from an old age gang banger?

RE: Where is the British Humour?

What is funny about it?



Happy Mothers' Day to all the Moms on CS!

I am celebrating with you! I too a nice brisk walk to a sweet corner store and picked up some pre-rolls and gummies yesterday to help celebrate your day. bouquet

Over 1/2 million beers will be sold at the Kentucky Derby at Churchill Downs in Louisville

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Giddy Up

what a wonderful website

I guess i could appear and be a troll for some people but I believe that I am not not. wave

RE: what are acceptable crimes???

It is against the laws here for emergency vehicles here to do anything which may harm others while responding to a request for urgent help even if they have appropriate flashing lights and sirens.

what a wonderful website

Everyone seems to be so polite and friendly here. wave

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