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RE: who's your favourite human being ? and why ? what makes them so special ?

I love a woman in my town named Sue. I had a complete misconception of Sue when we met. I figured her for a lesbian, she hung out with some pretty sleazy ladies, and she always wore t-shirts and men's jeans.

Sue and I got paired together for some disaster work, and it was there I got to really know her. She is married and has been for 30 years. She is the hardest working woman I have ever met. If I need a volunteer for something, I call her. Either she does it, or arranges the volunteers.

She is on the board of several organizations, some of them I serve on as well. Whenever anything needs done, she volunteers and she does it with style and it is always successful.

I look up to her very much. There are a couple other people as well, but this was the first one that came to mind.

RE: Men, Please Explain "Nagging"

Nagging is when a woman won't let things drop. She has to get the last word. She can't just ask you to do xyz, she has to remind you how long it took you to do uvw and stu. Basically, imagine your wife or girlfriend treating you like they are your employer and asking for things in that tone....

I need you to do.......

rather than

Hey, if you get a chance, could you......


Kama Sutra is great for vacation sex. It does take a long time if you do it right though.

I like em all, I am not real picky. There are reasons why all positions don't work for me though and I will spare you those details. Certain people know why.


Old men who don't watch where they are going, speeding through a parking lot, and run over innocent bystanders and don't stop.

RE: what's the best/worse decisions you ever made in your life and the best/worse things you ever done ?

Without a doubt, the worst decision I ever made was not looking both ways before crossing the parking lot last month. It has changed my life forever.

RE: sexy songs...

Uhhh, ahhh lyrics

Uhh ahh [ repeat ]


The love I have right next to me
Is here and always will be
I'm caressing your body emotionally
As you can feel and will see

Why can't we go all
the way to the top
The fullest extreme
The sounds I hear when
you're with me
Express the way that you feel, girl
As you say -

Uhh ahh [ repeat ]

In our passion sent we move in close
The love that we share is the same
I can tell when I reach
down deep inside
You show it when you
call out my name
[ Find more Lyrics at ]

Squeezing you tight and
holding you close
Is all I feel inside
Although I try to hold in my love
It's something that I
just can't hide

Uhh ahh [ repeat ]

The music is low
The lights are dim, there we lie
Passion overflows
With every look in your eyes
Infatuation, lust
And a lot of love
Sweet caresses
Yes, it's food to be true
Enclench my back
Ecstasy fills the air
As you kiss on my neck
And stroke the back of my hair
To hold you tonight
I feel this is, my dear
To grasp, to hold
To rock that place

Uhh ahh [ repeat ]

Give it to me, baby
I'll rub your back
As you lay here with me, yeah oh
I want you and I need you
Hold on to me, yeah
Right now, baby, oh, oh
And don't go away
Please, baby, stay with me
Oh I can do it to you
The way that nobody else can babe

RE: sexy songs...

I used to like Boys 2Men.....they had a song called Oooh, Ahhh that was fun.

RE: Another ... Would You Date ...

Yes I would. Noone knows how long they have. I could be dead tomorrow. Would I have children with her - probably not, but it depends on if that is what she wants.

RE: It is best to never say this to a

I haven't been pulled over a lot, but when I am, I have always called the Officer "Occifer."

That immediately illicits the question, "Have you been drinking?"

to which I always reply, "No, I am sorry, I am not interested in you buying me a drink Occifer. I haven't had a drink in 18 years."

I have had 3 cops who cracked up, one who wasn't amused. The one who wasn't amused wrote me a ticket. The other 3 let me off scott free.

One thing you never say is, "Can you hold my beer while I get my drivers license out?"

RE: Did you ever cheat on your girl-/boyfriend???


I even have a hard time flirting with more than one person at a time on here.

RE: How important is physical apperance to you? Would you state this opinion honestly to a match?

It's important to me. It is not the most important, but it is the first thing I am looking for because it is the first thing I see.

You won't ever hear someone say, "Such and such a person is so sweet and smart and fun, but they sure are ugly with that giant horn growing out of the side of their head."

Weight is also a concern for me. Not because I am trying to be mean, and it isn't something I am an*l about, but I watched my mother die at a young age in front of me because she was morbidly obese. If the complications from brain cancer hadn't killed her, something else would have in short order.

Her blood pressure was the highest I have ever heard of, and she was miserable all the time.

RE: You hear "I Love You" when having sex ...

Seems natural to me. I don't have sex just to have sex. I have sex with someone I love or I don't do it. They don't call it making love for nothing.

RE: Why do birds suddenly appear?

Well, it could be because they drove by me with their middle finger in the air.

RE: Why do birds suddenly appear?

I usually see the most birds while driving down the highway. Sometimes I don't even know what I did wrong.

RE: Terror as plane plunges 20,000ft

I have heard it said that there should be no fear of flying because if it is not your turn to go, it is not your turn to go. But I am saying, what if it is the pilot's turn to go?

These people were fine because after all, they had their seat belts on, their seat backs and tray tables were in the upright and locked positions, AND their seats double as flotation devices.

RE: did usa start georgia/russian war.

Yes indeed. America started it. Every war that has ever been fought has been started by the hate mongering American elite. It is all for oil, oil I say. America is out for world domination so that they can drive their SUV's down the throats of the poor and downtrodden across the globe.

RE: John's Dream

Dreams are not reality. What is real is this person is probably a die hard liberal who is filled with hatred for George Bush.

RE: Not sure how to ask about this?

I have incredible respect for a woman who has gone through a tragedy and to me, it actually makes them more attractive.

It would not hurt a woman's chances at all, in fact it would help in that their ability to overcome adversity is a character builder and likely they will be more down to earth that the woman who has never faced tragedy.

RE: hello friends of gillyloves69 is anybody doing/done anything been to/going anywhere exciting this


About a month ago now I got hit by a car and I have been in and out of the hospital ever since.

I had my hip replaced last Monday and am at home now, but St. Lucia wouldn't be much fun in my current condition.

One of the things I was looking forward to was snorkeling.

RE: hello friends of gillyloves69 is anybody doing/done anything been to/going anywhere exciting this

I was scheduled to leave out in the morning to St. Lucia for 2 weeks. But, with my recovery I have had to cancel.

RE: Okay.... This Is Your Last Opportunity!!

and don't forget to flirt, a lot!

RE: Are you a pack-rat?.................

I just bought my house 4 years ago. Since I live alone, I don't have much opportunity to collect stuff.

RE: Are you a pack-rat?.................

I dont have a lot of stuff. I donate anything that I am not using to various places. I would imagine if I had kids, I would have a lot messier space.

RE: Flirting 101 - How to work It!

lol, aww come on Claayer, we both know......why you teasing me.... tongue

RE: Long Distance Relationships

I guess I just look at it that Love is only an experiment until you are married. Until then both parties can get mad and choose to leave without any repercussions.

RE: Flirting 101 - How to work It!

yeah, you were all like, "great to have you hear, if it doesn't work out with me because of the distance, I know someone else that is perfect for you."

I wish I still had that message.. rolling on the floor laughing

RE: Never mind how much you can tell from a picture read the forum and you know all.

Claayer, If I didn't know better, I would say that this sounds awfully Manic.

RE: Long Distance Relationships

I guess I don't understand...what is the point of falling in love again if marriage is not an option?

I long for the day when I can be in love again and seal the deal with marriage.

RE: Flirting 101 - How to work It!

I don't believe in anyway shape or form that Claayer is not a flirt extraordinaire. I posted on teh forums and got my first email from her in like 11.3 seconds.

RE: Long Distance Relationships

Not necessarily a risk taker, My roots just don't go very deep. The only thing that has really kept me where I am is that I have a strong clientele with my shop and a lot of friends that I have made. But overall, I have no family here, and this injury has forced me to close my shop for at least 6 months.

I don't have anything really holding me pets will travel, although I am sure the turtle will pitch a fit.

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