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RE: USA,-Where Liberalism Failed....

Dear Conrad, who sidesteps or obfuscates?? Dear fellow it is ALWAYS you; you either attack the posters on a very personal level but never the content of a post or you really expect that any and every poster owes you, personally an accounting or explanation of the why's and wherefore's of their post. Who in the hell do you think you are??? To me, you're nothing but a miserable old man that claims to be a red, white and blue American that doesn't want to live in their good ol' USA...or can't. The there is the side of you that is a raving Zionist at best or a wanna-be Israeli agent-provocateur. It is rare indeed that you ever make a posting of more than five words...all you really do is post links to all sorts of absolute rubbish. You do not come across as someone who can actually articulate a coherent sentence. You are no one that anyone on any thread owes you any explanation or answer to anything they post. That deflects and obfuscated the content and message, if there is one. Your questioning others does not by any means implies that you and you alone have all, any or even the remotest idea of answers to anything. Don't bother to obfuscate the content of what I post by your inane supercilious questions that are on a grade school level. Grow up and deal with the content; tell me where I may be wrong or may have misquoted someone. That is what mature adults do. Obviously you've never experienced being on any type of academic debating teams...unless they kicked you off for constantly going off topic and resorting to personal attacks and name calling, of which I seem to recall that you were always the first to resort to that level also. Why you were allowed back on CS is beyond me as you actually contribute nothing but unending negativity toward anyone or anything you may disagree with, but never constructively offer anything, not one in all the years you've been here. Perhaps you really should go home to your so called country and start helping build a better one.

RE: USA,-Where Liberalism Failed....

It was inevitable. In assesing the character of American government (which is reflective of the people), one recalls, the astute observation by the historian Nenry Adams that politics is "the systematic organization of hatreds". The "Founding Fathers", it is most often forgotten, designed the US Constitution in a pre-democratic age before the emergence of a party system, which they feared could lead, in George Washington's words, to the "unjust dominion" of "unprincipled men". If they were alive today, and as wise as assumed, they should have amended or wish to amend the aging text that has failed to stem the tide of faction and has become an obstacle to good governance.
American politics is combative. Belligerence is its essence. Many famous Victorian jurists have questioned the entire Partysystem, including John Stuart Mill, for whom it raised universal questions about political behavior. Begining with the electorial provisions they created in Philadelphia in 1787, it immediatly created and encouraged partystrife and political corruption. John Stuart Mill noted in "Considerations in Representative Government"(1861), all selfish ambition gravitated towards the demos. Like most sensible commentators, he lamented the corruption and conformity in American democracy, which the electoral process promoted. As he saw it back then as now, a total lack of critical, independent thought led to a passive citizenry that followed the received wisdom " with the most servile adulation and sycophancy".
Alexis de Toqueville noted that America was already then a materialistic society that had many ambitious people but very few lofty ambitions and that political power had become concentrated in their hands. Arguably his "tyranny of the majority" has proved far less dangerous than what was seen by James Bryce as the incapacity of useless politicians elected by a citizenry with low expectations of government.
All of Jefferson's anxieties as written in The Federalist Essays (1788) about the inherent dangers of organized parties have become only too clear. The Victorians observed that uncritical veneration of the Constitution left the US politically immobilized at critical moments, unable to remedy the faults in its electoral structure. Checks and balances in a system of multiple sovereignties induced a constipated politics of entrenched, combative partisanship. Consequently, Americans have evaded all constraints on governance less by amendment than through the courts and by stealth. It is worth recalling that when it has suited them, most of the more memorable Presidents, including Jackson, Lincoln, and even Roosevelt, discarded the Constitution that they so professed to to revere. For no politician as yet, in America has the courage to say of the 'holy' Constitution, as it is said of kings: "The King is dead. Long Live the King!" Let it die along with all those old dead Greeks that Jefferson so revered. Back then, they were 'out of date'; today, they and their old ideas are even more out of date. RIP. Finally.

RE: Hated by Hitler

Attacking the posters on personal basis is oh, so mature and academic...shame these types can't / wont stay hidden in their remote jungle swamps...laugh

RE: Vatican State

Yes, and according to various treaties, citizens of most countries are 'allowed' to join the Foreign Legion or the Spanish Foreign Legion, but they do. Of course many keep their service time there quiet when they do return to their respective home countries, as I have known a few who were arrested for having joined...including one Swiss ...poor guy...laugh

RE: Vatican State

As you should know, there are no women residents in Vatican State, even visiting Nuns and Sisters must seek accommodations
outside the confines of Vatican State; or do your tastes, run in the opposite "end"..?laugh

RE: Hated by Hitler

If I had to pick one country from Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Ecuador, or Paraguay as to which has the most "degenerate art" still officially listed as either 'stolen' or 'missing', I'd pick Argentina easily from what I saw. From what I heard while there from some, including Govt. officials is that 'an accommodation' was reached with other governments to leave both the art works and escapees and their families alone'. Similar to a well know agreement made between the Argentinian Govt. and Israel after the Eichmann affair, to leave everyone else alone that resides in Argentina. This was the reason why so many were seen out in public at cafes and casinos and elsewhere. The hunts were over. No more hiding in quaint jungle hideouts as in that juvenile movie, 'The Boys From Brazil'...laugh

RE: Vatican State

Not ALL of the rotating Swiss Guard units at the Vatican are Catholic, either...don't forget they are a 'mercenary force' by both tradition and by contract... laugh

RE: Remembering Hitler.....

applause thumbs up

It is amazing as to how quickly many 'leaders' turn on their own peoples as well as others and of how many are ready, willing , and do help the 'leaders', be it more Stalins or Hitlers or the dreaded Pol Pots just waiting for their chances to bring "order, discipline and true patriotism" to any country...blah
The armed forces of a next dictator should parade in front of his or her podium doing their marching in the manner of John Cleese's Ministry Of Silly Walks...that is what I'd love to see.rolling on the floor laughing

RE: Hated by Hitler

Most were absolute hypocrits and sycophants about 'degenerate modern art' that Hitler despised; this is one reason so much of it went missing, being either stolen for later profit or out of 'artistic reasons by various people assuring Hitler that the works would be destroyed.
Many of the top Nazis that escaped to various countries in South America, took many of the works with them or had them sent before and after they left Germany. Several are known to have been seen in their homes many years later. They were prized and actually admired by their new owners...and many, I'm sure, still reside in bank and private vaults in Switzerland...

RE: Which Type Of Person Gets On Your Nerve The Most

The ones that scare me are the ones in Washington D.C

and pass gas all the time...grin

RE: War related music & music videos.

The ten volume set of The World At War comes to mind, as the music composed for this original TV show is simply superb.
Another war series much touted for its musical score was Richard Rodger's Victory At Sea series made back in the early 60's, if I remember correctly.

RE: Does stating my preference over certain races for a partner makes me a racist?

While it is perfectly acceptable for members of every Race other than European Whites/ Aryans to prefer their own Race for dating or/and marrying, it is racist for us. That is considered as an axiom of being "politically correct"; we must avoid at all costs. Marrying one of the same Race as us, is regarded as racist and having any children of your own race is a virtual crime against all other races. Welcome to the real world. To be a good citizen, you must comply. Otherwise, mix to your heart's content and enjoy.

RE: Do women provoke violence

I'm astonished at how a woman's choice of dress assumes that most males will react with raping the woman. No such thing was said nor implied. Males will rape women who are dressed in anything, probably even in a suit-of-armour! (no, not a suit-of-amour). Regardless if she is dressed 'scantily' or wrapped in robes or a burka, if enraged, feeling powerless against her, or enraged with blood-lust during combat, a male will take the time to commit rape, even an ongoing shooting skirmish as I've seen several times when trying to enter a village. That is the way their hatreds/lusts work. Forget trying to understand the psychology of it all; it's a waste of time; it's real life. Deal with it. Bullets are cheap.
As to the Church being illogical, hey, most religious Orders aren't and have been as well educated in logic as the Jesuits or much of anything other than theology and doctrine. No Jesuit would see any connection between scantily dressed women with abandoned children. It would have to be with each woman making the deliberate decision herself to abandon them for possibly a a life of ---please fill in the blank.
This raises several rather perplexing questions; knowing the base nature of many males, are most women incapable of realizing that dressing 'scantily' may subject them to a lot of different levels of 'inappropriate behavior' by certain types of males?? And males do not go around with label tags about their necks to advertise or inform women of what types they are...While it is known that some women abandon their small children,(usually to relatives) to enter a life of prostitution ,possibly thinking that it is more glamourous and well paying than working in a fast-food joint, she certainly must have heard of what can happen to her. Pollyanna naivety is mostly dead and gone from the real world that most people live in, other than perhaps some jungle hut deep in the Amazon jungle or the rainforests where the Pygmies live...
People usually make their own choices within the scope of their delusions or illusions; sometimes with actual reality. Whatever the consequences, it is always their choice that they acted on, as well as have not acted on.

RE: Would you take a bullet from a Misogynist-Slave seeker

rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing

Same here; I hope that I can sleep

RE: Would You Take a Bullet for a Feminist?

That high?! Dear fellow, you need to spend a lot more time on a university campus that would castrate you if you were politically incorrect. The absolute fear of being infected with being un-PC is worse than contracting AIDS.

I'm somewhat amused at all this; someone should really begin a thread entitled, "Would You Take A Bullet For A Misogynist-Slave Seeker?"laugh

RE: Do women provoke violence

No one, women or men want to take any personal responsibilities whatsoever for what they do or don't do, what they say, or don't say, how they behave or 'misbehave' all done to that moronic chant of 'we is all equal!' which is just the pejorative manner of saying 'we are unrestrained and uninhibited; we can't do any wrong'...They live in a world all their own...and to even raise the possibility of any 'wrongness' is shockingly so politically incorrect, it staggers the imagination...

RE: UK Considers Banning Kitchen Knives

Some "Bozosapiens" probably wish that animals had evolved,(or is it,devolved?) to the ability to make think, many animals depend on us... but then again, they'd be able to defend themselves. That would be a good thing... grin

RE: NRA suggests armed guards in every USofA school

rolling on the floor laughing Well, so much for the much vaunted "We is all equal!" decree of the "civil rights" legislation; special status means special treatment...ain't dat un-american.....ummmmmmgrin

RE: Who Can Give This Scholar A Good Answer ?

Technically the Muslim speaker is and was correct regarding the teaching of a wrong faith/ religion. We Europeans gave up a similar right with both the Protestant Revolution and the dissolution of our "Holy Roman Empire" We were no longer One People, One Church and one Empire. The 'nation' of Islam has started down the same road quite some time ago as different countries, still nominally calling themselves a Muslim country, started interpreting the Koran differently and began making both social and religious changes to their societies/ countries. This began in / with the North African countries like Tunisia, Morocco, Algeria and then started to spread into parts of Egypt. Those differences are the crux of why those countries reject the Taliban version/ interpretation of the Koran and will not accept any of the 'radical' propaganda. Also, there exists no Caliphate and certainly no Grand Mufti Of Jerusalem that once had the powers needed to keep all Muslim lands united in the same understandings and teachings of the Koran. 2+2 no longer equal 4 anywhere in a figurative way. We are the degenerate remains, if you will of 2 once mighty Empires and peoples firm in their belief systems and the rightgiousness of our respective causes. We once stood equal to each other; now we do not. Europe and our Race is busy fighting its way to the bottom as a whole. Islam is doing the same but only in those countries that are close to Europe and have been more than less integrated with Europe when only colonies of Europe. Former Muslim Spain, however is a whole different story. It was once the key to a mutually beneficial Peace and prosperity between our worlds. Who knows, it may again.
Personally, I believe in fighting extremism with even more extremism, ratcheted up ten times more extreme, but not to the point of total annihilation...unless it does become absolutely imperitive to our survival upon this planet. 2+2 would have become a distraction by then and anyone trying to play games, would be put up against the proverbial wall and shot to pieces. I would

RE: We are Preparing for Massive Civil War, Says DHS Informant

The first time that I remember hearing about that was back in the early 60's...I would imagine those cars are still secretly going along all the abandoned rail lines in Georgia or the Carolinas somewhere...same with the garbage about "concentration camps"...Some of these people went on to start the "Liberty Lobby" some years later...They all should have been in for emergency psychiatric care...

RE: NRA suggests armed guards in every USofA school

You mean weilding penises, mightier than the sword, don't you...rolling on the floor laughing

Males buying large oversize pick-up trucks, SUV's, etc. are also said to have p*nis envy; very old observation, hearing for the first time during the anti-Vietnam parades in

RE: NRA suggests armed guards in every USofA school

Years ago, there was a bank that gave new customers shotguns when they opened up a new account...rolling on the floor laughing I liked that
Some should try that again!(including free tickets to the Full Auto Competition held each year outside of Las Vegasgrin

RE: Should Putin be....

I hope it is as good as when Jack Palance played Genghis Khan AND his entire horde!rolling on the floor laughing Putin may have it called Attila The Honey...laugh He does have charisma.

RE: Is there a man who doesn't argue and complain.LOL!!!

With all the whining spoiled brat crie-babies out in the world, this isn't a laughing matter for the Jokes section; shame it isn't a joke...grin

RE: If you were visiting a new city, where would you be most excited to go?

Poll: If you were visiting a new city, where would you be most excited to go?

Tourist attractions or entertainment venues.
Historically or culturally important places.
Places popular with the locals.

Their "red Light District"!cheering laugh It is usually old, therefore historical as well as hysterical; has lots of 'entertainment' venues; "Red Light" areas are also usually culturally important places and very popular with the locals, both male and female. Bars/ cantinas galore so you'll never need go thirsty and always lots of shows to watch, be it girls on stage or drunks fighting or shooting each other in the street...Life in all its wonderful and bizarre forms...laugh

RE: NRA suggests armed guards in every USofA school

The worst sub-machinegun I experienced was the Uzi; I hated that thing and soon got rid of it. In Rhodesia we were given Uzis to use; it had an almost uncontrollable pressure when on full auto. I also found it too heavy for our type of operations and asked for a replacement. Out regular weapons depot quartermaster sent to see the weapons master over at the Selous Scouts when I had asked for an Mat49 or an MP40. Their weapons officer turned out to be an ex Spanish Foreign Legion officer and ex French Legionnaire who just laughed when I asked for a replacement. Told me he also hated the Uzis. Half an hour later he asks me did I want the old French Legion MAT49 or the converted Russian 7.62 Tokarev version...that one ,I hadn't heard of, so I asked to try it. He finally came back with all 3; the MP40(he had 9) were taken from mercs that came in from the Congo wars back in the 60's, They were in immaculate condition as were the MAT49's.
After trying them I finally settled on the Tokarev version of the French MAT49 because of the 7.62 conversion which could tear uo any mud brick or cinder block huts etc. on full auto and no upswings at all compared to the UZi's and only half the weight! I was one happy soldier with a new toy to play with! It easily out performed the Israeli Uzi.applause

RE: how long till the 1st murder using a small drone witha gun?

Back in the late 60's remote controlled cars were used by some urban terrorist groups to get under cars of a targeted person and blew up...nothing new. One Intel agency also uses remotely controlled stingers...wasp like and same size devices than can do this. Some photos are on line from a CIA museum...

RE: which of these famous women celebrities past or present the most beautiful ?

You forgot Brigitte Bardot!? doh grin

RE: what are you listening to now?

The Scream by Edvard

RE: Should Putin be....

Well, if a Superhero like Shamou of the North can be made, why not put Putin in super-duper hero costume also and we can watch him fly around Russia dealing out Truth, Justice and the Russian way to bad Ruskies!rolling on the floor laughing

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