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RE: do any of you agree that share-holders should be able to vote on executives salaries and bonuses

That's what proxies are for.

All the companies that I own shares in send out proxies.

I do have a say.

thumbs up

RE: Disabilitys


I read your profile.

You said you had an operation and your hands shake. Is that your disability?

The thing that bothered me more than shaky hands was what you said in your "What I'm Looking For" section.

You said if you didn't get what you are looking for in a woman (hugs, etc), you would "stray and find it elsewhere"

That isn't very encouraging for women here to know that dunno

Plus, sorry to say, your gut shows prominently in your picture.

Try a new picture, cut out how poor you are and how you might stray and you'll be all set.


RE: Give someone a compliment

Hey E...

I disappear here frequently.

But I always enjoy reading "you".


RE: Where is everybody?

I left too.

RE: Do We Truly Want To Date Or Just Chat?

I absolutely agree with Ray grin

I have tried to find a real life date on this site....for four years, as most of you are probably sick of hearing. laugh

And I have tried to put in the hours that it takes to answer emails and send flowers to keep a possible connection going.

But as of yesterday, I gave up.

I don't have the time to find a date here. I have dial-up and it takes FOREVER just to logon!

And I have no time to put up with the drama of the forums.

So connecting for me is now ENJOYING the forums and hopefully staying in touch with online friends here.


RE: Due to the great number of mean natured threads of all types....

And hence the reason that many of us just read and don't post much anymore....

New people will arrive and the forums will continue. flower

RE: Today's thought.....................

Sounds like the forums.....grin

RE: Has your online dating experience been fruitful?

Wow, Snuggs

I know exactly what you mean.

After four years here, now I'm only looking for friends an conversation.

And as Len said on hs thread today, friendly conversation is sometimes hard to find.

I refuse to change into some sweet talking little chit who flatters and flirts.

To thine own self be true!

RE: Due to the great number of mean natured threads of all types....

So true sigh

RE: Who over 40 workout regularly?

I hardly ever sit down to eat big chunks of meat like steak or meatloaf. laugh

Instead I do a lot of oriental dishes, that have small bits of meat and lots of veggies.

And I do physical work, so I burn off most fat. dunno

RE: Am i completely feckin mad or what?!

Stop right there!

She "fell" pregnant?

One does not just get pregnant like catching a cold, ya know laugh

Save your money. If she wants to meet you, let her pay for her own fare to come meet you.

RE: what is the best movie ever made ........ feel free to suggest alternatives


Let's do the Time Warp again!!!


RE: to all my friends on cs

Welcome to the World, Kieran! applause

RE: Tags... on your profile

I have eight tags on my profile, but I've never noticed that it had an effect on those who contact me.

erhaps it's a good tool for being proactive and seeking out those with similar interests instead of waitng for them to find you??


RE: Some advice to 90% of the men here.....

And it's the internet laugh

Carry on, you 90% of the men rolling on the floor laughing

RE: Who likes "Metro Men"?

I agree.

I like men who take care of themselves and smell GOOD!

Look at professional sports figures. They usually look great, dress well and you bet they spend all kinds of money on wardrobe, haircuts, manicures and all that money can buy.

Why not look good before the hands of time catch up with you???

RE: So, Are You A Good Cook.....

Good for you!

I think it's really fun to try new ingredient combos.

And a wok is a terrific way to try oriental dshes that usually come from a chinese restaurant, without the MSG.


RE: What's Ailing me? Codex Alimentarius: Outlawing everything good for you.

Heard about this today...

I'm still buying seeds grin

RE: The official "Reasons why you should date me!" thread

Oh Great laugh

All those reasons not to date him back then and now HE HAS A GIRLFRIEND! laugh

Mike, I think you just taught the guys on here a thing or two! rolling on the floor laughing

RE: So, Are You A Good Cook.....

Cooking is my second favorite thing to do..blushing

Actually, I cook most things from scratch.

I have fresh veggies from my garden, eggs from my chickens and I'm considering getting goats again for milk and cheese.

I love Italian, French and greek recipes.

And I can make sushi grin

RE: What are you doing here ?

Me too rolling on the floor laughing

RE: Are you believe in Sex with out Love

thumbs up

Yep, sex is good.

And sex with passion is better. grin

RE: Quel est la meillure façon de trouver une femme?

Je ne recherchant pas un femme laugh

RE: In your opinion, how many users on CS are genuine?

In your other thread that is now locked, the moderators explain how they protect us from scammers on this site.

I also want to let you know that we are not clueless here and some of us are quite knowledgable about internet security.

Are you now working as a member of the CS staff?

RE: Is there anyone able to translate following? Thanks

Ah, that's better.

And spoken in Italian....Yum! smitten

RE: What is the most important in finding a partner? It is a person's.....

I think lots of times we hesitate and miss out on opportunities.

That first impression is at least worth a try, a flower, a friendly word to see what develops.

RE: What is the most important in finding a partner? It is a person's.....

Yeah, like "we have a winner here" sort of moment.


RE: Moving!


RE: Are u enjoying cyber sex talk ?

In my world, guys who do that online should have to pay, instead of bothering women who would have no interest in that kind of conversation.

Pay for your milk, pervs!


RE: why our children must suffer?

You can?

You're sure they come from a "broken family"?

Or are they from a family where the partners are miserable, abusive to each other and TOGETHER?

You're sure, huh?

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