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A Ladies' Man (Oscar Brown Junior)

RE: Which music is your favorite?

Jazz & Blues. thumbs up thumbs up

Waldo's Lament

---- IMAGE REMOVED because no longer allows embedded images ----

It says, "No one ever asks "HOW'S Waldo ?" mumbling


How are you ? cheers

Hello fellow New Jerseyites

What a gorgeous time of year ! applause

If there is any thin non-smoking female in the central NJ area, wave

I am up for any of the following;

canoing (I have a canoe & paddles)

shooting pool

watching a movie





comedy club


RE: sarah-palin-booting-god-only-leads-to-ruin

This is false. The USA was founded on freedom of religious persecution, not specifically on Christianity.

RE: Beyonce Killed It

Digitally, the show was impressive.
Musically, it sucked !

RE: Republicans, praise president Obama

Indeed, here is Republican Colin THIS year;

RE: Republicans, praise president Obama

McCain was a WAY better candidate than the habitual liar, Mitt Romney.

RE: Republicans, praise president Obama

RE: President Obama's Top 50 Accomplishments

200 verified accomplishments by Obama

RE: sucks!!Why taxing the rich is a Gov idea that sucks!!

Sad, that a boss would attempt to bully his employees
to vote for Romney, just so he can get a tax break. thumbs down

RE: Janis joplin

I like Janis. She really wasn't a good vocalist,
but she sang with a lot of passion and put everything she had
into her performance. She also had a lot of concern for her
R.I.P. Janis

We lost a much better Blues vocalist this year - Etta James

Thanksgiving Fortune

---- IMAGE REMOVED because no longer allows embedded images ----


head banger

Happy Thanksgiving to all wave

How to tell if you have smelly feet.

---- IMAGE REMOVED because no longer allows embedded images ----

Apparently, they run a cat scan. cats meow

For some people the minute they take of their shoes,
you just need to open a window....and jump. laugh

Excuse me. What does this say ?

---- IMAGE REMOVED because no longer allows embedded images ----



The Purrrrfect Gift

our factory personnel are boxing it now &
shipping it right out to you;

---- IMAGE REMOVED because no longer allows embedded images ----


cats meow

The caption for this photo should be.... ?

Boating always pulled on his heart strings. grin

Very shocking indeed !

Yes, it is Manroe.
He should have used whole grain bread. laugh

Very shocking indeed !

Please do not let this happen in your neighborhood.
Honestly, the results are quite disturbing,
when genetics go horribly awry.
Yet, it can be prevented.

Nonethless, if you have a delicate stomach,
I would advise you NOT to see scold
the picture below of an
inbread cat;
It's NOT a pretty sight scold
---- IMAGE REMOVED because no longer allows embedded images ----

cats meow

When I get in the kitchen, that cat is toast ! very mad



sad flower peace

Lima Beans

---- IMAGE REMOVED because no longer allows embedded images ----

I never liked them either. tongue

Wednesday Morning ??

It's Wednesday on this side of the world.
Nonetheless, I believe the post could apply to any day. cheers

Wednesday Morning ??

---- IMAGE REMOVED because no longer allows embedded images ----


Two & 1/2 Men Favorite Characters

Yeah, Charlie was typecast.
Many of the others are more talented.

Two & 1/2 Men Favorite Characters

The television situation comedy 'Two & 1/2 Men' is entering
it's 9th season.
It's been one of the funniest shows to air in many years.
There will be a change in character as most of you are aware.
Charlie Sheen has been kicked off of the show and Aston Kutcher will be given a role.

One of the strengths of most sitcoms are the quirky supporting actors/characters. This show is not different in that regard.
It has a lot of EXCELLENT characters.

Who has been your favorite and why ?

Charlie (main character) ?
Alan (Charlie's brother) ?
Jake (Alan & Judith's son) ?
Judith (Alan's first ex-wife) ?
Evelyn (mother of Charlie & Alan) ?
Berta (the maid) ?
Rose (the stalking neighbor who dabbles in psychology) ?
Herb (Judith's 2nd husband) ?
Chelsea (Charlie's 3rd fiance) ?
Mia (Charlie's 2nd fiance) ?
Courtney (Evelyn's fiance's daughter) ?
Miss Pasternak (Jake's teacher) ?
Dr. Linda Freeman (The psychologist for both Charlie & Alan)

or someone else ?

$350 Armani Shoes


$350 Armani Shoes

My friend Bob saw shoes at Bloomindales in New York
that he absolutely loved.
They were shiny black Armani loafers for $350.

He worked hard all week and figured that he was due to splurge on himself, so he bought them.

He wanted to show them off and wore them last Saturday
to a dancing class that he was taking.

First he danced with his friend Olga.
While dancing he said to Olga,
"Olga, I like the pretty pink panties you are wearing tonight."

Olga responded, "Bob, how do you know that I'm wearing pink panties ?" blushing

"Well, I can see the reflection in my new Armani shoes. Do you like them ?"

Olga was embarrassed and left Bob to go to the ladies room.

So, Bob asked his friend Sally to dance.
Again, while dancing Bob stated,
"Sally, those red & white panties you are wearing are very cute."

Sally immediately stopped dancing and asked,
"Bob, how do you know that I'm wearing red & white panties ?" very mad

Again, Bob said, "It's because I can see the reflection
in my brand new Armani shoes. Do you like them ?"

Sally stormed off and left the dance.

So, Bob asked a girl he didn't know to dance.
Her name was Michelle.

While dancing Bob became very alarmed.
He said, "Michelle, please tell me that you
are not wearing any panties tonight !"

Very embarressed blushing Michelle said,
"Yes Bob I am not wearing any panties tonight.
How did you know ?" confused

Bob retorted, "Thank God !
For a moment I thought I had a crack in my
new $350 Armani shoes !"


The old wheelbarrow scam. :)

Excellent. Now I know 2 wheelbarrow jokes. thumbs up

The old wheelbarrow scam. :)

A young strong worker at a construction site was bragging that he could outdo anyone in a feat of strength. He made a special case of making fun of one of the older workmen. After several minutes, the older worker had had enough.

"Why don't you put your money where your mouth is, lets see how strong you are" he said. "I will bet a month's wages, that I can haul something in this wheelbarrow over to that building, that you won't be able to wheel back."

"You're on, old man," the braggart replied.

After they both gave a month's wages to the boss to hold, the young man looked over at the older man and said, "Let's see what you got."

The old man reached out and grabbed the wheelbarrow by the handles.
Then, nodding to the young man, he said, "All right. Get in."


RE: Jersey Shore

I play ball there twice per week. dancing

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