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RE: Happy Birthday MysteriousGirl80

Happy Birthday MG!!

RE: s*xual skills

Ya and leaves you with chlamydia laugh

The weird and the random facts around the world

This is in jokes and humour but the story I told is true.

The weird and the random facts around the world

Weird and random.'

In a town in Virigina there is a one grave cemetery with only one grave for a Captain Joshua Chandler....who was on his boat with his family when thunder and lighting struck.
Before the lighting hit he decided to go to the bow of the boat with a tray of biscuits, one hand holding a brass bar the other with the tray of biscuits to feed his family
He was struck dead by lightning.
The crew then ate a biscuit each to commemorate their father passing, the rest of the biscuits were preserved and passed down through the family generations as an heirloom.

In the town there is a museum that also holds one of these biscuits to take 'pride'of place for and holiday makers who pass through.

Most oddly was the fact that on his grave he mentions he leaves behind his loving family...( who were not buried there after their own passing).
This man lived in the middle suffice to say his family are no longer alive nor are they buried there with him.

So thats my odd weird and random fact.

So let the fact finding being


RE: makeover

Small and little every day...don't see the flight of stairs just take the first step...Rome wasn't built in a day etc etc lol

RE: makeover

Having so far lost 3 stone I'm happy with the physical...I wish I hadn't just cut my hair too short but it will grow back.
So now to throw out more clothes to make way for the new body...always a pleasure to buy clothes lol

RE: s*xual skills

Ooorrrr maybe the wham bam thank you mam ain't all it's sold to be!!! laugh

RE: Cant find a man!!

Have interests outside of the pub scene if that is where you are meeting most men...I'm only assuming.
Take up new hobbies, join clubs and meet new people that way...sometimes it really does happen by chance.

RE: Who's your favourite sweet treat

I no longer partake in sweet things...for my health and my mind.

RE: s*xual skills

If all you can lead with is sex then it pretty much sums up your lack of personality

RE: biggest lie

That no one really thinks about you even though you spend so much of your life not doing the things you want because of 'what people will think'....everyone is usually too busy thinking of themselves..

RE: make your wish

An end to child, animal and elderly abuse across the world..

I also don't want to die young, having just buried a family member...morbid I know but hey ho!!

RE: Name a singer or a band you wouldn't go see even if you have a free ticket.

Why not, showband music is what made my mam and dad fall in love and without that I wouldn't be here laugh

RE: happy mood

Fresh air, my cats...the family and friends....nature...pretty much happy all the time but obviously not 100% of the time...not possible..

RE: Name a singer or a band you wouldn't go see even if you have a free ticket.

^^^ apart from heavy amount of drink can make that sound good.

RE: Name a singer or a band you wouldn't go see even if you have a free ticket.

If the tickets were free I'd pretty much go see anyone , along as the drink was free too wink

RE: mindset

Can't help what you are attracted to...why question it??

RE: Post your current mood in one word part 2


RE: What are your plans for 2024...?

Live a more stress free life, connect with people and nature more.
Go on holidays

RE: Happy New Year!

Happy New Year

RE: Thought For The Day*1

4 diagnosis in the last 6 months...hard to take and now once is over I have to knuckle down and make lifestyle changes...some genetic a d hereditary but 2024 has to be the year I live or die.

Grateful to be on meds until this is all sorted and will see 2024 out fully treated.

RE: Where is our favourite Irishman?

I liked Dino apart from one big row with him

He was a peace loving person who beat to his own drum a d was his own man..which is commendable in this day and age.

Wish him.well

RE: Dear Diary

Dear Diary.

Life has changed alot.
Tigger il.resigned to the fact he will never be an full time indoors which makes me sad.
Until I have build a catioo for him let him out for 15 min intervals a day...he seems OK with that for now.
Bonnie is he sweet little self still.

Iamlooking for my forever home also where I have allot of land space to collect rescue cats..and also have a large greenhouse.
So cottages that need renovation with a lotos land is the way to go.

My health has taken a dive for the worst and I have now 4 health conditions that need constant monitoring that will take alot of time a hard effort but I'm willing and able to start same now.

Family are all happy and healthy and I'm so grateful for that.

Goodnight and sweet dreams to all xx

RE: What Are You Wearing

Satin pajamas , purple with white dots.

RE: R.I.P Shane MacGowan

Discovering more of his music since he passed.
Some lovely songs, lyrics.

I like the story of him and Kiefer Sutherland who met at an event one night and how they ended up rowing over politics.
Later on in the night Shane relied on Kiefer to let him stay in his hotel room as all his friends had left.
In the morning the bed was made perfectly by Shane with a long note left on the bed for Kiefer.
Kiefer said it was the most poetic and beautifully written note about their night before and how they rowed etc.

Kiefee has that same note today framed and up on the wall in his home.

Nice story...

R.I.P. to Shane and sad for his wife Victoria who was married to him for many years.

sad flower

RE: what do you hate?

I don't like feeling out of control...but learning to let go and let live more.

RE: Post your current mood in one word part 2

Relieved and grateful to have Christmas 2023 sorted.
Time to just relax and enjoy now


RE: 3 best decisions

My house has been rented out for the last 6 years or so, so it gave me the ability to move where I wanted...I am blessed with the best tenants you could ask I'm very lucky.
Maturity came when I had to work 2 jobs , working 7 days a week to get out of debt, that along with a once off government savings scheme, time and patience and I ended up 2 and half years later being able to buy my house....again lucky to have been able to do it.

RE: 3 best decisions

hug cheers

RE: Alpha Alphabet Names #2


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