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RE: Better then Obama?

They would rave about even their own principles - if it came from the lips of Obama ......doh

RE: immigration law challeged in alabama

It seemed whenever the United States found a reason to close the door on Mexican immigration, a historic event would force them to reopen that door. Such was the case when the United States entered World War II. In 1942, the United States was heading to war with the fascist powers of Europe. Labor was siphoned from all areas of United States industry and poured into those which supported the war efforts. Also in that year, the United States signed the Bracero Treaty which reopened the floodgates for legal immigration of Mexican laborers. Between the period of 1942 and 1964, millions of Mexicans were imported into the U.S. as "braceros" under the Bracero Program to work temporarily on contract to United States growers and ranchers.

Under the Bracero Program, more than 4 million Mexican farm workers came to work the fields of the United States. Impoverished Mexicans fled their rural communities and traveled north to work as braceros. It was mainly by the Mexican hand that America became the most lush agricultural center in the world.

The braceros were principally experienced farm workers who hailed from regions such as Coahuila, "la Comarca Lagunera," and other crucial agricultural regions in Mexico. They left their own lands and families chasing a rumor of economic boom in the United States.

Large groups of bracero applicants came via train to the northern border. Their arrival altered the social and economic environments of many border towns. Ciudad Juarez, across the border from El Paso, Texas, became a hotbed of recruitment and a main gathering point for the agricultural labor force.

The Bracero Program contracts were controlled by independent farmer associations and the "Farm Bureau," and were written in English, and many braceros would sign them without understanding the rights they were giving away nor the terms of the employment.

The braceros were allowed to return to their native lands only in case of emergency, and required written permission from their employer. When the contracts expired, the braceros were mandated to hand over their permits and return to Mexico. The braceros in the United States were busy thinning sugar beets, picking cucumbers and tomatoes and weeding and picking cotton.

At the end of World War II, Mexican workers were ousted from their jobs by workers coming out of wartime industries and by returning servicemen. By 1947, the Emergency Farm Labor Service was working on decreasing the amount of Mexican labor imported. By the 1960s, an overflow of "illegal" agricultural workers along with the invention of the mechanical cotton harvester, diminished the practicality and appeal of the bracero program. These events, added to the gross humanitarian violations of bracero employers, brought the program to an end in 1964.

We had already used up our priviliges with the Chinese and Japanese labor......
roll eyes

Occupy Wall Street Protests

Could this be the beginning of anrarchy in the streets ?

Do these protesters have a point - or are they just disgruntled umemployed hippies ?

Is Wall Street an example of Corporations ruining our country ?

RE: immigration law challeged in alabama

Sure seems like a "Fair and Balanced" thread so far ....laugh


Isn't it wonderful how estranged family always surfaces to offer sincere comfort when a wealthy family memeber dies ? rolling on the floor laughing

RE: immigration law challeged in alabama

Maybe some of us should ask who picked their supermarket produce before criticizing others for their ethics ......roll eyes comfort

RE: immigration law challeged in alabama

Sure doesn't appear to be the case here .....rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing

RE: TV says Knox claimed s*xual harassment in jail

s*xual Harrassment by Italian Men ......Who would believe that doh

RE: Better then Obama?

If he was an independent I might listen to him.......

Too bad he's such a dullard .....he has nothing that sparkles dunno

RE: where is the god?


RE: Music you like thread. all kinds...;-}

RE: How sexy/hot do you think yourself?

I think of myself as a pulsating loaded heat seeking missile readied on the launch pad ........devil

Just need someone to push the button ....very happy

RE: Better then Obama?

Herman Cain ran the national restaurant assosiation ....He might be good .....roll eyes

RE: Better then Obama?

I'de like to see Bush and Cheney back .....that way they could finish us off quickly and put us out of our misery.......


RE: immigration law challeged in alabama

I didn't know the Spanish Leaders ruled Mexico .....Were they Conquistadors who settled ? confused uh oh

RE: immigration law challeged in alabama

Wait a minute Saturday nite - and I'm here arguing with conservative idiots again .......doh doh super

RE: immigration law challeged in alabama

I think you don;t understand the concept that soem of em want to become citizens and will do so. But thos who hate them because they're foreign believe they're all illegals. Again - this whole issue is purposely over dramatized for political attention for the conservatives and to make Obama look bad. thumbs down

RE: immigration law challeged in alabama

Sorry, but I'll be traveling and scuba diving while the rest of you fight over the scraps. Not my battle anymore - you handle it


RE: immigration law challeged in alabama

F U Fud ! laugh

RE: immigration law challeged in alabama

blah batting

RE: immigration law challeged in alabama

What a disturbed child you are. And, unfortunately you're allowed to vote .......doh

RE: Declaration of the Occupation of New York City

maybe we can beat change into them in the streets when anarchy arrives ! grin

RE: immigration law challeged in alabama

Pull your head out Bebe.....there's a whole lot more going on in the world than our outdated scripture ( The Constitution ) and what FOX news continually harps on. ....Get a life and go outside for once and talk to living people.... Try to diversify your pinheaded thoughts to aquire a reality that the world is changing. comfort

RE: immigration law challeged in alabama

Maybe you should go there and find out ....thumbs up handshake

RE: immigration law challeged in alabama

I suggest Paxil for the anxiety disporder ....doh comfort

RE: Better then Obama?

Witchaywoman !!! Because she has her head screwed -on a bit better than most of ya .....thumbs up cheering

And because she probably gives H**d better than most yas as well thumbs up yay

RE: immigration law challeged in alabama

We pay our immigrants more here ...that way they feel like part of the system and encouraged to become citizens and licensed business owners.....
Whewn you are prejudiced against them and treat them like shit - nanturally they just send the money home ....that's your problem dunno

RE: immigration law challeged in alabama

Sure an glad I could please you for once .....thanks thumbs up roll eyes

RE: immigration law challeged in alabama

I have a better idea ! idea

Instead of throwing out those horrible illegal aliens that pick our crops, do our dirty labor, and clean our homes...........

Let's throw out the Republicans and save the country ! thumbs up thumbs up yay

RE: immigration law challeged in alabama

She only knows what FOX News tells her ........roll eyes

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