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Good-bye, So Long, Auf Wiedersehen, Farewell...

I want to thank all of you. I will miss many here, and I'll miss the laughter at times. I've had a great time here, and I'm glad I had an opportunity to make some of you feel so welcomed. I've learned a lot here...about different cultures, about different outlooks, and about myself. I've had a unique chance here to discuss things that don't often come up when talking with others, and it's provided inner growth. But life brings changes, and the Wheel turns. I will think of you, and of CS, often and fondly.


Good-bye, So Long, Auf Wiedersehen, Farewell...

I said I'd never leave, and that if I did, I'd never do a good-bye thread. doh Well, life taught me once again not to say "never". laugh

I'm doing this to have the chance to thank you all for being you. I've thoroughly enjoyed the 16 months I've been a member of the forums here, and I feel blessed to have made the friends that I have here. I've shared a large part of my story with you all, and all of who I am, and made wonderful connections along the way.

But now it's time for me to withdraw from the world of CS and its forums. I'm going to be working and studying, and won't have time to play. And honestly, I no longer have the desire to play. I've changed, I've grown, and now it's time to move on.

So, for those of you here that I'm not already in personal contact with who would like to remain in touch, please write to me and we can exchange personal contact info. If you send me your email addy or phone number, I'll give you mine next Saturday when I'm able to get online again.

Blessings to all of you, and I hope you all find what you seek. My journey has gone within for now. wine


laugh laugh thumbs up Good one, Boban!


Thankfully, not that I can see! We humans seem to enjoy it too much.

As to cyber sex, along with phone sex, I just see it as mutual m**turbation via an electronic medium. I have a fertile enough imagination to do this just fine on my own without a keyboard or phone in my hands, thank you. wine

RE: After a year

Congratulations, Earl!

RE: Daily Sex for Long Life

rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing Thank goodness it hasn't been that long for me at the moment, so I should still be reaping health benefits!

It's also great for relieving headaches, most of which are caused by tension. o*gasm happens to be a great tension relief! wine

RE: Which is the best way to tame PRIDE?

thumbs up And look around can be very humbling. There are a lot of awesome people in this world, and there's always someone "bigger and better" out there.

Pride in accomplishments is a good thing, but pride that makes it impossible for you to view yourself honestly is not. To tame it, work in a soup kitchen or volunteer on a hotline. Or read the life stories of people like the current Dalai Lama, Louise Hay, Helen Keller...look at what others have done and overcome in their lives. wine

RE: what is the best part of sex

thumbs up

RE: what is the best part of sex

Having it! dancing

RE: Love not in the forecast

rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing I don't think you could if you tried, SND! And honestly, I'd hate to see you try tend to liven things up around here!

RE: Love not in the forecast

I think we have many soul mates, and true friendship is also possible with many. I've been blessed enough to have truly loved and loved truly in return several times in my life, some of which were stormier than others, but none of which I regret. I've now reached the point of being totally okay with it if there's no such man again in my future.

And yes, there are some people who live such full lives filled with career and friends that they honestly prefer to be alone when they get the chance to go home at the end of the day. And there are those who hate the thought of this so much that they'd rather enter a miserable marriage than not have a "significant other" in their life.

Find spiritual fulfillment, hobbies that you enjoy passionately, friends whose company you truly enjoy, and love yourself completely. If you do these things you will never be lonely and you will cherish your time alone. I know I do. And if love shared with another is meant to be, it will be. wine

RE: 50 ways to leave your lover

thumbs up I was thinking this myself, Gra! grin

RE: I've come to that conclusion that men don't like women with 'balls'

There are many men out there who find such women as us intimidating because of their insecurities, but there are many out there who love and admire women like us as well. Personally, I'm glad that I can weed out the insecure ones because of who I am, and know that some day I'll find the right man who can love me for who I am, and consider it a blessing that he'll be strong enough to be there when I need him. Keep your chin up, you'll find the good ones. The old saying goes that you have to kiss a lot of frogs before you find a prince...and so I don't give up when I find another frog because the next one could be my prince. frog wine

RE: Speaking from the Heart

When I speak from my heart, it means I don't think ahead of time. My thoughts pour out through my fingers into my posts as my heart speaks. And it's more important to be the heart me than the ego me. I am just one big, walking heart...and I wouldn't change that for the world. heart beating

RE: 2012- It's Worse than we thought ????

Hi, Prana! Always good to see you, no matter which side of you it is! wave

RE: what would you consider a good first date?

thumbs up Usually that's discovered in the first couple of emails or phone calls, but I've had dates that flopped after getting along so well via email and phone.

I marked "bowling", but for me that means any fun activity done together that allows us to talk and spend more time getting to know each other. Dinner and a movie I prefer for later into the relationship. I like my first few dates to be things like going on a trail walk, going to the zoo, playing miniature golf, or going to a museum. I like the very first one to just be meeting for coffee/tea somewhere public, though one of the best I've had recently was meeting at a Native American Pow Wow, and we enjoyed it immensely despite the rain and cold.


thumbs up

And this one was my fave from the OP:

Some people
try to turn back their odometers.
Not me!
I want people to know 'why' I look this way.
I've traveled a long way
and some of the roads weren't paved.

This is why I don't dye my's my banner of the road I've traveled. wine

RE: 2012- It's Worse than we thought ????

rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing wine Good one, Trish!

BP, I'm so used to your serious threads on this subject, but it's good to see a lighter one too! I've had a good laugh so far!

RE: Do you think the world will actually end in 2012

This is also similar to the theory in Gold of the Gods and Chariot of the Gods. I believe it's possible that there's truth in it. And good to see you, T! wine

RE: Do you think the world will actually end in 2012

I think that the world as we know it will end, but not that it's the end of the world. And whether or not we survive it is up to us. We have an evolutionary leap to make, and only a little over two years to do it in. And yes, that's possible. wine

(Btw, I couldn't vote since this one wasn't an option on your poll answers.)

RE: Does size matter

A very true observation about compensation factor, Odysseus. However, I'll contradict you about size mattering so much to women. There are some for whom it's a factor, but many of us could care less. However, it seems that men who are fairly well endowed still wish they had more. I just dated someone like that. He fit me perfectly, and yet he stated often that he wished he had another inch. Honestly, he didn't need another inch, he just needed more skill and sensuality. And that's an issue I see with men who are well-endowed and know it...the majority think that's all that matters.

There is such a thing as too small, but there is also such a thing as too big. Personally, I prefer the average range and a man who has skill and a sense of adventure and playfulness in the bedroom. wine

RE: Do real men eat... RICE CAKES??

thumbs up

RE: Do real men eat... RICE CAKES??

I'll have to look into that, but I do know that all of the men I know to be impotent do/have drank these. laugh

I do know that there are many other reasons that these and all carbonated soft drinks are bad for your health, and that anything that can clean out your sink drain better than Draino can't be good for your body! wine

RE: Do real men eat... RICE CAKES??

Oh, there is a brand available here made with organic brown rice that has flavorings added, and they're really good! They don't taste like sawdust at all! Tamari and seaweed is my favorite flavor, but they have others too.

RE: Do real men eat... RICE CAKES??

Real men cry and real men eat rice least the real men that would attract me. wine

RE: Does size matter

I do take it by the last choice in your poll and this comment at the bottom that you're asking about ears. laugh

No, size of those doesn't matter...heck, it would just be easier to grab ahold and direct you to the "pleasure zone". devil rolling on the floor laughing

RE: Do you smoke cigarettes?

Congratulations to you and all who have been able to quit. Sadly, from what I've seen, it remains a temptation for the rest of one's life. I keep telling my sons to never start, and I hope they listen to me. (They do seem to be a bit smarter than their mother, so they just might listen. laugh)

RE: Do you smoke cigarettes?

Agreed, Kid. blues

RE: Age Gap Relationships

Not necessarily, it can work well depending on the two people involved. However, if they're from a foreign land to yours, beware and proceed with caution. Pay attention to red flags, don't think you're being oversensitive.

Good luck! wine

RE: for the guys and gals

Honestly, I don't really have one, though blonds would be my least favorite. Good thing I'm not too picky about this since at my age most of the men are bald, or have gray hair. Cool with me, 'cuz mine is salt 'n' pepper and I'm not ashamed of my silver hairs, so I refuse to dye it. Honestly, that type of vanity in a man would bother me, though. wine

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