well im an animal lover . been vegetarian well over 20 years now . ive had dogs and cats , and have a lovely dog now . so for me yes a lady being an animal lover would be quite important . ive never yet dated a vegetarian , every lady i dated ate meat , and one was born and reared on the family farm . so not being vegetarian would not be a deal breaker for me , we are all different . so yes id date a woman that was an animal lover , it would in fact be important to me . but i understand not everyone would think that way .

RE: James Caan gone at 82

very sad news indeed . great actor , played some great parts , of course godfather is perhaps the greatest movie ever , and what a cast . one part , one scene james played in i think will go down in history as one of the best but very gory scenes in hollywood history . that scene in misery . you know the one , block of 6 by 2 between the ankles , and a hell of a big sledge hammer in kathy bates hands IM YOUR NUMBER ONE FAN lol . if you have never seen misery watch it , based on a steven king book .

RIP james you will be missed .

RE: Why do some women lash strangers online?

yes some women just lash out for sure . maybe they had a bad experience with one man and then judge all men WRONGLY AND HARSHLY based on that bad experience . ive had some bad experiences with women , ive had great experiences also . but i have never judged all women based on bad experiences i have had .

without going into any detail here on this site my self and one lady spoke via messages . she sent me a like , and a wants to meet . i replied liking her back and she sent me a message asking if id like to meet . i say yes and that we will organize a meet . she said she had covid and was isolating . so i said thats fine when your isolation is over we can set something up . however my working life is such that i work a lot , start very early and go to bed very early , and i just worked 10 days straight up to friday .so socializing is not as easy for me as it would be for others .so i felt it only fair and honest to be up front with that .

as is often sadly the case with me my honesty and decency ends up doing me no favors . she complained that if we did date that we would hardly see each other and also that distance was an issue for her even tho she already knew how far away from her that i lived before she contacted me . and she basically (how i took it anyway ) implied that i could not possible work as much as i said that it must be in essence lies because in her mind i dont want to meet her . this despite the fact i had already told her id drive the hour or so to where she lived and meet her . so with that i said to her with the greatest of respect and being very nice to her that maybe then its possibly better for her to find a guy living nearer to her whos work life is not so hectic .

then she since has well in essence made me out as bad guy that is messing her around . she completely misinterpreted things i said and completely misjudged me , and blew things i said out of all proportion . again she contacted me and again i reiterated im really a good guy , i was honest with you and nice to you , but that for some reason you simply want to think bad of me when the opposite is the case . i said i really am a good man , i wished her well and hoped she would meet a really nice guy . she replied saying she had not misjudged me at all and blocked me , even tho she was the one sending me 2 and 3 messages at a time .

i came on here in the hope (maybe in vain ) of having a good experience , even if i did not meet that special lady that maybe id make a friend or two . and the first lady i speak to and the above happens . i tried all i could to be nice , polite , honest and decent , i even said i would meet her . and this happens . so yes this woman did lash out at me , despite my being nice and kind to her . but i know with my luck at times with women i just cant win for losing , trust me ive had bad luck . but im the nicest , kindest , gentlest guy , and i try to be nice and this is what i get . i have no idea why this woman or any woman would lash out a man who has done nothing but be nice to them . again maybe thats a question that only a woman can truly answer . and no lets be clear and fair its not all women , but yes some that do this . im not that womans ex boyfriend or husband , she doesnt even know me , so for all women out there please dont judge all men (most who are good men ) based on the wrong doings of some other man that you had in your life .

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